So this post doesn’t have doodly squat to do with waiting tables but it does have to do with bitching and “bitchy” is half my moniker. Maybe some of you heard that over here on the East Coast we get these things called “blizzards” which involve a lot of snow, cold and wind. They can sometimes paralyze a city which is what happened on December 26th of last year. We got 20″ of snow and it was the sixth largest storm to ever hit the city. Or that’s what the guy on the news said anyway. It took a few days for the city to get their act together and plow all the streets. But here it is twelve days since the snowstorm and my neighborhood is piled high with garbage. Seriously, it looks the walk-in at the Houlihan’s I used to work at. Supposedly, the city is too busy cleaning up from the blizzard to get around to removing the trash that has been collecting on sidewalks. If this turns into a rat infestation then it will be like the walk-in at the Pizzeria Uno I used to work at.

I made this video for our esteemed Mayor Mike Bloomberg to see. If you are a New Yorker, I hope you will share this so that eventually he can see it. And then maybe he will become a fan of the Bitchy Waiter and my life will be complete.

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