WHIO in Dayton, Ohio Has a Really Really Bad Idea

No. Just no.

No. Just no.

Local TV news station, WHIO in Dayton, Ohio is stirring the pot by asking their viewers to contact them if they have ever filed a complaint against a restaurant. Why? Because apparently the newscasters are tired of talking about snow, ice and blizzards and when news reporter Jim Otte bubbled up this fart of an idea, someone thought it smelled like a good one. I guess their plan is to find someone with the most upsetting complaint about the time they went to Denny’s and the restaurant served them bacon that wasn’t crispy enough. Yeah, that’s news in Dayton, Ohio.

Don’t customers already have an outlet for voicing their concerns about how poorly they were treated in restaurants? Isn’t that what Yelp is for? Why does this news station think it’s a good idea to solicit complaints from people and then air them on TV? I can only imagine how many Tom, Dick and Hairy Ohioans will wrack their brains to come up with the most perfect complaint to tell them about all for their shot at 15 minutes of fame which is really a 30-second spot on a local newscast. What kind of news is that? Are they going to give the restaurant a chance to tell their side of the story after Mrs. Old Lady White Hair complains that every time she goes to her local diner the coffee is ice cold? Probably not, but if they did, it would be a waitress who says something like, “Yeah, I made a fresh pot of coffee for Mrs. Old Lady White hair but she let it sit on her table for twenty minutes after adding a half a pint of heavy cream. Of course it was cold.”

Why can’t WHIO ask for stories about the time a server went above and beyond and made an ordinary night out an extraordinary night out? Or why not ask for stories about a restaurant owner who cares about his employees so much that he closed down the restaurant early one day so they could all get home before a snowstorm? Wouldn’t that be nice to see on the news? Why does the news have to be so damn depressing? Shouldn’t they at least attempt to find something positive to say? After you tell us about the TransAsia plane crash and then the beheading by ISIS and then about another police officer who shot an unarmed black man, why not do a story that might make viewers feel better about the world we live in? No one wants to hear about Mrs. Old Lady White Hair’s horrible time at breakfast.

Step up, WHIO. Try harder. Just because it’s a slow news day doesn’t mean you should fill your program with more negativity.

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