Man Spends $20K a Year at BWW’s

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-8-28-17-amA man named James S. recently made a shocking claim on a Yelp review for a Buffalo Wild Wings in San Diego. Actually, the review is full of surprising tidbits, none of which I can substantiate since I was not there on the night of this incident. As horrible as it is, I cannot say whether or not he and his wife were jumped by seven white supremacists. I do not know if his wife tried to help him and she was told my management that she was not allowed to help him until after the police arrived. I also cannot be sure that no matter which BWW’s one goes to, your life is in danger. Based on what our country is like right this moment, it would not surprise me that seven asshole white supremacists thought it was alright to jump a man and his family while they were trying to enjoy some Mango Habanero™ wings while watching a game. It is entirely possible and maybe even likely that something that horrible would happen, I do not know. What I do know is this: James spends 20K a year at Buffalo Fucking Wild Wings.

James. James, James…what the hell? That’s a lot of wing sauce and mini corn dogs, my man. If you go to BWW’s every week, that means you are spending $384.62 every week to fill your gut with chicken wings. I am worried for you. That cannot be good for your wallet, your social life or your colon. That is more that $1500 a month which you could be spending on other things like rent, car payments or Boneless Wings at Applebee’s. (Seriously, if you’re gonna spend that much money on chicken wings, share the fucking wealth.) I suppose if you really go four times a week with your family of four and and you each spend $24, that would be about $20K a year. But why the hell are you eating there that many times? Do you not know how to cook? Is your microwave broken? Are your children constantly coated with lemon pepper seasoning and wing sauce? For the love of God, step away from the Buffalo Wild Wings.

Regarding the attack, I’m sorry. The management failed you, the restaurant failed you and society failed you. For your safety, don’t go back there. Shout from the rooftops how you were treated. Ask your friends to not patronize that establishment. Get an attorney and demand your rights be protected. If there is one good thing that can come out of that awful night, it’s that you will be saving $20K a year. Please do something wise with the money like put it in a ROTH IRA or a college fund for your kids. Just promise me you won’t go to Chili’s and blow it all on Southwestern Egg rolls. At least spend some of that money on my book.


Read James S.‘s review of Buffalo Wild Wings on Yelp

I wait tables and bitch about it on my blog, The Bitchy Waiter.

8 thoughts on “Man Spends $20K a Year at BWW’s

  1. I… Don’t believe this at all. Staff WOULD try to keep everyone back for safety, but like hell a whole bar would let seven skinheads go at a guy. If anything, it was probably him getting in an argument/throwing a few punches with a few other drunks (who may have been skinheads. Wouldn’t stun me) and them being separated until cops arrived to cool things down. The story seems exaggerated. Unfunny Cuddle Friends is wicked popular, so that BWW would’ve been packed. Like I said, there’s no way all those people would watch some white supremacists wail on a guy and not intervene, staff be damned.

    Also, 20K a year?? On hot wings and mozza sticks?! Dude, I love that deep fried goodness as much as the next person, but 20k a year on it is insanity! Like, as garbage as what you went through is, think of all the stuff you can do with that dough. Disney World, taco salad, college funds, charity, or fuckin’ frozen home hot wing kits. They’re about as good as most chain joints and they’re half the price! That’s double the spicy meat goodness a year!

  2. Check out James S’ review from 3/8/2014:
    “I was seated quickly, food was ok, but it was the type of service that makes me NOT want to come back.”
    $20K a year says otherwise…

  3. if it was a fight night, then the place would have been packed. Usually for a fight, there is a special event cover charge to enter most sports bars, because people are really into watching. So, in a packed sports bar where people likely paid a cover just to walk in, I can’t imagine the general crowd just standing idly by and watching 7 people beat the crap out of 1 person without intervening somehow – unless weapons were drawn.
    And yes, management would have told staff to get the hell away from it and assist other patrons away from it for their safety if a fight broke out inside. That’s the only thing management should have done while waiting for police.

  4. This is a little bit too vague for me. I dont think this is true. No one will stand by and let someone just beat someone else for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Sounds like this guy picked a fight and was appalled when someone stood up to him. Then his wife got pissy and the management said we will let the cops handle this. Thats a more plausible story. Also the guy was black and the other guys happened to be white. Its always about race with blacks. And no he didn’t specify his race but I’m betting it was a black guy.

  5. I don’t think I believe that story. My theory is he got drunk and they threw him out and then he went home and made up this story.

  6. I agree that this shouldn’t justify a one star review of the establishment but at the same time did no one think of the possibility that the management tried to keep his staff and the mans wife back out of fear for THEIR safety? Not to allow the ignorant savages room to go hard on James but to attempt to keep everyone else safe? The sad state America is in these days when it comes to hate makes me shake my head and simply be happy to live in canada, because although we have our own race issues and bigotry here, it is not to the same extent as there where both police and civilians are fearful for their lives on a regular basis. This post just makes me sad.

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