You Can Watch “The Bitchy Waiter Show” Online

fffjpgOkay, so maybe you have heard but I am doing a live performance here in New York City this Friday, September 9th at 9:30 EST. The show is a mixture of stand up/singing and bitching and it’s pretty darn good. Honestly, it just might be the best 75 minutes of your life and if you come see it you won’t regret it. Click here to reserve some tickets because it’s almost sold out.

If you don’t live nearby, as I know most of you don’t, you still have an option. The show will be live streamed on the Interwebs. That;’s right, it will be almost as good as being there live, but you will be in the comfort of your own home. In other words, you can sit on your couch in your pajamas and still see the show. These is a catch: it’s $2.00. Yes, for the low, low cost of two measly dollars, you can experience the joy that is The Bitchy Waiter Show! It will be live, so you need to make sure you at your computer at 9:30 EST. The only drawback to watching the live stream is that you will not be eligible for the door prize and you won’t have a server carrying your drinks to you.

Please click here to get all the info. I am thrilled to do this show and knowing that people from all over the country (or the world??) will be watching it is more exciting than a showing up to work thinking you’re the closer and learning you are first cut.

The Bitchy Waiter Show LIVE STREAMING.

I mean, honestly, who doesn’t want to see an hour of this?


4 thoughts on “You Can Watch “The Bitchy Waiter Show” Online

    1. dead_elvis

      9:30 PM in NYC = 2:30 AM in the UK, I believe. If there’s a geographic restriction on streaming, look for a browser plug-in that will spoof your location to North America or the US. Alternatively, use a VPN that masks your location.


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