4 Things You Should Know If You Go to IHOP Today

10622019_10153994208979806_1886638114_nToday is March 8th and it is IHOP’s National Pancake Day. This is the day that IHOP abuses their servers and requires them to hand out free pancakes all day to people who like to eat for cheap while using shovels for forks. In return for the free pancakes, customers are asked to donate money to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals© or other designated local charities. It’s a tough day to be a server at IHOP which is saying a lot, because even on a day when they aren’t serving free pancakes it’s probably rather difficult.

Here are four things to remember if you go to IHOP today:

Tip your server. Just because your pancakes are free does not mean you shouldn’t leave a tip. Yes, this is a great day when IHOP raises over $3 million for charity, but the servers are not there to do charity work. They are doing their job and it’s probably the toughest day all year. When your bill comes to zero dollars and zero cents because you ordered the free short stack and a glass of water, reach into your pocket and leave the server some cash in addition to what you are leaving for charity.

Don’t take pancakes with you. They’re free, but don’t order extras so you can shove them into your purse to eat them later. It’s tacky, cheap, disrespectful and if anyone sees you doing that, they have every right to call you out on your atrocious behavior. Seriously, it’s a fucking pancake. Are you gonna heat it up in the microwave?

Be patient. If the service is a little bit slower than you are used to, you have to understand that this restaurant is pumping out an insane amount of pancakes. Everyone comes out to IHOP today so it’s gonna be busy and crowded and maybe a bit slow. If you don’t like that, go back tomorrow when it will be a regular Wednesday. The only drawback is you’ll have to pay for your food tomorrow, cheap ass.

Be grateful. Tell your server thank you and be nice. This is something that should happen every day, not just National Pancake Day, but today it’s more important than ever for IHOP servers to know that they are appreciated. Be that customer who takes a moment to acknowledge the kind of day the server is having.

Now get out there and eat some free pancakes! But let’s not forget that the main reason for this day is to raise money for charity and not for gluttonous cheap people to have their own special holiday.


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