Trump Supporter Kicked Out of Mexican Restaurant

Photo: James Messerschmidt

Photo: James Messerschmidt

Once upon a time, a woman named Esther Levy decided that more than anything in the world, she wanted some enchiladas. She went to her closet and found the ugliest shirt she could find and decided she was too hungry to bother fixing her hair so she grabbed a “Make America Great Again” cap and slapped it on top of her head. “Good, that’ll cover up my roots,” she thought as she headed toward Cancun Inn Restaurant in Sugar Loaf, New York.

On the way, she picked up her friend, retired judge Alvin Goldstein, and they simply could not wait to have sangria and Mexican food at a place she had been a regular customer for 25 years. At some point before they got to the restaurant, Esther found a “Trump for President” button that was buried underneath some garbage in her car. She pinned it to her shirt. “Good,” she thought. “That’ll cover up that stain from last night’s Ben & Jerry’s binge.”

Once seated in the restaurant, all was right in the world. The friendly waitress took their drink order as Esther and Alvin smacked their lips in anticipation of sangria, enchiladas and a country where there would be great big wall separating them from country whose food they loved so much. Moments later, the waitress returned, but instead of carrying two glasses of sangria, she had nothing but a big ol’ bowl of “I can’t serve you.”

According to Esther and Alvin, the owner of the restaurant told them, “We don’t serve Trump supporters here. Get out of here and never come back.”

Mortified, and still craving queso dip, the two skulked out of the restaurant and then did what anyone would do who had been asked to leave a restaurant: they called the press and the police. Well, the police told them what you would think a retired judge would already know, which is that a private business can refuse service to anyone they choose.

In a Facebook post, the restaurant has responded saying that the pair was asked to leave because “they were being rude to the staff and rowdy due to intoxication.”


How will we ever know what truly went down? All we know are the facts:

  • Esther and Alvin support Donald Trump.
  • Donald Trump wants a wall between the United States and Mexico and he continually makes jabs about Mexican people.
  • Esther and Alvin went to a Mexican restaurant.
  • The Mexican restaurant asked them to leave.
  • Esther and Alvin got their feelings hurt because it’s not okay to oppress middle-aged white people but it it okay to support a candidate who puts down Mexicans.

What do you think really went down?

19 thoughts on “Trump Supporter Kicked Out of Mexican Restaurant

  1. Barb Chandler

    You’re an idiot if you vote for Trump. I’d hate to think women could lose their rights to obtain an abortion. I wish it would’ve been more sociably acceptable to seek an abortion when I was pregnant with my second son, my life would’ve been a lot easier and my husband would probably still be alive if he hadn’t all the stress to put up with that that child caused us.

    1. Miranda

      Yeah, Barb cares SO much about “special” people, be they first or second sons. Get some new material, you’re starting to contradict yourself.

      Barb Chandler
      July 6, 2016 at 2:19 PM
      e you make fun of someone with cerebral palsy. Geri Jewell was a relief to see on tv for people like me, I have a special son! Figure out other ways to whore your adspace and book without making fun of the challenged. I’d be surprised if the father didn’t pass the ages waiting on you to bring their refills by asking his daughter to guess where you were hiding the corncob. Maybe if you didn’t suck so much, your teeth wouldn’t be so crooked.

      1. Miranda

        Another lovely excerpt of Barb’s real opinion of “special” people.

        “And how about the ones with deformities or other disgusting attributes that should be in the back washing dishes, where they don’t have to be seen, but some fuckwit manager thinks they should be thrust against the public?”

  2. Fire Chick

    From what I hear, this biatch is a rebel-rouser, and has caused stirs at other politically-charged events in town. I can’t confirm that yet — I’m still doing research, which I will report to the press if I can find absolute proof — but based on what I hear from people who either know her or have seen her in action, she craves the attention she gets from causing disruptions. Again, just rumors at this point, but what the heck, I’ll be like Trump and say it’s a fact since “people are saying…”

  3. Zee

    Omg that nasty woman is trying to argue with ppl on the restaurant fb page. She’s on that post for zero reason. Her commenting just shows she’s guilty even more so.
    Should we send this link to her commenting on other people’s opinions?

  4. Monica R.

    I am still fascinated by the fact these these are two apparently Jewish Trump supporters. That is the “jumbo shrimp” of politics.

  5. Krista

    This is so strange. The restaurant is a private business. They have the right to refuse service for ANY reason. Rowdy and drunk or simply a Trump supporter. What I really question is why a Trump supporter would attend a Mexican restaurant., or ANY restaurant that has Immigrants working at/owning it. Isn’t that against their hateful, racist and ignorant ideals?

      1. Sid

        You still can. It’s a privately owned property. However, the restaurant says that they didn’t serve them because they were already intoxicated when they came in, and they also stated there is no police report. On top of all that, this hideous beast woman Esther is stirring the pot on the restaurant’s social media, which makes me feel like nothing actually happened, and they are just horrible people who cooked up some scheme for notoriety and hoping to get a white trash paycheck out of the deal.

        Idiots like this vote republican, but live on government assistance, and complain about minorities being the ones who are “cheating the system”, when they’re the ones who pull that kind of shit, while ironically, they very people they vote for want to take their disability for being too obese away, (which they don’t give to actual handicapped people). It’d be great to see them all fall down with the country if Trump were elected, but I also wouldn’t really want to have to go through the hassle of moving to France for the better (free) healthcare, etc.

        1. Barb Chandler

          A retired judge lives on government assistance? Receives disability for being obese? Fucking moron. He’ll never have to worry for money again, and I doubt the company he keeps will either. You wish.

  6. CincyDrunk

    Go ahead and build a wall, Trump. They tunnel underground anyways. I WILL HAVE DELICIOUS TACOS! (poncho the line cook at an Italian restaurant promised me tacos today YAY!)

  7. Shannon

    Looking at the responses on their FB page and further details there, it seems they were drunk and rowdy, too.

    The owners are putting up a pretty damned good fight against the Trumpers, now.


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