Today is National Food Service Employees Day

September 25th is National Food Service Employees Day

September 25th is National Food Service Employees Day

Light the candles! Get the ice out! Roll the rug up. It’s today! Though it may not be anyone’s birthday, and though it’s far from the first of the year, I know that this very minute has history in it, we’re here!Those lyrics are from a musical (who can name it?) and not only do they describe today perfectly, they are also the lyrics to the opening number of The Bitchy Waiter Show coming to you in 2014.

Today is September 25th which is known around the country as National Food Service Employees Day! It’s our day. Who cares about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Flag Day or Arbor Day? We care about National Food Service Employees Day! As you  trudge into into your restaurant I want you to hold your head up high. Pay no mind to your apron that is crusted over with dressing and pay no heed to your shirt that you should have ironed but didn’t, for today is the day that everyone will recognize your significant contributions to society. I suggest that every restaurant print out a flyer that reminds people about this auspicious occasion so that customers can’t put their money where their mouth is and dig into those pockets a little bit deeper.

On this day, I hope that your managers are extra nice to you, but in turn, you must be nice to them as well. After all, this isn’t National Servers Day, it’s Food Service Employees Day. That means, it’s for everyone you work with from that stupid ass hostess that doesn’t know how to rotate seating to the dishwasher who gets to work two hours before you do and then stays there two hours after you leave. Everyone needs to be nice to each other. I don’t mean you have to give group hugs in the walk-in and go down on each other in the bathroom, I just mean that we should all realize that we are all in this hot honey mustard mess together.

I shared a special restaurant edition of a Bingo card yesterday on my Facebook wall but I am going to repost it here. I think today would be a most excellent day to play Bingo. Come up with a prize for the winner. It could be anything; maybe the winner doesn’t have to roll silverware or maybe the winner is the first one who is cut. Just make today at work as enjoyable as possible.

Have a happy day, friends. And please share this blog post so that the world knows to be nice to our asses today.


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