A Comment on Comments, the Trashed Hat Edition

A Comment on Comments

A Comment on Comments

Yowza. Whenever I post something onto the Bitchy Waiter Facebook, I never know what kind of response it will get. Sometimes I think everyone will love it and then it gets no response at all when other times I will post something that I think is funny and it all it does is piss people off and pull the trolls out from the bridge. Well, yesterday was the latter; the trolls put down their pimento cheese sandwiches, turned off the Matlock reruns and let their presence be known. I posted the picture below which told the story of a hat that was left in a restaurant and then thrown into the trash after the guest left no tip on an $80 check. Almost 1,500 people clicked the “like” button and many other folks commented on how they have done the same kind of thing to articles left behind by customers. Many of these articles would find their way to a lost and bin box in the manager’s office and then eventually land in the dumpster anyway. Not leaving a tip can really bring out the worst in a server, it seems. But those comments! Let’s look at a few, shall we?

  • Scooter says: completely and totally unprofessional. I would fire anyone who did this. Well, Scooter, I am pretty sure that this has happened in your restaurant too, but it’s probably not something you fucking knew about. Do you think any server is going to go tell their boss that they just exacted some delicious fucking revenge on a guest? No, I doubt it. So if you want to fire someone for inappropriate behavior, you kinda have to see it happen. Good luck with that.
  • George says: Not surprising you got stiffed. Obviously you deserved it. George is assuming that this happened to me. What George is forgetting, which is surprising because he’s clairvoyant, is that every day people send me dozens of photos. They just show up in my email and I decide which ones to use. Some of them I post and some of them I don’t. He also seems to think that the server got stiffed because he threw away the hat rather than the hat was thrown away because the server was stiffed. George, please pull your clairvoyant head out of the black hole you call an ass and stop trying to see the future and just see what’s in front of your face.
  • Joe says: I have seen drivers licenses and credit cards thrown away. Also saw a 64gb iPod touch go through the dish tank before it went to the lost and found. This tells me that this situation is not unheard of. It also tells me that some servers get really mad when they get stiffed. It’s one thing to toss a gross $1.99 polyester hat into a trash can and quite another to run an iPod touch through a dishwasher. Either way, maybe you should just tip your fucking server, you think?
  • Bill says: So petty. Maybe this page should be called Entitled Waiter. If you guys weren’t so entitled and didn’t have the mentality petty 8-year-olds, people might trust you with something more than just fetching food. None of you are entitled to customers’ money. You walk plates to tables, you don’t cure cancer. Bill can eat a bag of caramel covered dicks. Actually, since it’s the holidays, maybe I should just hang piece of fucking mistletoe over my butt so he can kiss my white ass.
  • Wendy says: Years ago a couple stiffed me on a $100 check but left their car keys on the table — we had a trash compactor– yep!! See, it happens. Just tip, bitches.
  • Stephen says: Who cares about an $80 check? that’s like 1.5 heads. lol NEXT. I don’t know what this means and it kinda scares me. Does Stephen know the cost of heads? Does he go to some weird grocery store where heads cost $53.33 each and $80 will buy him exactly one and half of them? I don’t get this.
  • Chad says: Probably a white waiter and the hat belonged to a black man. This customer was obviously a black man and the white waiter wanted to “exact revenge” on them for not leaving a tip for an outrageously priced check. There is a lot of assumption in this comment. A lot. Why is it obvious that the hat belonged to a black man? Is Chad saying that only black men wear dark knit hats? That sounds racist to me, Chad. We also do not know that the waiter was white. And how does he know the check was outrageously priced? None of us saw an itemized bill so it could have been for a party of twenty which would mean that the bill was actually very inexpensive. Chad, I don’t know you, but if you can jump to conclusions then so can I and I jump to this one: you’re a fucking idiot.
  • Monte says: I suggest that for the next 5 years, this page be re-named ‘Whiny Cunts Who Wait on Tables and Bitch like retarded Five Year Olds’? Sorry, Monte, but Bill has already suggested that the page be renamed Entitled Waiter. Besides, a Facebook page with the words “cunt” and “retarded” in the title can be really offensive to some people and I wouldn’t want that, you retarded cunt, you.
  • Danny says: to me it just makes you a shitty server if dealing with people pisses you off to the point you damage their belongings you should prob do something behind the scenes. its prob why most of you are middle aged and still doing the same job you were at 16 though just a thought. Yeah, the person who can’t deal with people should do something behind the scenes, because in the kitchen is where nothing bad ever happens. It’s all butterflies and rainbows back there, Danny. And for your information, I do not have the same job I had when i was 16 years old. When I was 16, I was a busboy and dishwasher. My career has room for growth, sir, and now I am a waiter.
The truth ain't pretty

The truth ain’t pretty

Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. I read every single one of them while I was at work last night. It was a rather slow night at the restaurant and reading your comments is what got me through the night. Well, that and the beer tasting we had.

16 thoughts on “A Comment on Comments, the Trashed Hat Edition

  1. Dogtroep

    “Bill can eat a bag of caramel covered dicks.” LMFAO!!!! I’m totally stealing that one for the next family party I go to 😀

  2. Anonymous

    A customer at my old job left their phone on the table once after stiffing me on a $100 check. I literally had their Facebook page open and was starting to update their status to “i am an asshole who doesn’t tip”. But then they came back for it. I deleted the text I had written but left their Facebook open before I gave it back.

  3. Kc

    21 years ago, when I was a shiny new server, I got stiffed on a 15 top. They left a key ring full of keys, like a janitors, musta been close to 50 keys. That key ring somehow ended up in the protected marsh lands on the drive home.

    1. Kali

      My guess is head count? Some places seat servers by that instead of in straight rotation. So that means that instead of just getting the .25 tipping single bitch mentioned above, your coworker getting a 4 top and then you getting a deuce followed up by your coworker getting another four, they will attempt to seat each server the same number of people in a shift. It’s a pretty neat idea actually. Of course maybe that dude really was just talking about heads…

  4. Caitlin

    Its funny…Especially Mr.Dannys post. You’re a rotten fucking Idiot, with all due respect, Sir! Oh sure its the same “JOB” I’ve been doing since…god damn near forever…but Guess what Danny..I’m not in a 100k worth of debt for school loans to be hired onto some bullshit “career” who demands I have a fucking degree that I’m obligated to pay back and start me off at 10-15$ an hour..with atleaset 2-4 years of experience I wouldn’t have in the first place being a “graduate”. Oh and its funny howany people I actually do work with whom have degrees and all come back to the industry because they actually make more serving. Another beautiful thing about it is I stay slender..because I’m actually active through the day..not sitting under my bosses desk suckin em off for a fucking christmas bonus hoping one day in the next 30 years I’ll be able to stick that fucker in the back and steal his position…so thanks. and yeah Id throw out that crusty ass dollar general knitted hat out too if some son of a bitch wasted my time..I don’t work for free..do you?? the next time you notice money missing from your paycheck…I hope some dumb fu k tells you to stop feeling entitled to it if you do happen to complain…or perhaps you just like working for free…yah tell that to the mortgage lender or your landlord..

      1. Shale

        I thought that everyone complained about their jobs to let off steam, at least everyone I have ever met has. Do you really need to ask why someone (especially in the service industry) would complain about their job? People tend to behave like complete asses at times and it makes for a good story. Think about it Joe. Just think.

  5. anne marie

    wendy has the best comment; the other guys can suck a diseased dick. and chad is a redneck teabagistan racist, pure and simple.

  6. Luke

    Sally, that’s bang out of order. From the sound of it, the lady was doing what any person would do and found some place to relax while she waited for traffic to clear. The pen may hold some sentimental value to her. How dare you stoop so low to thieve something from her in that way and for you to openly boast about it opens up a huge question over your integrity whenever you work, it wouldn’t surprise me if you had your had your hand in that till if there was ever such an opportunity.

    Either way, you should hand that pen back. It doesn’t matter if she’s stiffed you or not.

    1. sally

      Luke said, “The pen may hold some sentimental value to her.”

      And I hope it did! There were plenty of places for her to go sit her ass down for an hour while traffic cleared out. The fact she chose a banquet 4top every time–instead of a bar stool or 2top was just the tip of the iceberg of what a clueless, entitled bitch she was.
      Let this be a lesson to you Luke: If you take up valuable real estate in a busy restaurant a few times a week, you better be prepared to pay the rent. And too bad if you don’t like it Luke, cause that’s the way it works!

  7. milo

    I once had a couple come in leave me no tip. I was pissed they ran me raggid.So the came in again a week later and I was their server. Stupid them remind me that they had me the week before and I remembered them. So those time their drinks were filled with the soda machine dump ice. And they also had food wrapped up that they forgot while not leaving a tip again,they had the nerve to come back for their wrap up!!!! They got alright, right out the trash.

  8. sally

    HAHA! I had a total bitch of a customer once. She always sat alone in one of the 4top booths during rush and wrote in a notebook with a gold plated cross pen for an hour. Ordered one diet coke and tipped a quarter. (She was just killing time waiting for traffic to clear out so she could drive home without gridlock.) One day when she left she forgot her fancy gold pen and so of course I pocketed it. When she came back the next day looking for it I was SO CONCERNED. “Oh No” I said, “lets check the lost and found….here, give me your number and I’ll call you if I find it”. I still have that pen! HAha!


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