The Most Millennial Thing Ever To Happen is Happening

A Long Island City, Queens entrepreneur is taking a current food trend to a whole new level by opening a restaurant based entirely on the popular super food avocado. Millennial Eva Cano-Tosté, 27, hopes to see The Avocado Cafe open for business by Labor Day of this year. Says the budding restaurateur, “I just love avocado toast so much and all of my friends do too, so I figured why not?” After securing a financial loan from from her father and promptly quitting her barista job at Starbucks, she began developing the menu with friend, chef and business partner Thomas Haas. When questioned about the viability of a menu focused only on avocados, Haas is certain that the food is versatile enough to create a wide ranging menu.
Expect to see seven different kinds of guacamole, twelve kinds of avocado toast on varying types of bread bought from Whole Foods, an avocado salad featuring grapefruit, sprouts and  and sunflower seeds, avocado grilled cheese, an avocado burger, peanut butter and avocado jelly sandwich, avocado pizza, macaroni and avocado, avocado and grits, and your choice of avocado “steaks” that can be grilled, fried, broiled, poached, steamed, fricasseed, pan-seared, or baked in a wood-burning oven. Each avocado steak will be served with avocado chips but avocado fries can be substituted for a $7.95 upcharge. Also featured will be avocado sushi.
“It’s an ancient technique passed down to me from a Japanese chef I met in Williamsburg who only teaches it to one person every ten years,” explains Chef Haas. “I slice the avocado very thinly and then roll it up in some organic vegan rice paper with some wasabi sauce and poppy seeds and serve it with the pit that has been carved into the shape of a panda bear. It’s awesome.”
Cano-Tosté will take care of the front of house duties, serving as manager and hostess. “Each table will be served complimentary avocado-infused water and instead of bread, we will offer avocado chips which will also be complimentary. However, each guest will be charged a $3.50 avocado processing fee.”
The avocado is the focus of the restaurant right down to the restrooms. Each toilet will shaped like an avocado and the walls will be covered with a custom wallpaper made from avocado peels imported from Brazil.
“The wallpaper is going to be gorgeous,” say Haas. “It’s also very, very expensive which is why the restroom will have a $5 service charge to use it, but pissing into the avocado toilet is going to be totally worth it. It’s gonna be awesome.”
The Avocado Cafe expects to open their doors by Labor Day. For more information, you can go to their website by clicking here.


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