You Wanna Piece of Me?

As I have previously noted, I am not only a bitchy waiter, I am also a shameless publicity seeking whore. Which is why you can go here to get a little piece of me. I know, it is totally cheesy and lame and stupid, but I don’t care. Just go and see if there is something you can’t live without. All items would also serve as (really lame-ass) gifts.

15 thoughts on “You Wanna Piece of Me?

  1. Lucinda

    I work in a cafe myself and completely understand your blog.Why ow why do they put so much crap on the tables.Glad you started this particular discussion on the blog.cheers

  2. One Hot Mess

    New follower here, thanks to "blog of note"! Love your blog, you're hilarious. I'm a nurse…wanna guess how similar our jobs actually are?? :0 Keep up the great job. Oh, BTW…being an attention-seeking whore isn't necessarily a bad thing, in fact it can be quite fun. I hear.

  3. CaliSunshine

    hahaha organic baby suit! omg how funny would it be if you saw some little kid running around in your restaurant with that on! then you could say, "not only is that 'green', he's promoting my blog! And I thought little kids running around was a bad thing!" yep… no bungee cord for THAT little kid

  4. Donda

    Those are totally cool! Nothing wrong with self-promotion. Isn't that what they tell you to do on a resume? Check out my blogs " and 🙂

  5. Kelly

    I'm sure you're being bombarded with new readers at this time – and you can count me as one of them. I'm not a table waitress but I work at a cafe. I love to vent about my experiences but I also love knowing I'm not alone. Thank you.


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