The Penny Story

This story happened years and years ago, but it’s a goody. I was working in this tourist trap in Times Square in New York City where food was way overpriced but tourists came anyway because it was familiar. Let’s just say it was hypothetically called Houlihan’s. On 49th and Seventh Ave. It was the lunch rush and in my station were three secretary bitches who were happy to have someone to boss around for a change. They ordered their usual salads with everything on the side but extra everything and lemons for the waters and separate checks and anything else that screams “we are bitches.” It was a busy Wednesday where everyone in the restaurant had tickets to see Cats or Phantom of the Opera or anything else that screams “we are tourists.” After a while the three secretary bitches called me over and asked me if their food was ready. I gave my standard reply: “I guess not because if it was ready it would be here.” Dumb bitches. They didn’t like my attitude. Hmmm, can’t imagine why. Their food came and they complained about a variety of things. I don’t recall what exactly but it was probably the usual things like, the bread is not warm enough and the Diet Coke is flat and no one wants to sleep with me because I am big fat snort pig. I threw their check down and went on with ignoring other tables. They left money to pay for the check on the table and when I saw it I knew what to expect. Exact change, no tip. But then I saw my tip. One penny in the bottom of a glass of water. I fished it out and scoured the room looking for the whores. They were already gone, so I ran downstairs out to 49th Street and looked both ways. I had to decide whether to go left or right. I decided to the right and ran down the street, penny in hand. About halfway to Sixth Avenue I saw them. After knocking a couple of tourists out of the way, I went to head secretary bitch and tapped her on the shoulder. “You forgot something at your table,” I said. “Oh, I did? What?” “This,” I said and I flicked the penny at her and suddenly it was in slow motion. I watched it twirl through the air as her face recoiled in terror. The penny hit her right tit and bounced to the sidewalk. I turned around and walked back to the restaurant giddy with pride. She was right behind me.

When I got back in, I headed to the bathroom to hide out because I knew I was about to be in big trouble. Someone found me and said that my manager needed to see me right away. I slid into her office ready to be berated. My manager shut the door and turned around to look at me. She had a huge smile on her face. She told me that even though the bitches were in fact bitches and deserved it, what I did was wrong and she was going to have to suspend me for three days so that all of my co-workers knew that throwing pennies at customers was not acceptable behavior for our fine dining establishment. Houlihan’s. On 49th and Seventh. Hypothetically.

My response to being suspended for three days? “Cool. Can I cash out now because I gots myself a three day weekend ahead of me.”


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  1. One Valentine's Day, when I was working at a terrible chain steakhouse, a table came in 10 minutes before closing. They ran me like crazy and I even had to personally remake one of their side dishes because they did not like the kind of cheese that was melted on top of it. The manager had to stop by the table at least twice and ended up taking two of the four entrees off of the check. The guests payed the bill and left me thirty-two cents as a tip. I followed them out to the parking lot where I informed the gentleman who paid the bill that he must have needed the change more than me if that's all he could afford to leave. I didn't wait to see his reaction, I swiftly returned into the restaurant which, since it was after closing, locked behind me. He never called and complained.

  2. can the story please end that in slow motion you watched as the penny flew into her eyeball and it popped loudly as it exploded leaving ooze all over the other two???? i mean ok the suspension would have to be for like a week instead but wouldn't it be worth it???? and who can go to Hawaii for just 3 days anyway??????

  3. I always admire servers who say and do all of the things that pop in our heads as we take abuse. I always think, "if this was my last day…" but in reality I never would. When I tell work horror stories its always "and I was like, you're an idiot ma'am," and my friend will say "did you really say that?" and I have to admit that no, thats just what I thought. So I live vicariously through people like you! Lol! God Bless.

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