How To Make Your Server Hate You

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.41.32 PMA sketch comedy group called The Mutiny created the world’s most perfect video that shows exactly why some customers can drive us servers to the very edge of sanity. In a mere 2 minutes and 44 seconds, they nailed it. They. Nailed. It.

If you see yourself in this video in any way, shape or form, please do everyone a favor and realize that you are a horrible restaurant customer. It’s not that servers want to hate customers, but sometimes customers make it so damn easy.

Thank you, The Mutiny. And God bless you. (And by the way, everyone should be preordering my book that comes out in April. You can click here to do that.)


5 thoughts on “How To Make Your Server Hate You

  1. Joey B

    I wrote a li’l ditty called ” Tell the lady what you want ” it’s about moommie telling her 2 yo to order for himself …….Poor little baby genius doesn’t even know where he is at and this stoopid fake tits wench is stressing everyone out .I feel bad for the fuckin lil kid cuz they don’t even know what’s up . I want to grab the bjatch by the throat and shake her good -one for wasting my time as I’m standing there waiting to complete A.Einstein order -2 for the reason that she thinks is correct to do this .I wish to give her spay and neuter treatment w/the butter knife .Bitch -u supposed to be the mom and take care of ur baby .When they are small .When a child is 2-3 yo they can not make decisions or even remember what happened 3 min ago ..And – yes – I waited on adult fuckheads like these 2.


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