10 Things That Can Ruin Your Day Before the Restaurant Even Opens


  1. Seeing a customer knock on the door 15 minutes before you open. Or worse, forgetting to lock the front door and that customer just comes right in expecting to be served immediately.
  2. Realizing that the closers did a half-assed job on their sidework the night before.
  3. Getting an 86 list that’s longer than the menu.
  4. Finding out it’s one of these days: National Secretary Appreciation Day, National Teachers Appreciation Day or National Nurses Appreciation Day.
  5. Walking into work and discovering that every salt and pepper shaker needs to be refilled because they were all washed the night before.
  6. Setting up the patio only having it start to rain the second you are finished.
  7. Putting on your apron and finding out that a pen exploded it in it.
  8. Seeing that someone left the coffee pot on the burner with one inch of coffee in it and now it’s burnt to a crisp.
  9. Learning that all the mousetraps that were put out the night before were super successful.
  10. Slipping and falling onto the walk-in floor and then having to wear pants covered in whatever that crap was on the floor.

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