Servers Read Their Own Bad Yelp Reviews

fuck this noise

fuck this noise

Anyone who works in the restaurant industry shares the same feeling about Yelp: it sucks ass. Whiny, self-entitled, pricks of customers who are disappointed with their food or service can log on and let the world know how they feel about their experience.


Behold, real servers, bartenders, managers and cooks read their own bad Yelp reviews. Truly brilliant.


  1. Sophie
  2. Kenny Ray
  3. Sheryl
  4. simran singh
  5. Goose Goose
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  7. Julia
    • Sharon
    • Flora
  8. f**kYelp
    • James
  9. Anonymous
  10. DaveJ
  11. AJ
    • AJ
    • James
  12. Hearher
    • James
  13. Anne
  14. Sue
    • DaveJ
    • Anonymous
    • James
  15. Anonymous
    • Anonymous
  16. Johnnie Jeffers
    • James

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