10 Things Children Do in Restaurants That Slowly Kill the Souls of Their Servers

1. They leave Cheerios all over the damn place.


2. They try to order for themselves even though they can’t read a menu and they don’t like to talk to strangers.


3. They spill their drink even though you tried to give them a cup with a lid on it.


4. They sometimes leave their dirty diapers anyplace but the trash can.


5. They just sit there in their stroller like they own the place.


6. They require you to do extra work like walk all the way to the back to get a high chair or a booster seat.


7. They say they will only use the crayons on the paper but as soon as you turn around they use it on the wall.


8. They scream at the top of their lungs making it impossible for you to concentrate on really important things like making coffee and rolling silverware.


9. They run all over the restaurant endangering your life as well as their own because you never know what they may run into.


10. Every once in a while, one will smile in the sweetest way or say something really cute that makes you feel like an asshole for saying how much you dislike children.



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