Servers Read Their Own Bad Yelp Reviews

fuck this noise

fuck this noise

Anyone who works in the restaurant industry shares the same feeling about Yelp: it sucks ass. Whiny, self-entitled, pricks of customers who are disappointed with their food or service can log on and let the world know how they feel about their experience.


Behold, real servers, bartenders, managers and cooks read their own bad Yelp reviews. Truly brilliant.

32 thoughts on “Servers Read Their Own Bad Yelp Reviews

  1. Sophie

    I’m relatively new at serving and got my first horrible yelp review today. The table said I was a terrible and rude waitress who purposely sabotaged their appetizer, served mediocre food and slammed their plates down. I spilled a glass of water also which I apologized for and tried to bring them replacement food that they still hated. I know I shouldn’t take it too personally but I’m having a hard time not getting upset because I know they had some reason to be mad. Any advice on dealing with this feeling?

  2. Sheryl

    Someone needs to star a website or board, where us wait people can criticize our customers 😰😰😰

  3. Goose Goose

    I love Yelp. It’s not perfect obviously, but good small businesses can really benefit from it. Hidden gems and hole-in-the-walls are the kind of places that would really struggle to find business without websites like Yelp. Plus, I’ve worked in the service industry. I know, there are some idiots who don’t deserve to have a public opinion. With that said, just like any restaurant, there are good things and bad things about Yelp. We have to learn to concentrate on the good.

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  5. Julia

    I was victim to a bad yelp review for the first time the other night. It just sucks when the one time you’re having a bit of an off night and mishaps happen someone decides to get all pissed off and go complain on the Internet. He also posted pictures of me and wrote horrible comments. That’s not only mildly disturbing but it’s also slanderous.

    I hate yelp. It’s just a place for bottom feeders to feel like restaurant critics. And bring people down for no good reason. I would like to see them serve at my job for a night.

    1. Flora

      I had the same thing happen to me minus the pictures. But these horrible girls stayed at the b&b/restaurant that I manage and from their first encounter with a staff member they were extremely rude. Then the entire weekend, they picked us apart and ended up writing a freakin novel about everything we did wrong. I was trying to do everything I could to please them but you could tell they wanted a refund on their stay. In the review, this girl mentioned my name 3 times. I don’t think that’s right and it borders on cyber bullying g and slander, especially because it’s way over exaggerated and some were even straight up lies.
      After I read that review, I looked up privacy policy and Yelp says they don’t post reviews with personal pictures in it, so you should really look in to that. F#&* those people!!! We servers need to band together and get these stupid yelps and trip advisor sites off the net. Any suggestions anyone?

      1. Nikki

        I have been trying to get Yelp to take down certain reviews. A friend of mine was fired over a Yelp review. The problem is, they won’t budge, even if someone calls you names or even degrades you or uses foul language. I’ve had it with Yelp. Their offices are in San Francisco but I think it is located in an alleyway. Someone went there once and banged on the door but they will not open it or answer the door. They are sub humans.

    2. Nikki

      I am so sorry that happened to you. It just happened to me as well. I asked Yelp to take down the review as my name appeared on it. They will NOT DO SO. I am over it. Best of luck to you.

  6. Mark Baland

    The customer is usually wrong. Too many people revert to a master / slave mentality when dealing with employees working in a service industry, whether it is restaurant, fast food, retail, call center, or whatever. A lot of people, tired of being pushed around by their boss at their office job, or by their wife or husband, think they are entitled to treat the people who serve them, whom they often incorrectly see as their inferiors. Most people who haven’t worked such a job think the service job is easy, and that a dumb or lazy person, or they themselves, could easily do such a job well, but most couldn’t last a shift, and would run home crying to their mamas.

  7. Jerry

    Those who read and believe an idiot is a good reviewer and basically tells you where to spend your money your walking with the wrong tribe . The yelp tribe shall walk into extinction.

  8. f**kYelp

    F**k Yelp… it’s all Fake!! noone perfect, everybody fucks up…. but u dont have to cry over it publicly…. you f**king cry b**tchs has no better life than sit ontheir asses on pc and write shitty reviews. #F**kYelp

  9. G.B. Miller

    I’ve heard of Yelp, but never have taken the time to read reviews of anything there. I’ve heard that it’s great if you’re a troll and want to really kill someone’s livelihood.

    Otherwise, if I’m thinking about going to a new restaurant, or even an old restaurant that’s been around yet I haven’t gotten around to visiting yet, I’ll actually talk to a few people to get their p.o.v. about it.

  10. Anonymous

    These reviewers are fucking cunts who have clearly never set foot in a restaurant except to be the worst kind of customer.

    Also, the waiter at 1:42 in the video made me laugh…

  11. AJ

    I just want to give all of them a hug. I know that feeling and it is the lowest of low. Feels like a requirement of success in the service industry is losing all faith in most of humanity. On the flip side, you get a decent surprise every now and then when someone acts looks they have a soul… or common sense.

    1. James

      So the people Reviewing places like Amy’s Baking Company are all wrong? The reality is there’s thousands of Crazy Amy’s in restaurants across the country. That’s how disgustingly low the customer service and quality has dropped in most restaurants. You might get a couple trolls here and there but there’s nothing wrong with calling out the restaurant industry on what it is 75℅ of the time.

  12. Hearher

    This sucks! Screw those people who think they can write horrible things about people on Yelp and then hide behind the Internet. Chickenshit losers.

  13. Sue

    I didn’t find these funny at all. No matter how much you dislike your food, the service, the bartender, whatever, resorting to personal attacks is a sign of a miserable, mean-spirited person. And what someone does for a living is not who they are as a person. Many young servers are working their way through college; many older servers have been doing it their entire working lives because they’re excellent at it; others are just trying to supplement their income, because good paying jobs with benefits are hard to find these days. Don’t resort to name calling, just because your ass wasn’t kissed as much as you thought it should have been.

    1. Anonymous

      Sue I agree with you 100 0/0 I’ve been on both sides. People do have a right to have good service and good food . I’ve been places where servers and /or bartenders are down right rude and that’s not ok.The est. needs to hear about it

  14. Anonymous

    When I read these kind of foul mouthed, cruel posts on Yelp it’s always a good bet that one of two scenarios is true – 1. The reviewer has less than 5 reviews or 2. The reviewer has several reviews and all of them read like this.

    How these people even have friends is beyond me. That stuff is just MEAN. Glad Yelp is no longer relevant, and I think all those servers and managers and cooks are great, especially for agreeing to do this.

  15. Johnnie Jeffers

    Is Yelp even still a thing? I looked for our restaurant and we haven’t had any reviews since 2014. The restaurant industry is one of the few industries, where people feel completely free to act like complete assholes towards the staff.


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