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How To Maintain Your Health (And Sanity) Working In a Restaurant

Thank you to Megan P. Howard for this guest post article about how to stay healthy and sane in a restaurant. -BW


Hospitality workers are the unsung heroes of the modern world, and I’m not just saying that because I am one. 

Okay, I am, but it also happens to be true. Whether you’re in the kitchen, front of house, or working as a server, your job can be grueling, physically demanding, and often subjects you to some of the worst humans imaginable. 


Think a bomb squad member or neurosurgeons have the most stressful job in the world? Nope. Research indicates that low-paid jobs with a high work-load result in a greater risk of heart problems and strokes. The researchers also linked disruptive shift patterns, which are quite common in restaurants to cancer and poor health. Furthermore, they believe people who work in high-stress jobs, take less care of themselves and tend to smoke and drink more.

So I get it. While you’re in the midst of lunchtime madness, it can be tough to keep perspective on your health. But it’s so, so important. Your physical and mental health are key to quality of life. Your life.

Follow these tips to make it easier to stay healthy at a restaurant job.


1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

I know clichés are boring, but it turns out there’s something to that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” thing. Shift work isn’t always conducive to healthy eating habits. Make a commitment to a healthy breakfast, no matter what time of day you wake up. As much as possible, keep a regular schedule for breakfast. Stay away from cereal and processed foods. Eggs, fruits, almonds, and other healthy options will give you the energy to face your day, no matter how hectic your schedule.

If you get meals at work, opt for nutrient-rich, fresh meals with lots of greens, proteins and healthy fats. Avoid loading up on “white” carbs such as white pasta and bread, as they can induce an after-dinner dip which wreaks havoc on the rest of your shift.

2. Keep Your Sleep On Track

I am a person who likes my sleep. Seriously, I need my big fancy comforter and at least 8 hours of sleep and three cups of coffee before I’m ready to start my day.

Irregular sleep hours and going without sleep can contribute to everything from hypertension, increased stress and lowered immune system, leaving you susceptible to every sniffle that passes through the restaurant. Adjust your sleep schedule so you can go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. That might mean missing out on your 7-8 hours. So take time to get in a quick nap here and there.

Sleep hygiene is super important, so the goal is to give yourself a regular sleep schedule, no matter how unconventional it is. And if you’re like me, and you know you need more sleep, make sure your schedule allows for it, so you’re not a zombie at work.

3. Keep Moving

When you’re working all day the last thing you want is advice that means spending more time on your feet. But unless you want pressure points and corns, you want to make sure you shift your feet and walk around. A good way to get through it is to make sure you have the right equipment. Get yourself some comfortable shoes for standing all day. If you’re working in front of house, and standing in one place a lot, find ways to walk the floor. If you’re a server and running back and forth is already in the job description? Make sure to take time to sit when you can.

4. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated on the job isn’t always easy, especially in a hot kitchen. Resist the urge to drink coffee, which is a diuretic, and will only dry you out faster. Instead, bring a water bottle to make it easier and more convenient. You can fill up at work regularly. You should also incorporate fresh fruits and veg in your diet to stay hydrated in healthy ways.

5. Practice Mindfulness

Whether you’re a server or a cook, chances are you’re really good at ignoring the signals your body is sending like, “hey when’s the last time you’ve eaten?” or “Ow, the finger I cut yesterday hurts!” We press on and do the job. But too much ignoring your body’s signals can really do a number on your overall health.

And it doesn’t stop there. Restaurant jobs can do a number on your brain as well. With all the crap you get from customers, your colleagues, your manager, topped with a mountain of big and little things you have to keep in mind while working, stuff can get heavy.

A study by Mental Health America showed a correlation between the work environment in the food and beverage industry and a high level of mental health issues. Stress, low pay, long shifts, job insecurity, a toxic work culture, substance abuse and sexual harassment are all factors prevalent in this industry, and detrimental to anyone’s mental health.

Several mental health programs have been launched for hospitality workers, for example: “I’ve Got Your Back” and “Fair Kitchens”. But as long as those programs have not been integrated into daily restaurant life, it’s up to you to take care of you.

Mindfulness can be the first step. By being mindful, you stay in touch with how you feel. If your body hurts or you feel anxious or down, take action. Create pockets of rest or movement for yourself, and speak up about it.

If your lack of breaks is starting to make you forget what it feels like to sit down during an eight hour period, talk to your employer about reasonable break times, so you don’t have to literally starve yourself to work. And yeah, take toilet breaks!


6. Get Your Exercise In

If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do on your days off is hit the gym. But living on restaurant meals can really do a number on your waistline. As your job is already pretty physical, you want to stay able to lift those weighed down trays. Exercising will also help you get some anger and frustration out, and give you happy hormones.

Instead of doing it because it’s good for you, find fun ways to keep yourself motivated. So how about a Fitbit contest at work? Yoga’s also great when it comes to staying balanced, and “un-cramp” those overworked limbs. So there are definite upsides to regular exercise. Also, you can totally crush Janet from Front of House, who is always bragging on her Fitbit scores.


If you like a gentle workout specifically for servers, try this great yoga routine by the lovely (and occasionally hilarious) yogi Adriene:


7. Take Care of Life Outside Of Work

Make your life easier by forcing yourself out of the house on those days off. If you’re lucky enough to get two days off a week, schedule one of those days for errands, and the other for socializing.

Give yourself at least one day to reconnect with friends, so they know you’re still alive. It’s a great opportunity to vent about the job and get back to yourself.

Try to cultivate an outside-the-house hobby (Something that isn’t Netflix, perhaps?) to keep you from moping around the house on those few days you have off.

8. Cultivate Work Relationships

Speaking of socializing. It’s really important to develop a good working relationship with your co-workers. Not only are they the only ones who really get why you have a least favorite table, or the sheer horror of that moment when you realize that group of five are just getting appetizers (why do they need to sit here for four hours?!).

But it’s also essential for a well-oiled team. Listen, you’re going to have sick days. And when you do, it’s a good idea to have people you can call. There are going to be days a group of 20 come in an hour before closing, and your co-workers are the only thing keeping you sane.

So do yourself a favor and build a great relationship with the people you’re working with. Sure, there’s a chance you only see them at work, but it turns out, that’s a depressingly large amount of time!

Working in a restaurant a stressful job no matter your position. Shift work takes its toll on your health and the day-to-day stresses leave you exposed to kitchen dangers and rude and aggressive customers. Keeping a tight grip on your health is just one way to ensure you close out your shift with your sanity intact. And if you fail, there’s always steak knives.


The Cunty, Entitled Grandma vs The Crazy, Irish Bitch (guest post)

pearl necklace

pearl necklace

Thank you to Erin for today’s guest post about a rude woman in pearls. Again, I did not choose the photo of Barbara Bush to represent this woman, Erin did. But if the shoe fits…  -BW

Picture this: Sicily, 1925.

No, go with a major city in the Northeast Corridor, 2012

Seated in my section were two women of a certain age – dressed to the nines. The restaurant where I’ve worked for the past two years is located in a very affluent part of the city and many of our guests have more money than they know what to do with. (We see dozens of those weighted black Amex cards a week) A few of the servers like to refer to guests such as these women as “The Ladies Who Lunch”. They can be absolutely wretched.

I approached the table and said hello with a smile. I took a drink order (Two iced teas) and returned to the table. Unfortunately (as it was a brunch shift and nothing is ever where the fuck it should be during brunch because there’s never enough coffee or, “that sugar in the brown packet”, or fat free creamer to satisfy the masses of impatient, demanding jerks that comprise a dining room full of brunch guests), there was no sugar to be found and I had to drop the iced teas off with a cheerful “I’ll be right back with the sugar”. I turned away from the table to hunt down a caddy.

Suddenly, there was a bony hand dripping with pearls clutching my wrist and a voice demanding that I “Wait a minute!” One of the women had a question. But it wasn’t a question for me, oh no, it was just imperative that I stand there at the table, wasting time, with the eyes of all the other impatient guests in my section boring into the back of my head. I knew there were coffee mugs down to their last drops and water glasses being emptied all around me as I waited with mock patience for this woman to ask her companion a series of questions regarding their order which could definitely have been addressed without me standing at the table neglecting my other guests.

I, again, tried to make my temporary escape and repeated “I’ll be right back with the sugar” for the second time, but now the woman had turned to speak to me directly. She placed the order for both women. When she had finished I said, “Thank you,” and, for the third time, “I’ll be right back the sugar”.

To which the woman replied,” I still need sugar”.

I had to laugh. I had to! I mean, I had mentioned my intent to return with it THREE TIMES already. Maybe the laugh was a little maniacal. I mean, brunch at a busy restaurant that does anywhere from 200-400 covers in 5 hours can be a shit show worse than Wal-Mart at midnight on Black Friday in the ghetto. And when someone is literally holding on to your wrist so that you are forced to stay at the table and waste precious seconds that could be devoted to other things – like refilling coffee at 6 other tables or dropping checks or running credit cards or WHATEVER else needs to happen immediately to stop you from losing your shit and never getting out of the weeds – when one person is selfish enough to keep you from getting these things done your laugh might exit your mouth with a little snark to it.

And I imagine that mine probably did.

At that exact moment I spied a discarded full-enough sugar caddy on the server station to my right and took a baby step to reach it with an extended arm. I had barely moved, however, when the woman LEPT out of her chair and, literally, screamed at me.

“NO!” she roared, “DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM”!?

Now, my immediate thought was “Damn! How’d that old bitch stand up so fast?” But my verbal reaction was feigned shock and an “Absolutely not ma’am, “I’m just grabbing your sugar”.

“Good!” she growled, glaring at me. “Get it then!” she snarled.

I placed the caddy on the table and ran directly to a manager to remark “I don’t think I should go back over there”, but the look on her face as she glanced past me over my shoulder told me this was far from over. “Here she comes, get out of here,” my manager whispered to me frantically.

I handed off the table to another server and was happy to part with the shitty tip I was bound to receive. But at the end of the shift I got an earful from management because the woman is a regular and she had been unhappy with her dining experience. In fact, the woman’s exact words to management had been “I don’t want that crazy Irish bitch waiting on me.” Of course, I tried to cry racism but the woman had apparently added the disclaimer “And I can say that because I’m Irish.” So I guess she gets away with that one.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m VERY proud of this story. I love that she called me a bitch and that I get to keep my job and she is no longer allowed to sit in my section. I just still can’t get over the sense of entitlement she had. She felt it was perfectly acceptable to jump out of her seat and yell at me as if she were my mother in front of an entire dining room full of guests and other FOH employees. It’s just incredible.

All in all, I know there’s a special place in hell waiting for that woman and her class of rich bitch friends. A hell where no one ever, ever, shows up with the sugar.


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Are There Really Two Sides to Every Story? (guest post)

Two sides to every story.

Two sides to every story.

Today’s guest post comes from Megan who writes a blog called Our Life in Spanglish. I like this post she has submitted because we all know that however we perceive a situation, someone else could be seeing it from a completely different perspective. Of course, my perspective is usually distorted because of vodka but sometimes people just don’t see both sides of the story.  -BW

A hot muggy summer night:


What the hell was that?!  I swear I just heard my worst nightmare coming from the bathroom.  I was just sleeping on the couch when I heard the sound, so maybe, just maybe it wasn’t true, maybe I really did just dream it because there is no way I would have left my phone in the bathroom for my cat to knock off the counter and into the toilet…



Thank God its Friday! I have just had the shittiest week of my career and am even contemplating never returning to works again, provided that I can somehow bullshit my way through still getting paid and….
“Dadddyyyy, your home!”

My thoughts of early retirement are interrupted as my lil’ munchkin comes running and jumping into my arms.  I just remember I had promised my family a night out tonight for family night.  I asked what they wanted to do and of course, they picked the most expensive thing on the list, a nice dinner at the local Italian(expensive Italian) restaurant.  So out the door we go to spend money we DO have(I have a good job) that I don’t want too because it is my hard earned money.  Man, I hope we get a shitty waiter so we don’t have to tip that much…



Yup, that’s right, I’m at work tonight.  I am supposed to be at a Lupe Fiasko  concert but nope, my cat definitely knocked my phone into the toilet leaving me no other option thañ to pick up Susie’s shift tonight in order to pay for a new phone.  Damn cat.

As soon as I get to work I realize I forgot my earrings in my rush out the door.  I feel naked.  I ALWAYS have to be wearing earrings on my nightly shifts.  I read once somewhere that woman who wear earrings earn like 30% more tips than if they weren’t wearing any.  To hell with washing my hair when earrings will do the trick!

My first table is a breeze and leaves me exactly 20%.  Nice way to start the night out, as we all know the first table sets the pace for the rest of your night.  My second table is an elderly couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and get loads and loads of extras and add-on’s, score!  The night goes on and by 6 I have a full section and am running at full steam when the host asks me to seat a family in Bryon’s section.  Doesn’t she see that I’m busy?!  I make polite conversation with the family about how there night is and what is the special occasion blah blah blah.  I seat them at table 52 and before I walk away the man says, “Miss, the sun is in my eyes here. Could we please move?”

I begin to draw the shade telling him that the sun will be down in just about 5-10 minutes and I’ll pull the curtain down for now so he would be comfortable for the next FEW minutes.  He protested and stood up so fast it was as if he sat on a mouse trap and demanded a different table.  He began to prowl around the tables looking for just the right one.  I began to pray that he would not pick my section.  It’s common knowledge among servers that those guests who complain about the seat they are given are 1 of 3 things:

1. Not a good tipper

2. Needy as a motha f*#%er
3. All of the above

By the time this yahoo picks a seat the sun has completely set, go figure.  Thank God they picked a table across the restaurant from my section, I couldn’t imagine the vibes this guy would give my guests if he were sitting anywhere near them. Smug, egotistical, superior, and entitled are not even enough words to describe this self-righteous a-hole.



After an hour drive I am just about ready for a nice relaxing dinner and to have someone serving me.  As soon as we get into the restaurant the host is over by the bar flirting with her coworker paying no never mind to me and my family.  I finally ask her for assistance and she rolls her eyes and grabs a very attractive girl that has one too many buttons undone(not that I’m complaining) and has her seat us.  She seats us at the worst possible table.  It is too cramped, too cold, and far too close to the kitchen racquet.  I don’t want her thinking I’m a complainer or a sissy so I blame it on the sun.  Finally I find a seat that is not dirty with old crusty food on it.  I can’t believe they call themselves fine dinning.  Hmph…

After what seems like hours our server approaches our table and introduces herself.


“You cannot be serious Anna?!  They are not even in my section!” I was livid.

“I know, I know. But what am I supposed to do about it?” Anna fires back.
After I check my other tables I go to greet table 23 and am rudely interrupted by the wife, “Bob, do you know what you want?” Turning to me she hisses, “I’m starving and would just like to order right away.”



Probably the only reason I agreed to come to this restaurant is because I love the food here.  Our sever, I think her name is Amy, or Annie, brought our soup and salad.  Our daughter had a little accident and my wife went to the bathroom to clean her up while I got a work call and decided to take it and thought, hey someones gotta bring home the bread.

We weren’t even half way through our soup and salad when our food arrived.  How stupid could our waitress be? Why would she bring out our food when we haven’t even had any time to eat our other food yet? And it was cold!  My lasagna tastes horrible, like it has been sitting in the freezer for 12 years.  I am not a happy camper.  I ask to see the manager and proceed to tell him our experience from start to finish.



Well no wonder their food is cold, they let it sit there for a good 15 minutes before starting to eat it…I knew once I saw the man take a phone call when I brought out their S&S that they wouldn’t have enough time to eat it before their main meal came.  I plan and space out my meal times accordingly but its people like this who “get cold food.”.

I’m so over this night, I could be sitting, no, I could be  moshing in front and center at the concert I’m missing right now.

Well, that was a fine night.  The manager gave us a 50% off coupon for our next visit.  I even found a gift card from Christmas in my wallet to cover more than half the cost of our bill tonight.  I’m so happy I even left our crappy ass waitress a 20% tip.  Maybe karma’s not always a bitch…



Yeah, the asshole left me 20%…20% of his remaining bill after the gift card was applied!  So, technically he left me 7%. But hey, life isn’t about money.  Its about karma, Bitch.

Perspective (guest post)



Today’s guest post comes from Marisa and her blog is called Healing Points Therapeutic. Although it is far from bitchy, this story really hit a nerve with me, probably because I read it on the flight home from my mother-in-law’s funeral. I hope you will all read it and take it to heart.  -BW

Although I’ve now retired from waitressing, I spent a good portion of my life in the biz. I’ve done hard time at horrible corporate chains rife with douchebags and flair, then moved up to casual bars/restaurants, and then to more upscale eateries with higher check averages, and crumbers. Spending so much time around great food slowly began to turn me into the most reviled of restaurant patrons…a foodie.

Oh, the terrible stigma attached to this term! I cringe every single time I hear a friend refer to me as one. I love food, and I love quality food, but that’s where it ends. I’m not a food snob. I don’t waste time explaining to my waitress that I love bolognese sauce because I ate it in every city in Italy. I don’t drill the restaurant staff on the former diet of the chicken I am eating, who caught my fish and if he received a fair wage for his work, or on what farm every frigging vegetable on my plate came from. Why is that? Because I’m not an obnoxious, know-it-all, entitled windbag…and sad to say, that’s how most of these so-called “foodies” come across.

One day, a coworker of mine was blessed by the presence of a hard-core foodie in her section. During the hour she spent describing everything on the menu, where it came from, what type of parents it had, and so on, there was one question she couldn’t answer. That was all it took to rile up this pretentious jackass. He demanded a dissertation on the cow that was providing his steak before he would order. He wasn’t content until the chef left the line, in the middle of service, for a long and involved Q&A session, which ended up putting the entire kitchen behind.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the restaurant, I had been seated with a party of four, a family with two young kids. The father ordered a bottle of the most expensive wine we had, and I wondered what they were celebrating, since it was 6:00 on a Wednesday night. I poured the wine and waited for the toast, because I was bored and nosy. As I stood there, the father raised his glass and toasted, “Here’s to a really, really small brain tumor,”

I thought I had misheard, when the little girl burst into tears. “But it’s still there!” she wept. “Even if it’s small, it’s still there!”

“But it’s small…look,” the father said, rolling a piece of bread from the table into a small ball. “It’s this big. That’s nothing, right? Look how small that is!”

I wandered back into the kitchen, wondering which one of them had the tumor. I couldn’t help but admire the father’s attitude-whether it was his health issue or his daughter’s, he was bravely facing the issue head-on. Still, my heart broke for that family.
And as I walked by the other side of the restaurant and saw that horrible foodie once more torturing the waitress with his endless needs, I marveled at how utterly skewed perspective can be. In the overall scheme of things, who the hell cares whether your truffle oil is imported straight from Italy? How is it possible to become so self-absorbed that you can actually get angry about something so insignificant? On one side of the restaurant, a family was struggling to turn the most vital issue of their lives into something insubstantial; on the other side, this man was expending all of his effort to create issues where none existed. I wished I could drag him over to the other side and force him to listen to what was going on…something that actually mattered.

Every once in a while, when I’m stuck sitting in Boston traffic, or I come out to see a ticket sitting on my windshield…when I go to a restaurant and they are out of my favorite dish…that night at the restaurant comes back to be. It’s a good reminder that all of these irritating little things that happen throughout the course of the day really don’t matter, in the end. A little perspective can go a long way.

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10 Ways Servers Annoy Other Servers (guest post)

10 Ways Servers Annoy Other Servers

10 Ways Servers Annoy Other Servers

I wonder if any of you will find yourselves in this guest post sent in by someone named K Collins. -BW

We all have our pet peeves and people that annoy us at work, but some people just go above and beyond to annoy everyone around them.

10. Running up to the host stand to bed and plead for tables.
Everyone has worked with the server who makes friends with the host and then tries to coerce them into giving them more or better tables.. this is extremely annoying. We all want tables. If every server on the floor was hanging out at the host stand trying to snag the next party it would be very chaotic.

9. Standing in front of the kitchen door talking.
The last thing any of us want is to stand there with a huge tray of hot food and wait for you to finish your conversation while we repeatedly say behind you
excuse me. I can’t get by.. while you pretend to not hear us…

8. Taking forever in the computer.
It is very annoying when someone still has no idea where anything is in the computer and takes an eternity to ring up an order. Even worse is the one who didn’t write it down and is trying to remember the order while you are not so patiently waiting behind them.

7. The “Can I just cut in front of you at the computer to do insert whatever task is more important than yours here” person.
I waited in line for my turn, no you can’t just print a check, check the gift card balance, run the credit card, unhold your food, enter the app, ring up a bar drink… you can do whatever you want as soon as I finish what I am doing…

6. Usually the same person as #7 who just cuts in line at the drink station…
It’s ok, I wasn’t waiting here to get my drinks or anything… squeezing in to grab a glass then asking the person in front of me to put a little ice in here is still cutting the line and is extremely annoying.

5.The too good for filling ice and glasses servers/can’t run their own food servers.
No there isn’t little elves that fill the ice for you, and yes I do mind filling the ice bin for the 6th time tonight so you can get drinks for all your tables.. the servers who just expect everyone else to fill everything so they can just show up and make money are rude and lazy. Also people who expect every other server to deliver all their own food fall in this category.

4. The Whine about every table people.
These are the servers who have something to complain about with every table they get. they just go on and on to anyone who will listen and try to make everyone miserable. the bill is too low, they are drinking water, they smell funny, they talk funny, they ask too many questions they aren’t talking enough, they won’t put the phone down, did you see that shirt she’s wearing, look at that girls hair cut, why do they have to order tea, how many bowls of salad can one person eat…etc

3. The always needing something server.
There is one every shift.. they can have only 1 table going and they are weeded..asking everyone else have you got a sec.. no one minds helping out, but to be doing all our own tables and getting stuff for all your tables all night is annoying.

2. The “waterer.”
This is the one who when you forget to log out of the computer feels the need to ring up a water for every table in the building because they either think it’s funny, or feel they have to teach you a lesson to log out.

And the most annoying coworker is….

1. The “am I cut yet” person.
This is the server who follows the manager around asking to be cut, takes a survey with all the other servers to see who is cut, checks all the hosts to see if they are cut.. asks the hosts if they can be cut. Gets really mad when anyone is cut before them, tries to play sick when they start their shift so they can be cut first.. comes up with every excuse as to why they want to leave. whines about every table they get when it gets close to closing time… Just get a different job.


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How to Tell if You’re An Asshole (guest post)



Thank you to Joey for this great guest post on how to determine if you’re an asshole. (Hint: if you don’t know if you’re an asshole or not, you probably are.) Please go check out his Facebook page for his short film Slammed. And just so you know, I didn’t choose that photo of the asshole, Joey did.  And I don’t know why the font is diffrent on this post but I’m on my second martini at this point and don’t care. -BW.

Do you hate going out to eat because the service ALWAYS sucks?  Stupid waiters NEVER get your order right.  They forget things.  You constantly have to ask for more of this or extra that?  Your drink is never full and refills take forever!  Where are my extra napkins?  Can we get some steak sauce!  Why is it so difficult to just give me what I ordered?  Waiting tables can’t be that hard of a job!
Chances are if you experience any combination of the previously mentioned scenarios… you’re an asshole.  Don’t get me wrong there are some really bad servers in the world.  But, if you consistently receive this kind of service EVERYTIME you go out then… sorry, it’s you!
Let’s be honest.  When you enter a restaurant the first thing you do is get frustrated that you have to wait for a table right?  So, you proceed to bug the hostess about how long it’s taking to get your table.  Walking up to the hostess stand every 3-4 minutes asking, “how’s it looking? getting close yet?”  Then you head over to the bar and get a round of drinks for your family.  The order usually includes a Tom Collins (or some ancient ass cocktail) a water, a chocolate milk in a kid cup and a hot tea.  Then after the bartender is finally able to fill your idiotic order you tell them to have your waiter put it on your dinner bill.
So, you finally get your table and because your naturally impatient you expect the server to be there for you and only you.  Your server sees you already have drinks so he / she says, “hey guys I’ll be right with you.”  Well that’s not good enough for you.  You’re hungry.  Starving even.  You are ready for the free rolls or bread!  At this point you start the tip subtraction clock in your head.  “Well I was going to give you 15% but now it’s going to cost you.”  
Truthfully there’s no need to continue on.  As a professional server I have seen this hundreds of times.  You’re all the same.  The service industry does not revolve around you.  Yes the customer is always right.  As long as they are polite.  If you’re a jerk then you are just a complaining asshole.  Look we understand what your going through.  We really do.  The only things is… we don’t give a shit.  We have just as many problems as you do in life.  As a matter of fact you should be ashamed of yourself for showing up to my job and making things so difficult.  If you are the type that bitches and moans only to get free stuff then you suck.  You don’t get that I have 3 or 4 other tables going.  You don’t know that I have bills just like you but I make my money one shift at a time.  You don’t care that my car is about to be repo-ed or that my ex-wife wants more child support.  Did it ever occur to you that I started working here 6 years ago thinking I would just do it part time while I finished school?  Trust me dude I really don’t want to be here either.  But, as long as I am and we’re both in this together… Awe fuck it.  I’ll just ignore the shit out of you and tend to my other tables until you leave.


WHEW glad that’s over with… Shitty table finally pays out and leaves.  You approach the table to pick up the payment and… Motherfucker… you tipped 25%.
Yes people are pricks but, we chose the job.  Just grin and bear it.  Unless they camp out it will only last about an hour.  But, there is no excuse for being an asshole.  Whether you are a good or bad tipper at least be nice!

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