IHOP’s National Pancake Day = Horrible Customers

Eat those pancakes, bitch.

Can we all just take a minute to send out some love and support to our fellow servers who were working at IHOP yesterday? As you may know, yesterday was National Pancake Day and it’s when IHOP gives out stacks and stacks of free pancakes. In exchange for getting free pancakes, customers are asked to donate to Children’s Miracle Network or other charities associated with IHOP. The chain started this fundraising campaign in 2006 and have since raised almost $16 million.

Having never worked at IHOP, I can only guess, but yesterday has to be the most awful and jacked up day of the entire year to work there. I bet it’s like if you you take Mother’s Day and combine it with Easter and then cram it in between two buttermilk pancakes and smother them with blueberry compote, Karo syrup and rage. I’m sure there plenty of wonderful customers who were happy to take advantage of the day, but reassured there were some cheap ass bitches too. And that’s who I want to focus on.

Those servers are busting their syrup covered asses off all day and even though the breakfast might be free, it does not mean it’s alright to not tip or that it’s okay to take advantage of the generosity of IHOP. I found two wonderful examples of some of the slime that slithered into a booth yesterday and showed their true ugly colors.

Offender #1 is some pseudo-bad ass on Twitter named Uncle Milton who bragged about not tipping his waiter:


The second offender is this low-life girl who ordered a bunch of pancakes only so she could wrap them up in a napkin and drop them into her purse. After all, “It’s free, we takin’ it” is the matra when it comes to giving to charity, is it not? The only thing more annoying than her behavior is the guy who is filming it and saying “naahhhh” over and over again. Seriously, shut the fuck up. We don’t know whether or not they left a tip for their server, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and pretend they left 20%.



Thank you, IHOP servers for suffering through National Pancake Day. I’m sure lots of money was raised for charity, but I certainly hope that enough customers tipped you to make that living hell all worth it.



38 thoughts on “IHOP’s National Pancake Day = Horrible Customers

  1. Emerson

    look and listen to them. They left a ZERO tip. Hopefully the syrup she took next ruined her drivers license and her fake handbag!

  2. Crystal

    I am an IHOP server,yesterday was hell, absolute hell. Unfortunately, our customer base was made up of teenagers,elderly and many low lives. However, there were some amazing people who tipped wonderfully. No server got off on time, I literally had to run out of there and barely made it home in timr to get my child off the bus. The expo was run ragged for 1.5% of our sales, meaning they make next to nothing for busting their asses all day. All of the servers, myself included, fought the urge to say f this, I’m out. So please, if you go into IHOP for free pancakes, tip your server. Pancake day is more chaotic than black Friday and Christmas combined.

    1. sally

      I am also an IHOP server and thank goodness we only have to deal with that day once a year.I know it is for a good cause.IYou people that didn’t tip their server should do our job.They wouldn’t survive an hour.I think everyone in college should work in the restaurant industry learn what RESPECT is.

  3. Lauroo

    My heart goes out to all IHOP employees that had to work yesterday. I think I would have quit! I can’t even imagine. Makes me want to go to IHOP just give a huge tip, a big hug, be nice to them, and hopefully restore their faith in humanity!

  4. Amanda

    I unfortunately was among the many servers to work free pancake day at ihop yesterday. It was complete hell and it’s frustrating on a day like that to get stiff because you’re constantly running back and forth. Usually in the ihop restaurant I work at on a busy morning we have 4 tables a person. From 7-10:30 am before the rest of the staff arrived I had 9 tables. Definitely not an easy task. We had rude customers and obnoxious high schoolers. I kept track of the number of times I got stiffed. A solid number of 14 times. It became very discouraging. At one point I got stiffed 6 tables in a row and all I could think was great I just made about 2 bucks an hour. Teenagers are the absolute worse and honestly each time I just kept saying I hope one day they know how this feels.

  5. Caroline Gillis

    IHOP is one of the most disgusting, overpriced “restaurants” ever. Why, oh why would ANYONE want to eat there. My stomach turns just thinking of this disgusting “restaurant” (pig stye).

    1. Olivia

      Is it expensive for you maybe!because it doesn’t accept your fucking food stamps! I bet you don’t tip you waiter either! Low life parasit!

      1. BobbyAnn

        My husband just yelled “Broad side hit – well deserved!” We are laughing like heck over both these comments and yours is especially true. Overpriced? I can she thinks McDonald’s is a bargain? Oh wait…they don’t take the stamps either.

        Thank you for the laughs.

  6. Nicole

    i work at Denny’s and they stopped doing free grand slam day because the same reason it’s chaotic and not very many people leave a good tip I feel ur pain ihop workers I’m glad it’s over for you!!!!

  7. Nicole

    Having worked at an IHOP myself and suffered through this last year I must say, this is the worst day to ever work. People are so inconsiderate towards us and even though this is a good cause, I wish this day would cease to exist. I pray that my old coworkers did much better this year at work tip wise.

  8. Taylor

    I worked NPD too. And crystal is right its crazier than christmas and black friday combined. We were all ready to walk out. Our gm expo’d from 8 am til 1030 pm. We went through every last gallon of maple syrup we had. And almost none of my tables tipped me. With the exception of a few very generous people, who must have known our pain. They are what made this business worth it.

  9. Tia

    i work at ihop, I worked yesterday
    Had 3 people walk out, even though there bill was more than 0.00 cause of drinks and various other food they bought, and also made only 50$ in tips for working 6 hours
    I get more money on days that I only have 6 customers than 30 on free pancake day

  10. Laura

    Wow, so very glad I don’t work at IHOP. I can only imagine the hell that all those people went through in the name of Charity. I’d rather just donate.

  11. Danielle

    I used to work at dennys both years they did the free grand slam day. (Thankfully they had enough common sense to do away with it) Im sure that free pancake day is just the same at IHOP. It was a nightmare. Not only was I stiffed all day, but customers don’t care that only the grand slam is free. All day people would order drinks or extra sides and walk out without paying for them even though I would specify that they would be responsible for the cost. Ive been there and I feel for all of you IHOP employees. I feel like you guys deserve extra vacation days if you work free pancake day

  12. Ashley

    I worked at IHOP from 2004 to 2007. SOOOO glad I quit that ghetto hell hole before THIS day became a thing.

  13. Still in the business

    Kudos to the IHOP employees that had to be burdened with such hell. I can’t imagine the trash this brings in. If I had to work on that day I seriously would stab myself in the eye just to not work. Thank you so much for not having to do that. You all get the bow this week I’m so not worthy.

  14. Monique

    I worked this day and it wouldn’t be as bad if more people realized that its for a great cause and more people donated instead of rude high school kids coming in, a lot tried to come in more than once hoping to get a different server, being rude and demanding and then not even leaving a donation, this day is for the kids and is mostly ruined by rude people taking advantage.

  15. Henry

    Instead of free pancakes, why wouldn’t IHOP just state that you’ll pay for your pancakes, but 100% of what you pay for the pancakes will be donated? And you’ll be given the opportunity to donate more if you choose? If someone has money to support a charity, they probably won’t give a damn about a free pancake. It’s not like I’m going to get all soft-hearted by IHOP’s example of giving and turn around and give.

  16. Katrina

    I am a server at IHOP and this is my third pancake day and by far it was the worst.. our store had a line that was almost around the building an hour before we opened.. we were supposed to close at 10pm and were still going at midnight. we ran out of straws, kids cups, butter, milk and dangerously close at the butter to.. 7 straight hours non stop a handful of my 100 tables yep 100.. and less then 10 percent tipped the rest spent their time complaining at the wait, most didnt even bother to donate. its frustrating because it is for a good reason but no way to keep it from going so completely wrong that the entire staff feels beat up and so much money is lost in walkouts that ordered from the main menu and didnt bother to pay for their food much less why this event is held.. tired and still 4 more days to work this week.. thanks for the support everyone.

  17. Kristen

    I used to be a server at IHOP. I have worked National Pancake day. The tips ate horrible and some of the people are rude. Teenagers are the worst they come in before school and get the free pancakes and water, never leave a tip, and if they order drinks they walk out on the bill. I taught my kids never to do that. God Bless all of you servers. I hope y’all had a great day.

  18. Melissa

    Well I absolutely hate that day. Worked it every time since it started. This year tips better than the last. We ran out of syrup and had to go to the store. Almost out of pancake mix. People would come in the morning and back in at the night. Water and cakes. I worked my butt off from 6-11. We stopped doing free cakes at 10. Only raised 600$ in donation. I started telling my tables just because your bill is 0$ donf mean you don’t not tip. I couldn’t say that to all because of the the of people that they were but most if my tables I told that to. One table I did tipped 50$. I ended up making 186$. But my thoughts are for the business’s go buy bottled water. Sell it for $1 if they want water. Then put the money from that towards the charity.

  19. Deedee

    I know your pain. I worked at Applebees and had the pleasure of working 2 Veterans Days and every Veteran gets a free meal. You haven’t seen cheap and rude people until they are getting a free meal. We had plenty of people walkout without paying for their drinks or their spouses meal and plenty that don’t leave a tip. W also had a few people come in with bogus papers claiming that they are or were in the military. Nothing makes me more angry than someone claiming they are or were in the military, when they never served a day in their life. I had 2 guys walk in with a stack of papers stating that he was discharged from the military, but his identification didn’t match the name and he wouldn’t let me look past the first page. So I told him I would have to have my manager look over the papers because he didn’t have a military id on him, when all day all legitimate military members, both active and retired, showed their id. The longer he waited on my manager the more angry he became. He started calling me names and just acting like an all around jackass. After all that my manager ended up giving him him the meal anyway. Believe me I know how you feel and those kind of dayyOus make me feel ashamed to be

    1. Anonymous

      You can always tell those who aren’t real military by the way the act when they are pretending.

      As a child and DIL of retired military I can guarantee you that they would never, ever act this way and would take exception to those who are military who did.

      Also, my dad’s military ID, even after he retired, was more valuable to him than his driver’s license or social security card. They are perpetually renewable, because once a military man/woman – always one.

      I am sorry that Veteran’s Day was so harsh. I heard the stories and it made me sad that this is what it has come to. Sometimes the spouses are the worst. Yes, they are incredibly supportive and do so much, but they aren’t the veteran. No matter what they may think.

  20. BobbyAnn

    To all the IHOP servers – I have a question to see if this would be feasible next year.

    My husband and I [former server] wondered if we would be allowed to come in, take a table, get our pancakes and paid meals – understanding, of course service will be horrendous, we don’t care. BUT….can we tip you $100 and camp at your table for 4 hours? In addition we will, of course, donate the same amount to CMN.

    I don’t know if management would allow it – but we wouldn’t need anything except our initial food – cold is fine, we understand – and we would give the tip up front, not for good service, damn near impossilbe on this day – but so you know why we are camping.

    I just figured if the 6 tables afters us are going to stiff you and run you ragged, and we didn’t – wouldn’t $25 an hour give you a bit of relief. It would be one less table to worry about. I promise.

    Let me know. If it is possible we are doing this and recruiting friends for this too. THANKS!

    1. an IHOP GM

      As a General manager at IHOP, I think that would be amazing for what ever IHOP and server you choose.where ever you live ..Yes Pancake Day is hell, we are a 24 hour restaurant and I worked 19 hours that day however I have a great staff and we decided last week it was all about the KIDS. Our charity was SHRINER’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS…. we laughed,I dressed as a clown and we made it thru the rudeness the fact that people really didn’t want to donate and we still raised $$$$

      1. BobbyAnn

        I love it! You sound like a great boss to have. Your employees and you are fortunate to have eachother. 🙂

        Thank you for answering back. I will certainly be sure to check whichever IHOP we are at on FPD next year, but I have such admiration for those that work this day. I can’t even fathom ever having to do it.

        Glad you guys made the day fun and appreciate it for what it is meant to be.

        And to be honest I have never been to FPD in past years – knowing this is how it is for the poor staff, but I am looking forward to it next year. Take care and thanks again.

        1. an IHOP GM

          Thank you. I try to keep my staff in good spirits. We are a very busy store as it is and it was crazy in here we do it for the children that it helps

    2. Theresa

      I pray for people like u n ur husband to come in n sit in my station for as long as u feel free to do so. N it’s not about the money. It’s about just the break from worrying about another table. Please feel free to sit in my station with all ur friends in the remaining tables in my station just so I can breathe for a bit. Worked from 6am till 8pm…..my sales were over 1300. n that’s not including all the waters n free pancakes that was severed from 7am till 7pm.

  21. Chino

    I am a BUSSER at IHOP. VERY OFTEN, AND INCLUDING THE NATIONAL PANCAKE DAY, WE BUST OUR ASSES bussing tables for lazy ass servers who don’t like to tip.

    1. ana

      Chino, I worked at Ihop as a server for 2 years and, tipping out for bussers is not optional, it’s mandatory. Although I. Found out that sometimes managers will get into the collected tips for bussers if they need some cash, which is wrong to do so.

  22. Theresa

    I worked a double that day. From 6am till 8pm. I walked out with 90 bucks in my pocket. I have worked for IHOP for 25 yrs n I know what to expect on this day from hell. But my store ONLY raised 405.03 in donations as everyone just came for the free pancakes. It totally sickens me how disgusting n ignorant people are. It’s not about the money in .you pocket or the free pancakes n the trash that day brings in…..IT’S ABOUT THE KIDS THAT ARE SICK N NEED ARE HELP……thank u Santa Ana residents who are the trash that made this day possible. The kids appreciate you so much!!!!!!

  23. Nicole

    Today is national pancake day and I’ve been pissed off since Sunday.

    Generally people will show up without even bringing a wallet and then have the nerve to ask if the coffee costs. They act freaking outraged over having to pay less than three dollars.

    If you don’t carry cash, “splurge” to make your short stack chocolate chip. It’s only 50 cents and that way you can donate and leave a tip from your card.

    I work the night shift, and they’re putting me on at 3 pm. I didn’t get off until 6 am. Please remember some of us are working when we shouldn’t be. Be patient, be kind, and enjoy 🙂


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