A Comment on Comments; the “20-Top No-Show” Video Edition

A Comment on Comments
A Comment on Comments

Last week, I wrote a blog post called “An Open Letter to the Party of 20 Who Didn’t Show Up.” Someone asked that we bend the rules and let them make a reservation for 20 people even though we don’t take reservations. Since they were coming directly from a funeral and they wanted to come into the restaurant early in the shift, we agreed. They did not show up and and they did not bother to call us to say they couldn’t make it. So I blogged about it.

Someone left me a comment that I want to respond to and I decided to do a video edition of Comment on Comments:

I wait tables and bitch about it on my blog, The Bitchy Waiter.

10 thoughts on “A Comment on Comments; the “20-Top No-Show” Video Edition

    1. Why don’t you and Jerry bawl some more? Better yet, begone and never return. No one cares about your virtue signalling and insufferably lame posts, you cretinous crybaby.

  1. At ours, they have to leave a cell phone number when they reserve. If they’re more than 10 minutes late I call THEM to ask wtf.

    But yeah. People suck.


  2. I just laughed until I started coughing, then coughing and laughing until I started crying. You really got me with removing your glasses, with a brief somber look on your face.

  3. Lol!! You KNOW they went SOMEWHERE to eat in all their misery. You, your restaurant and your regulars got jacked! That is shitty.

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