Server Calls Out Customer Who Writes “I Don’t Tip Fags” on Receipt

A waitress named Michelle Crider was working her shift at at the Dash-In restaurant in Fort Wayne, Indiana this week when two men sat in her station and tried to ruin her day by being small-minded, bigoted, assholes. When they left the restaurant, Michelle saw they had not bothered to leave a tip, but they did leave a note on their receipt explaining why they made that decision. Scrawled at the top of the piece of paper were these words: “I don’t tip fags.”

Michelle went home and created a Facebook video explaining what happened and how she wasn’t going to let it upset her. She loves her job, loves the people she works with and is happy in her life. I won’t try to say it better than she did, so please watch this inspiring and completely honest response that she gave. And please watch until the end because the last two seconds are THE BEST:

Ironically, this video came out on the same day that I myself was called a fag on my Facebook page. It doesn’t bother me because people have been calling me names ever since third grade when a bunch of little assholes called me a sissy during a game of kickball, so being called a fag is old news. As a kid, it would make me cry but now it just pisses me off that people still think it’s okay to hate someone just because of who they love. When the guy called me a fag, I originally screenshot the comment and shared it, but my husband (in my same-sex marriage!) convinced me that it was immature, so I took it down. But here it is again with his full name redacted:

You can see how I initially responded to him and here is my additional response to Diz which, although not as thoughtful and well-spoken as Michelle’s video was, is pretty fucking perfect in it’s own way:My job is real t-shirt

If you don’t like gay people, that’s fine, but you don’t need to tell us that you don’t like us. Chances are we know that anyway. Just stay in your teeny, tiny orbit and we’ll stay in ours. I can tell you this though: the orbit that we live in is one that embraces diversity and love and positivity. Our orbit is the one that you will eventually want to live in if you ever want to be truly happy in your life. Until then, go suck on a black hole, assholes.

Oh, and if you want to buy that shirt, here it is.

14 thoughts on “Server Calls Out Customer Who Writes “I Don’t Tip Fags” on Receipt

  1. Lee Marin

    It takes one heck of a Lady to rise above the crap we have to deal with.You handled it with ultimate poi’s and class.Im glad you didn’t just turn the other cheek and let it go.He deserves to be publicly humiliated,he is an A class loser.B e safe and be strong,

  2. Burma

    Dear Michelle-

    First of all, from a Mum who raised her son all by herself from 20 months on: freaking bully for you for finally making it on your own!! I’m SO proud of you!! It was a long road for me, too, as a single Mum, working two and three jobs to make my bills and to also keep my son in a good private school, because the neighborhood we could afford to live in had an awful public school. The deadbeat dad still owes me over $8,000 (at the previous weekly support level of a measly $50 per week, mind you) and my son’s now 35. What do you think my chances are of him ever paying his back due child support- none to none? Despite being hauled into court multiple times for non support and contempt of court (for failure to pay support), the very day my son turned 18, the deadbeat dad stopped paying support, even though my son had stayed back two years in school (due to multiple severe asthma hospitalizations that prevented him from attending the mandatory minimum amount of school days) and didn’t graduate high school until he was 20 years and 9 months old- +/-130 weeks of non support, for a kid still in school, all the while I was working multiple jobs to keep my lights on and save for my son’s college years! I hope you have vigorously pursued and receive child support!!

    And as far as the bigot who left you that note: I’m not going to apologize for them, as there is absolutely no excuse nor apology that would even begin to justify, nor take the sting away, from a hateful, hurtful remark like that. I will say though, that I’m a firm believer in karma and it WILL come round back to you- in a good way or in a way you’ll (hopefully) learn from. Let’s just hope that that bigot receives his well needed dose of karma sooner than later, so he won’t hurt any other person with his hateful thoughts.

    Your response to him was eloquent, well spoken, dignified, patient (God bless you for that!), and even humorous. I could not have had the controlled emotion you had in saying your peace- you’re really an impressive soul to be able to do that. And you must be a goodhearted person for your coworkers to support you like that- sending you their love and also beautiful flowers to show you your worth to them: priceless! Please know that all the world is not like those bigots. Most of us are goodhearted, open hearted people who care for you, just for being you, and respect you immensely for stepping up to provide a good life for your son. We single Mums are a very special lot. May life continue to provide you abundant patience for what it throws at you, and may you be rewarded heartily for your ability to roll with the punches, even when they’re straight to the gut. I also hope your son will grow up with great respect for you, and know and appreciate all you’ve gone through to provide for him. I wish you a healthy, happy, prosperous life!


  3. Helen

    It’s horrible that unrespect to some one, just because is her/his self. I apologize in name of all stupid heterosexual, that act like asshole with anybody because theirs sexual interests. Be heterosexual doesn’t means that you have the right to judge anybody. And the fact is you have to pay for the service that you recibe, dhe was a good waitress so pay and judge for that

    1. Catherine C

      Sad thing though is this guy might not even be “straight.” He might really be a gay man that hates himself. I’ve worked with a few men like this. They threw around the word fag all day. Only many years later did I find out that quite a few of these guys were gay. Self loathing will also make a person extremely, angry.

  4. Sandi McCoy

    I am so sad you went through this Michelle. We think you are the best ever!!! Aubrey still asks about you. I’m so glad you held your head up high and we are sure he’s thinking twice about his rude and unessasary comments. He’s just ignorant!


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