Be Glad You Don’t Work For This Manager

Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry for more than a few years has experienced a really awful manager. Hell, even if you’ve only worked in the restaurant industry for ten minutes, you probably have. For whatever reason, restaurants are full of bad managers. They are ripe for the pickin’. Seriously, you can’t swing a dead cat in a chain restaurant without hitting at least a couple of managers who couldn’t cut it serving so decided that managing was more their speed. If we were to have a contest to see who had the worst manager, I think we have real contender here, folks. This image was sent to me by someone who probably starts every day of their life questioning why they work where they do.

If you going to fucking call in you need to have a emergancy notice or I will take you out of the schedule, you can fuck yourself. Thank’s. James (?)

Okay, look James or whatever your name is since your writing looks like chicken scratch if the chicken was right handed and tried to write with her left hand while on crystal meth and a roller coaster that just came off the tracks and was flying through the air and about to land in a tub of bar-b-q sauce at BWW’s. I get that it’s inconvenient for you, the manager, when someone calls in sick. And I can understand why you would there to be a good reason for calling out, but you do understand that not every “emergancy” comes with the privilege of a notice, right?

For example, if I am driving to work and I get a flat tire after running over a pile of nails and my spare tire is bald so I have to abandon my car on the side of the road and take a bus home and figure out what to do, who is going to give me an emergency notice, the bus driver? Or if I am on my way out the door and my dog simultaneously projectile vomits and has explosive diarrhea all over himself, my bed, the rug, my husband and the ceiling, who do I turn to in order to receive the emergency notice?

Every time someone calls out of work does not necessarily guarantee there is a notice that can be printed out to explain the absence. Perhaps you are frustrated with members of your staff who are calling out because they are hungover or simply too unmotivated to come to work. Maybe if you treated your staff with respect they would treat you the same way in return. To scrawl out a threat in barely legible writing and being told to fuck myself would not make me want to do anything for you.

You’re an asshole, James. And I bet the reason that people feel inclined to call out is because they they also think you’re an asshole. Asshole managers usually have a staff that doesn’t respect them so if you’re looking for respect I would suggest you try to to be a little bit nicer, starting with a revision of your note:

8 thoughts on “Be Glad You Don’t Work For This Manager

  1. Elsewhere1010

    I can ignore the bad grammar and the sloppy handwriting until he gets to “Thank’s”.

    The plural possessive of “thank”? Or some contraction I’m not familiar with, like “thank s” or “thank s”, or even “thank s?

  2. Amanda C

    Besides the language that is considered harassment and threats that make it a hazardous work environment a doctors note can not be required due to the hippa act. When u run into these problems i urge you to report it and if they happen to punish you for it now its retaliation which is also against the law. Also for those that dont know its also against the law for boss to tell you you cant talk about your pay. Only way around that is to make all conversation to pertain to work

  3. Michelle

    This can’t be real. He couldn’t even formulate a sentence. And if it is real, it’s just one more example of why the industry attracts complete assholes. Not saying that everyone in restaurants is one, I worked in it for 20 years. But this is the mentality you have to deal with

  4. Jessica

    That’s pretty mellow compared to what we deal with on a regular basis. Our kitchen staff gets called a bunch of untrained monkeys. The wait staff, that’s been there for 8+ years, gets told they don’t know their jobs and gets asked why they’re still working there.

  5. Barbara

    Respect? I don’t think this manager would ever get that particular concept, nor would they care. I bet that “James” is just a miserable person that wants everyone to be as miserable as he is. If you treat people like this at all, for any reason, you should probably never leave the house again. Ever. The world would be better off.

    1. Yuseffi

      I work for sadistic psycho of an owner and his stuclk up condescending daughter. Belive me -I had great bosses , but also met a lot of truly crazy ,psychotic ,mean ,nasty ,full of issues . I’ve seen the worst .In LA that’s so ez .I worked with twins- pasty , McD eyebrows .”Managers” .They would regularly trash resumes of potential workers just based on their looks ( too pretty ,too much personality) . The owner would set up fake yelp complains & false statements to get rid of someone even if there was no base .I refused to participate in that -so I was next .They witch hunted me for over a year .I never did wrong -so I wasn’t worried . One of the twins wanted my hours (I was serv-mgr) because the store they ran closed due to their performance . So they set up a whole scam & everybodys complains were presented as mine . I got the bastard back .Also he is not doing so well . Had to close in pm ( I worked hard to build pm shift sales from 300 to 1200 or so ) working by myself w /just busboy . I had so many stories about weird rest .mgrs .I wish to meet some decent ones . Btw -Im a worker that just likes to work & dont give a shit about politics & bossing others .

  6. Alan

    Never had a manager quite that bad, but I used to have a GM that would throw me under the bus every chance she got. On New Year’s Eve many years ago, I just up and quit; I had had it with her crap and that was the last straw!


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