This Mother Does Not Want You to Ask Her Kids a Certain Question

Would you like fries with that?

Would you like fries with that?

I just love it when someone writes an article about a server in a restaurant because it always gives me an opportunity to respond to it. So often, the writer comes across as entitled and annoying and this case is no exception. In an article called “What Restaurant Servers Should NEVER Ask My Kids,” a mom complains about her dining experience at a kid-friendly restaurant. I knew I was going to hate the article when I read this part of a sentence in the second paragraph: “When the server finally came to take our dinner order…” Right away, she is establishing that the service was not up to her time standards. With no other indication of her dissatisfaction, she uses the word “finally” to make sure that all readers know she thought it took too damn long for the waiter to get to her table. Her two kids each ordered spaghetti which came with a side. The server simply asked, “Are fries okay with that?”

Just so you know, that is the question you should never ask her kids. I repeat: Do not. Ask her kids. If they. Want. Fries. I pity the poor cashier at McDonald’s the next time one of those kids orders a cheeseburger off the 99₵ menu.

She told the server that it would not be okay, because they were already going to be having french fries as an appetizer and she wanted to know what other options were available. The server informed her that they could choose between Caesar salad or mixed greens, applesauce, carrots and ranch dressing, sliced apples with yogurt dip, steamed veggies, or grilled veggies. She wanted to know why the server thought it was alright to suggest fries with pasta because “who in their right mind eats fries with spaghetti anyhow?”

I dunno who eats fries with spaghetti but it might be the same people who eat fries as an appetizer. I guess she was angry because she felt the server was pushing a non-healthy dinner choice onto her kids that would go with their non-healthy appetizer choice. Maybe the server didn’t feel like reiterating all seven option when in all likelihood they were printed in the menu. Her kids chose a salad (probably smothered in some kind of creamy dressing full of partially hydrogenated oil) and applesauce (probably full of sugar and preservatives) and they lived happily ever after. She says they were fine with their choices “but for a minute there it could have easily went south, no thanks to our server.”

The reason I take issue with this article is because the mother seems to be blaming the server. She wants him to read her mind (hint: it’s a quick read, much like a paperback you buy at the grocery store to read at the beach. It’s got no substance and once you read it, you forget it). Some parents don’t like when we ask them what their child would like.

“Well, my son’s right there, why don’t you ask him?”

“Because I thought that maybe you would like to make his decisions for him since your son looks to be about four fucking years old and he currently has a Crayon stuck up his nose, you asshole.”

Don’t blame the server for offering the one item that probably 99% of the kids choose anyway. It’s not the responsibility of the server to help you figure out what you want your kids to eat. It is his responsibility to alert you to the available options but you need to take some initiative and read the menu too. The mother says that her husband “half-jokingly” told her to get over it but my bet is that there was no half-joking happening. He was serious.

“Honey, get the fuck over it. He offered fries, you said no and now they’re eating fucking salad and applesauce. Just eat your 4-Cheese Mac and Cheese with Honey Pepper Chicken Tenders and shut the fuck up. God, you’re annoying. Everybody hate you, you know that, right? No wonder the kids never want to spend any time with you. And you’re probably going to go home and write an article about this aren’t you? Don’t even deny it. I can see you taking mental notes so you can go home and whine about how terribly you’ve been treated. Again. He just asked if they wanted fries. Who cares?”

I suppose it can be said that the mother overreacted a bit by taking one little question and then writing an article about it, but then again the same could be said of me. I am a professional at making mountains out of molehills and I just turned a whiny Mommy Article into a Bitchy Waiter blog post. Tat for tat. And would you like fries with that?

You can go read the original article here. If you go there and leave a comment, tell them The Bitchy Waiter said hello.

72 thoughts on “This Mother Does Not Want You to Ask Her Kids a Certain Question

  1. Joey B

    I wrote a song , rap actually . It’s titled ” Tell The Lady What You Want” and it’s based on my experience waiting on kids 2-5 yo with stupid parents that know nothing of child development .Little fucker doesn’t even know where he/she is , much less how to make decision. They don’t know what to eat . That’s why you are the parent and its your job to teach them. They can’t remember what they had for dinner last time or decide if they want ” juuuuuuice” or ” milkie” or how do they like their ” eggies” . Goddamn , I’ve been all over travelling with my parents and brothers and we never ever had any situations , tantrums , shitshows in the restaurants , shops , hotels , campsites , museums , theaters etc . Never .We acted even better than at home . We were TAKEN OUT and that was special . We had contests at the “Kiddie Table” during family gatherings : Who Has Better Table Manners . No food on the floor or beeing seen inside of someone’s mouth . You are 6 -you can handle knife and fork -ez .

  2. Jillian

    I’m sure you hear it all the time…. But I just wanted to let you know that your commentaries are so spot on…. As a person in the food service industry from the age of 14 until 33, doing everything from bussing tables to cooking, serving, bartending, expoditing & managing, I really enjoy your “rants” & have to say agree with every word you say. And that’s pretty sad, America. People need to learn how to behave themselves, how to treat others, & teach their damn kids to do the same!!!

  3. Leigh

    Quote: “It also assumes that my kids will only eat fried foods, or foods loaded with cheese and sauce and full of salt and sugar.” Yet she not only ordered fries as an app, but then allowed them to order starchy, carb-heavy spaghetti (one “loaded” with fattening butter with no nutritional value whatsoever; the other with red sauce that is full of sugars & preservatives). NOTE: NO protein or veggie in sight! Nut up & take control of your children’s ordering. It isn’t a server’s job to police YOUR kid’s menu selections. Sounds like this restaurant has an amazing list of items to choose from. Maybe actually take a moment to actually READ the menu & DECIDE what you want for your child when your server “finally” arrives to take your order next time? ie: Son A will have the spaghetti & red sauce with the applesauce for the side dish. Easy, right?!?!

    1. Leigh

      And on another note, as a consciousness server, I have actually asked parents with a toddler (in the nicest way possible) who want to get their little one a Thai iced tea (craaaaazzzyyyy amount of sugar & caffeine in those) before dinner at 7 pm: “Are you sure? There is a ton of sugar & caffeine in those, might not have the best outcome in an hour or two.” So don’t say we look out for you, parents. Maybe look out for us a bit & figure out what you want before we get there, don’t let your kids behave like heathens & throw a little extra in the tip for the extra thorough cleaning your area will require when you leave. Thanks!

      1. Jillian

        And don’t you just hate it when they treat you like less than a person, just for looking out for them in this way??? Personally, when I take my kids out, they get 1 soda, no refills…. But I let my server know in advance, so he/she doesn’t bring unwanted refills… I’ve had guests get mad at me for doing my job & refilling their kids bevs, I’ve also been ostracized for not keeping little Joaquin up to his earrings in an endless supply of high fructose corn syrup…. *sigh*. You just can’t win. Am I the only person that just LOVES waiting on others in the industry— and that can tell? Lol.

  4. Nat

    At my restaurant, the kids menu has breakfast, lunch, and dinner on it. The number of parents who allow their children to order chocolate chip pancakes, whipped cream, and a side of French fries for breakfast is horrifying.

    Perhaps more horrific is that Andrea Howe finds spaghetti, French fries, and applesauce to be a “wide array of culinary choices.”

  5. JMS

    So I guess that fries as an appetizer is completely healthy, but fries as a side dish is the Devils work!? I love it when people say “I don’t want to sound like a control freak but…” Guess what honey, you are ! Going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing that she ordered a large dish of ranch to dip those fries in. Oh, and you kid ordered pasta with butter ? REAL healthy choice ma’am! Where were your superior parenting skills at that moment ? You expect a total stranger to make healthy choices for your child, but fail to do it yourself. Way to go !

  6. ShezAnEnigma

    After finally reading the entire article this was my reply to her: First, as a parent and grandparent AND a server. Let me tell you the most common side dish for kids… French Fries. It doesnt matter what they order, fries are usually the side dish to accompany the food 95% of the time. I feel you being mad at your server for asking if your child wants fries is seriously pompous. Its her job, She was being kind and friendly. Servers can not please every single person, but dont knock her for doing her job. I am disappointed that Yahoo posted this article as if it held merit. Do you know how much servers are paid? Most servers in America are paid between 2.13 and 4.00 an hour – tips are to make up the difference in federal minimum wage. (except a few states) Do you think about all of the people that your server comes in contact with in a given day, week, month, or year? Think about it, if you had to deal with hundreds of people, most of whom are rude and seem to leave common courtesy behind as they walk through the doors of a restaurant, and still smile at every person, making it a point to engage your child as if he were a human being, Giving him a smile and talking to him like he is a big kid, probably making him feel good. But you are hung up on her asking if he wants french fries? You asked what were the other options for a side? Did the menu not tell you these options? Please, next time – before you think about writing a rant about your server offering fries to your kid, or anything else about your server – think about how she is treated daily by people who nit-pic over stupid things. But yet – she is still smiling and engaging your child.

  7. ShezAnEnigma

    I couldnt even read the entire article. I stopped at who eats fries with spaghetti. I will tell you who. Babies and kids who order off of the kids menu. More than not, so “Are fries okay with that?” is a very common question. (Although spaghetti usually does not have a side dish- just saying) I am annoyed with this parent. I am annoyed as a parent, as a grandparent and as a server. I wish I could just reach out and smack her. lol

  8. Princess RN

    Her blog at babble is entitled: Gwyneth Made Me Do It and she writes about “her children and her misadventures trying to live a healthier lifestyle, the Gwyneth Paltrow way.”

    ‘Nuff said….


    Sounds like a typical parent to me. Entitled. Can’t say “no” to the kid, so doesn’t even want the subject to come up. The internet has bred a nation of complainers, moms making a large group. This alone is the reason I would never go back into retail or any type of customer service, even if I was starving. Thanks to BW, we get to out these types to the world also.

  10. SlumSlut

    I know what this was REALLY about. This woman was trying to scam for freebies and comps, or at the very least, for an excuse to not leave a tip.

  11. KB

    once a customer asked me “what kid’s sides do you have?” i started listing them off, one of which is cheetos (odd, i know). of course the little kids screams “CHEETOS!!!!” immediately after i said it. the mom flipped on me! “why would you say that?? now that’s all he’s going to want!!!” & etc etc. i told her, “well, that is a side. im sorry if i started anything…..” then she tried like whispering to me, “tell him it isn’t really a side or you’re out of it or something!!!!” like bitch why dont you just tell your child no. it is not my problem. as another commenter said, i also hate when they start trying to ask their kid what side they want. be fucking prepared if you claim youre “READY TO ORDER”. i have more important things to do and other tables staring me down.

  12. Sam

    She’s mad about chicken fingers and fries? She gave them empty carb slathered in high sodium with a side of mayo and corn syrup! (Pasta= carb, sauce = sodium, dressing= mayo, applesauce= corn syrup) if you don’t take the time to help your kid decide by the time the server ” finally comes” they get 2 options- healthy or unhealthy. Apple juice or chocolate milk, chicken fingers or peanut butter and jelly, fries or fruit. And you know what 90% of Parents order for their kids? Chicken fingers and fries with sprite. It’s not my job to help America’s children make healthy choices- it’s your job to help your kids make healthy choices. I don’t have time to help your kid choose from 8 items 3 times. Most kids cannot handle that many choices and if you believe yours can you need to read the menu with them and go over their choices before insisting that you’re ready. Please look over your options as well before insisting that you’re ready to order because moms are often notorious for forgetting to read the menu and making the server stand there and then being upset when the last minute selection comes out with an ingredient they don’t like because they didn’t read the description

  13. KH

    People like this woman drive me crazy, as a mom of four and server for almost 16 years, she totally handled this the wrong way. We are there to serve you food, drink, stuff on the menu, that you apparently didn’t read, and take care of those basic needs. We are not there to read your mind, read your kids minds or know what your decisions are about the way you would like to eat. Which apparently doesn’t really matter, because fries as an app was ok, but not as a side. Bet those fries came dripping with bacon, cheese and other fatty things. But the caeser salad with fat-laden dressing, cheese and croutons was a much better choice. Get a grip lady!!!! Cheers Bitchy, love your blog!

  14. jane johnson

    I bartended for 12 years. I have two girls now, 6 &7 and I’ve been out of that scene for awhile now. My family, including my girls, are respectful and courteous, always. The negativity comes mostly from your end. Do you think I don’t notice the “rolling eyes” and smirks that are made when I sit to enjoy an overpriced below par service meal at whatever shithole you’re working in for the time being. Bottom line…YOU chose this profession, the fact that you have enough time to spend bitching about the people that pay your bills shows that you lack the ambition to do something else. Impersonal service is why we prefer Non-chain establishments, most likely where you work.

    1. Reginald van der Slythe III

      And what exactly does that have to do with the woman in question, Jane? Are we supposed to care about your experiences that have nothing whatsoever to do with the entitled bitch who got huffy over nothing, or about your pathetic jabs at the people who work in the service industry? How much less ambition do you have, to come regale us with stupid non-sequiturs?

  15. holly

    At my restaurant we are supposed to “reinforce the chef’s suggested side” by asking if that’s what they would like, even though they can choose anything they’d like. I imagine this poor waitress was under a similar policy where she is SUPPOSED to suggest fries. Most chain places DO NOT like their servers asking generally, “What would you like for your side?” This woman is most likely judging the server’s performance without even knowing what she is supposed to be saying to them.

  16. Amanda

    I responded to her article. I am very proud of myself. Thanks bitchy waiter for bringing out my inner bitch. I had a shit day and work and this made me feel a hell of a lot better.

    Was it listed on the menu? I bet it was. I bet you didn’t even try to look while you were waiting for you server to FINALLY come over. You should of said my children would like spaghetti with red sauce and a salad or vegetables. Maybe they don’t offer substitutions unless asked. MAYBE they don’t want to wait for your child to choose. Do you know how long that takes. “ok honey, what would you like as your side…carrrrrots, apppleeesauce, saaaalad? Sweetie, this nice man needs to get back to work. Look at me. Stop coloring and tell the server what you would like.” While your trying to get your child to choose a side, the 5 other tables are needing ranch, napkins, a refill, and their check. There is food in the window that needed to be run 5 minutes ago, and your server has needed to run to the bathroom for 3 hours. BUT he hasn’t because he’s waiting for your child to choose a vegetable when all he’s gonna do is throw the damn green beans on the floor while your not looking, for the server to clean up later!!! That’s the reason he asked “are fries okay with that?” Why don’t you build a bridge and get the ****over it.

  17. Christian

    This is the response I posted to her article. I would have preferred to use some profanity but I wanted it to at least stay up for a few hours.

    First of all they are kids. One of the things we know is kids will eat french fries with everything. If you were getting fries as an appetizer and you knew that their dinner came with a side (I am making an educated guess that you don’t have down syndrome and actually read the menu) I would imagine that should have been the first question out of your mouth when telling the waiter what you were ordering for your kids. As of right now there is no documented proof of anyone having telepathy so there would be no way for your server to know anything and was just doing what he always does when you pretentious mothers bring your little spawns into his restaurant. I have a god daughter that asks for a bowl of pickle spears every time she goes out to eat. Kids are crazy. So some kid getting fries with their spaghetti really isn’t all the much of a stretch and I would be willing to bet that had you looked around the dining room instead of formulating how you were going to trash talk the server I bet you’d have seen at least 1 or 2 other kids with, oh you guessed it, pasta and french fries. So next time instead of throwing a temper tantrum you should sit there, shut the hell up, and be thankful that he actually continued to serve you and your family. I’m a server and a manager, and, I’d have told you to get the hell out. I seriously doubt the restaurant really needed your 80$. Oh and by the way the bitchy waiter says hello.

  18. Katie

    So I read her article….I left a comment for her. Told her she needed to stop by your blog and learn a few things and to also read the book Waiter Rant. Thought she might learn something….this one really rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve served tables, and now I am a mom. I NEVER disrespect our server. UGH! What a stupid woman….and that was putting it mildly.

  19. me

    I read the original article, and i think that lady needs a hobby. Other than writing a blog. Maybe she should raise her children to not eat fries and spaghetti, and shut the fuck up.

  20. joe c

    It’s like asking “why would a Chinese restaurant have bread and butter?” Because some people actually expect that. God help them. This woman was an entitled moron insulted by what she undoubtedly thinks are plebian American tastes.

    (Someone just complained because they thought you were being bitchy, BW? Seriously?)

  21. Cassie

    At my restaurant we are supposed to suggest items. We are actually supposed to suggest pie 3 TIMES. I think its stupid a ridiculous myself. It’s annoying. BUT, we also have secret shoppers and sometimes they are harsh and we have to get a good percentage to keep our job. Just keep that in mind.

  22. Not shocked by people like you anymore

    If you are so concerned with French fries causing your child to have an early heart attack why the hell did you order them as an app? I bet you’re the type of person who comes in to a restaurant and expects the server to do everything but spoon feed your children. If this situation causes you to write a blog and complain, I’d hate to see what happens when real problems come along in your life. Maybe you should take a look at the state of the world and see what real problems are.

  23. Anne

    God. Your reply is pointless and worthless. Stop being a little bitch and complaining all the damn time. FIND ANOTHER JOB IF YOU’RE GOING TO BITCH ALL THE TIME.

    1. Kyle

      Hey Anne, guess what, the website is called “The Bitchy Waiter.” If you don’t like listening to us bitch, then go to a different website and shut the fuck up.

    2. Duncan

      Anne, I was a waiter for three years before I joined the military.
      The web address should have told you all you need to know about what you would see here. If you want to be so sanctimonious, there are plenty of organizations out there that will assist you in feeling morally superior to us “little people.” I think Leona Helmsley needs some company in hell. Have a nice hot cup of shut the fuck up and pay attention where you click.

    3. Jada

      Let me guess, Anne; you act just like Andrea when you take your spoiled brats out to the famblee restaurant.

      Of course you do.

      1. The Bride

        Guys, I think Anne might have been directing her comment to asshole mom there, not to BW or the other commenters her. Or at least thats what I think today because I’m in an uncharacteristically charitable mood.

  24. April

    I don’t get the anger towards fries when they were already eating fries? it is SO much simpler to ask your kids what they want to eat, and what they want for a side BEFORE the server gets there. It is not your servers job to pimp the healthy stuff, or try to infer by looking at you what you want your kids to have. it’s your servers job to get your order so he can “finally” get to the other tables before they start to complain he is taking too long.

    Read the menu, plan ahead. Makes life easier.

  25. Nicole

    fries aren’t much worse for you than spaghetti. plus you ordered fries as a fucking appetizer–really healthy. and classy. apple sauce is no more a normal side for spaghetti than fries–really what is a normal side for spaghetti??
    how can you complain about the server offering a non-healthy side when nothing else they were eating was healthy anyway? the server was probably just suggesting what he/she thought your fat kids would want.

  26. Neil

    This mom screams “stay at home super bitchy know it all house wife spending hubby’s cash feeling like Jesus”

    First you walk into the place and bitch the server gave you to much time to settle your damn kids and go over the menu.Clearly they had already stopped once to get your App/Drink order so wtf.

    Then you bitch about the side?Did you read the fucking menu cunt.And then you go on about healthy this and that, that apple sauce IS NOT FUCKING HEALTHY unless they serve up unsweetened apple sauce and most kids wont touch that. That dressing nope not healthy you dumb ass. WTF is wrong with people. She is clearly one of those “i think its healthy cause its a fruit/green” without knowing jack fucking shit about anything.

    And further, who the hell eats applesauce with pasta anyway?Give the kid the fries it wont kill them the one time-and get laid maybe she’d be alot less high strung then.

  27. JVC

    I left this comment:Most likely the server is required BY MANAGEMENT to say this- Servers have very little power in their script. Fries are an easy and cheap side to provide unlike the healthier options. I know from experience- Instead of asking, :What can I get you to drink?” I had to say “Can I get you some juice or coffee?” because corporate think it upsells and “increases tips.” Maybe you should call corporate and complain instead of lambasting the poor server who has little to no choice to ask this.

  28. Andrea Howe

    thanks for all the lovely words aimed my way!


    The evil asshole bitch of a mother who wrote the article, and doesn’t want my kids to die of an early heart attack.

    1. mcnappy

      So…this is your way of demonstrating how non-bitchy and not-crazy you are? I gotta say, I’d rethink it as a strategy.

    2. Zt

      So you’re the sanctimonious mother who stated twice she’s trying to “expand” her kid’s food horizons? With spaghetti and applesauce? As a mother of three myself, get the stick out of your ass, you made yourself sound like an ignorant fool.

    3. PAB

      Just as long as you know what every server thinks of you. Next time I will make sure to offer your kids dessert.

      Tired of your shit

      P.S. Your logic is as flawed as your grammar.

    4. Caroline

      I’m thinking that if you don’t want your kids to “die of an early heart attack,” then #1-Don’t go to “Family-friendly” restaurants, because they don’t usually offer the healthiest choices. #2-Don’t get fries as an appetizer, and then spaghetti for the entree. It’s very simple, in my opinion.

    5. Duncan

      Madam Howe:
      I scarcely know where to begin with your unfathomable sense of entitlement.

      Let’s start with your choice of celebratory food. Fries as an appetizer followed by pasta. Unless junior was participating in a swim meet the next day, that’s a fuckton of carbs and very little in the way of nutritiou, particularly for a halfling that just finished recovering from a tonsilectomy. You fail at expanding your progeny’s food horizons.

      I LOVE this little gem from your article: “All joking aside, I’m not really brooding about it still, but perhaps offering some perspective and advice to restauranteurs across the country, from a mom who’s not only trying to raise healthy kids, but kids who make a wide array of culinary choices.”
      Let’s take a look at that, shall we? You’re not brooding? Perhaps you should reference a dictionary about the definition of brooding. Brooding is a word that means many things, to include hover envelopingly; loom; to be deep in thought; meditate; to focus the attention on a subject persistently and moodily; worry; and to be depressed. Now, which is it?
      You’re the kind of mother that raises monsters because you SHOW how not to act, yet probably berate them verbally about how to act.
      Good luck when your spawn become teenagers.

    6. Kelly

      I guess we hit a nerve. The truth hurts. You come across as one of the stereotypical mothers who are over bearing, rude, inconsiderate, mean, and thoughtless; you know, the kind that also pay the bill and tip around 10% even after running your server to death for extra this and extra that for no reason other than to be overbearing, rude, inconsiderate, mean and thoughtless. (And yeah, I know it’s a run on sentence for those grammar Nazis out there, that’s the point.) If you really want to watch out for what your kids eat now so they form good positive eating habits, refrain from getting started with bottomless steak fries before they even eat the meal.

    7. MrsMac

      You aren’t an evil asshole bitch because you want your kids to be healthy (although how you thought to achieve that by feeding your kids fries and pasta is beyond me).

      You are an evil asshole bitch because you acted like one in the restaurant and then went home and wrote a twattish blog entry. Even your husband wanted you to stfu about it.

      Congratulations. All you managed to do was act like a snarky bitch and ruin what should have been a fun and happy family outing all because a server asked the classic question: ‘do you want fries with that?’

    8. Susan

      I’m with you. I don’t care how obnoxious a parent is, it doesn’t excuse a waiter automatically suggesting the worst possible side to a meal instead of ASKING FOR A PREFERENCE.

    9. abbie gee

      Ms. Howe – you chose french fires for the appetizer. You aren’t THAT concerned about heart disease. Your remarks were picayune.

    10. Maggs

      You’re welcome b***h. Even I wouldn’t flip out on my server for offering fries to my kid. You’re insane and overbearing and controlling. Sit your ass down and go cry in a corner while us servers get back to serving entitled assholes like yourself. We got sh*t to do that doesn’t involve being lectured about offering the most commonly ordered side for kids. Next time, why don’t you tell your server what they are ordering and the side? And also, on what planet is fries an appetizer? I’ve had pretzel sticks, onion rings, quesadillas, spinach and artichoke, but never fries. If you’re so concerned about their health, don’t eat out. Get off your ass and cook a healthy meal for them.

  29. jdv

    Where I serve, management wants us to sell the cheapest sides (fries), so that’s always what I offer first. If you’re concerned about giving your kid a healthy meal, go eat dinner at Whole Foods!

  30. Barbara Dafter

    I am not even going to get into parents and their kids eating out…if you food serve you know all about it. If that is the only thing this mom has to bitch about, she should consider herself lucky. She should rethink her priorities and stay the hell home and cook her own dinner !!!

  31. SPFX guy

    This is just too true! For anybody out there in the business,here is a question for you. Does the server deserve any type of admonishment from the employer or, should the employer stick up for the server, investigate and reply to the customer and deflate the misinformed, entitled, opinionated post ?

  32. KVT

    “Could have easily went south”? Don’t forget to teach those children to speak properly while you’re obsessing about what they eat with their white flour and sugar.

  33. Scargosun

    Wow. Seriously that woman needs a flipping hobby. She didn’t want to be the ‘bad guy’? Congrats lady! You earned that title when you became a parent. Idiot.

  34. Brandy

    My head literally hurts after reading the original story on the web. I have come to the conclusion that this mother is clearly the type of person who talks merely because she enjoys the sound of her own voice — or in this case blogs over trivial situations because she lives a far less exciting life than most. I am all about nutrition and giving kids the freedom to make their own choices. But it’s french fries. If it was beer, I could understand. Liquor? Absolutely. Mary Jane? Just stop the madness. Nobody wants to see a pre-schooler all liquored up after a good 40 ouncer and a few drags off a blunt. THAT is when you should worry. Not over fries. Carry on.

  35. The Bride

    She wants to know who eats spaghetti with fries, I want to know who eats spaghetti with a side of applesauce? Unless your applesauce is a whole different creature in the US, AFAIK it’s a sauce made out of, well, apples. We drizzle it on roast meats like pork. Was this kid drizzling it on his spaghetti ? Was it in a bowl on the side and he’s eating it simultaneously with a spoon? My brain is breaking thinking about this.

      1. Elisa

        you do know apple sauce/juice is made out of the stuff that doesn’t cut it to be sold as whole fruit?
        We expect this but while i bummed around Washington (the state) I had the chance to visit a few apple packing plants… the stuff that’s bruised, cut or rotting is placed in a giant wooden bin until it fills up and is picked up to be made into juice/apple sauce. it’s disgusting! trust me, those fries are a better option!

        1. Rob

          I worked at a General Foods plant where they make pudding and jello gelatin. The only thing worse than the sickly sweet smell from the flavor tower was the slightly rancid smell from the pig and cow hides.

          Don’t even get me started on when I worked security at a sausage packing plant. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a guy in a full body suit climbing out of a giant mixing vat covered head to toe in sausage meat stuffing.

          I guess what I am saying is there is a lot of stuff behind the food that we eat that the general public does not want to know about.

          1. GORE

            “You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a guy in a full body suit climbing out of a giant mixing vat covered head to toe in sausage meat stuffing.”

            Could be worse. He could’ve been NAKED and covered in sausage meat stuffing!

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