10 Things Every Server Will 100% Experience This Summer


  1. You will definitely have a customer tell you that it’s too cold in the dining room and they will ask you to turn off the A/C. Since you will have sweat dripping down cracks that you didn’t even know you had, you will tell that customer that you will adjust the thermostat and then proceed to do nothing of the sort.
  2. One day, your manager will for sure make you set up the patio even though the weather forecast calls for rain and then within ten minutes of getting it all finished, the sky will open up and dump on you.
  3. 100%, there will be a day that is far too beautiful to spend running food and dealing with customers, so you will put on your best “sick voice” and call out to work to enjoy the day, keeping in mind that you can’t say anything about it on social media so no one at work finds out you are a fake ass lying bitch.
  4. You will go to the walk-in cooler even though you don’t need anything in there because it’s the only place in the restaurant that won’t feel like the gate to hell.
  5. For sure, you’re going to question who the fuck decided that your uniform is a black polyester shirt that doesn’t breath. You will also ask someone if you can wear shorts to work.
  6. Some Saturday, when you are working a double and everyone you know is at the beach or the amusement park, you will unquestionably make a pact with yourself that next summer you will not have a job that makes you work weekends but then at the end of the night, when you are counting your money, you will immediately forget that pact.
  7. Positively, there will be a moment when a customer will come into the restaurant from outside and then ask you what the weather is like outside on the patio.
  8. Without a doubt, you will ask the bartender to make extra of a frozen margarita so you can put it in a coffee cup for yourself.
  9. You will get a 15-top where the adult to child ratio is very unbalanced because someone thought it would be fun to take their kids and all of the their friends out to eat one day. This will also be the day you will cry in the bathroom stall because that many kids in your section is shitty.
  10. You will look forward to the week after Labor Day because summer will be over and you can actually ask for days off again.

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10 thoughts on “10 Things Every Server Will 100% Experience This Summer

  1. Katie

    Have had two requests for replacements of alcoholic beverages due to ice melting so far this summer. One lady even went so far as to say we were the only place this had ever happened to her. Like we skimped and got the quick-melting ice this year…ughhhhhh(for forever. Just ‘ughhhhhhh’)

  2. Dinky the wonderchimp

    $9 is called “going Chuck E Cheese” and enevitably ends in needing a bulldozer to clean up. Aarrggghh!!


    Having served for years, I tell all my connections the best days to dine out. Specifically the worst days to be a server. It’s a win-win. They get to dine out without a wait. And my server friends get a couple more tables on those days where it’s just known that it will suck a bit.

    1. CincyDrunk

      According to my hostesses, it happens so often that they write the temperature and chance of rain on the host stand. 😂 (glass top and with dry erase marker)

  4. Big Easy Eric

    On the 4th of July you will suffer through an evening where you’ll be lucky to half fill your station. And just as soon as you think you might actually get to see the fireworks this year; you get a table of Europeans on a budget, who don’t speak English, and spend 3 hours sharing the 3 course chef’s special and water without ice.


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