Every Parent Needs To See This Video

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.32.51 PMOver the years, I have written many times about my feelings for children and how so many parents think that just because they figured out how to fertilize an egg, they must be very, very special individuals. (I wrote a whole chapter about it in my book, which you buy here.) No, I do not have children, nor do I want them. That does not make me selfish, as a co-worker once told me when I worked at the Marriott. She called me selfish for knowing that parenthood was not the road for me. Meanwhile, she was six months pregnant with her third child and spent the first five months not even knowing she was growing a baby inside her. But Iโ€™m the selfish one, uh huh…

This week, a video has gone viral of a comedian who is dealing with a heckler who does not like his jokes about entitled parents and their children. You just know the woman who was upset is the same bitch who was at Unoโ€™s last week and let her kid run all over the goddamn place while she stuffed another Prima Pepperoni down her throat. Steve Hofstetter takes down this heckler in a way that gives me the most intense feels. I donโ€™t know Steve personally, but I want to give him a hug, a high five and a complimentary margarita because he gets it so fucking right.

The next 3 minutes and 26 seconds are going to be the best thing you see all day.


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