9 Signs That You’re the Kind of Server Customers Find Annoying AF


  1. You crouch down beside the table when you take the order. 1
  2. When someone has cleaned their plate you say something goofy like, “Gosh, we won’t even have to send that one through the dishwasher.”2
  3. You sign your checks with a smiley face, flowers, a rainbow or any other kind of cute little drawing.3
  4. When your customer asks you to take their picture, you secretly take a selfie. 4
  5. You say “Are you still working on that?” when you want to know if they are finished eating or not. 5
  6. You refill their iced tea or coffee before they need it, therefore ruining the perfect balance of their sweetener.6
  7. You interject your opinion into their conversation that you are 100% not a part of. 7
  8. You use the word “madame.” 8
  9. You hover at the table and ask how everything is every three minutes when you know perfectly well everything is fine but you think that by asking them often it will make them think you’re attentive when really it annoys the fuck out of them and it makes them hate your ass face.8Also, you can preorder my book by clicking here.


  1. Donnie
  2. Brenda
  3. Mara
  4. Zane
    • Jerri
  5. Cindy shea
  6. Jen
  7. David Cowling
    • Sophie
    • Tom
  8. David Cowling
  9. Lisa
  10. Donnie
    • miss kitty
  11. Samantha
    • Bekah
  12. Jenna
    • Kenny Ray
  13. sam
    • Aly
      • Jen
      • Natasha
      • Julie
  14. wentra
  15. Sharon
    • C
  16. Mel
  17. Jon
    • Noxy
      • Victoria
        • Julie
        • Amy
        • Christine
    • Corie
  18. California Girl
  19. Raichu
    • Lo
        • Carlos el vato
      • Carlos el vato

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