Are There Really Two Sides to Every Story? (guest post)

Two sides to every story.

Two sides to every story.

Today’s guest post comes from Megan who writes a blog called Our Life in Spanglish. I like this post she has submitted because we all know that however we perceive a situation, someone else could be seeing it from a completely different perspective. Of course, my perspective is usually distorted because of vodka but sometimes people just don’t see both sides of the story.  -BW

A hot muggy summer night:


What the hell was that?!  I swear I just heard my worst nightmare coming from the bathroom.  I was just sleeping on the couch when I heard the sound, so maybe, just maybe it wasn’t true, maybe I really did just dream it because there is no way I would have left my phone in the bathroom for my cat to knock off the counter and into the toilet…



Thank God its Friday! I have just had the shittiest week of my career and am even contemplating never returning to works again, provided that I can somehow bullshit my way through still getting paid and….
“Dadddyyyy, your home!”

My thoughts of early retirement are interrupted as my lil’ munchkin comes running and jumping into my arms.  I just remember I had promised my family a night out tonight for family night.  I asked what they wanted to do and of course, they picked the most expensive thing on the list, a nice dinner at the local Italian(expensive Italian) restaurant.  So out the door we go to spend money we DO have(I have a good job) that I don’t want too because it is my hard earned money.  Man, I hope we get a shitty waiter so we don’t have to tip that much…



Yup, that’s right, I’m at work tonight.  I am supposed to be at a Lupe Fiasko  concert but nope, my cat definitely knocked my phone into the toilet leaving me no other option thañ to pick up Susie’s shift tonight in order to pay for a new phone.  Damn cat.

As soon as I get to work I realize I forgot my earrings in my rush out the door.  I feel naked.  I ALWAYS have to be wearing earrings on my nightly shifts.  I read once somewhere that woman who wear earrings earn like 30% more tips than if they weren’t wearing any.  To hell with washing my hair when earrings will do the trick!

My first table is a breeze and leaves me exactly 20%.  Nice way to start the night out, as we all know the first table sets the pace for the rest of your night.  My second table is an elderly couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and get loads and loads of extras and add-on’s, score!  The night goes on and by 6 I have a full section and am running at full steam when the host asks me to seat a family in Bryon’s section.  Doesn’t she see that I’m busy?!  I make polite conversation with the family about how there night is and what is the special occasion blah blah blah.  I seat them at table 52 and before I walk away the man says, “Miss, the sun is in my eyes here. Could we please move?”

I begin to draw the shade telling him that the sun will be down in just about 5-10 minutes and I’ll pull the curtain down for now so he would be comfortable for the next FEW minutes.  He protested and stood up so fast it was as if he sat on a mouse trap and demanded a different table.  He began to prowl around the tables looking for just the right one.  I began to pray that he would not pick my section.  It’s common knowledge among servers that those guests who complain about the seat they are given are 1 of 3 things:

1. Not a good tipper

2. Needy as a motha f*#%er
3. All of the above

By the time this yahoo picks a seat the sun has completely set, go figure.  Thank God they picked a table across the restaurant from my section, I couldn’t imagine the vibes this guy would give my guests if he were sitting anywhere near them. Smug, egotistical, superior, and entitled are not even enough words to describe this self-righteous a-hole.



After an hour drive I am just about ready for a nice relaxing dinner and to have someone serving me.  As soon as we get into the restaurant the host is over by the bar flirting with her coworker paying no never mind to me and my family.  I finally ask her for assistance and she rolls her eyes and grabs a very attractive girl that has one too many buttons undone(not that I’m complaining) and has her seat us.  She seats us at the worst possible table.  It is too cramped, too cold, and far too close to the kitchen racquet.  I don’t want her thinking I’m a complainer or a sissy so I blame it on the sun.  Finally I find a seat that is not dirty with old crusty food on it.  I can’t believe they call themselves fine dinning.  Hmph…

After what seems like hours our server approaches our table and introduces herself.


“You cannot be serious Anna?!  They are not even in my section!” I was livid.

“I know, I know. But what am I supposed to do about it?” Anna fires back.
After I check my other tables I go to greet table 23 and am rudely interrupted by the wife, “Bob, do you know what you want?” Turning to me she hisses, “I’m starving and would just like to order right away.”



Probably the only reason I agreed to come to this restaurant is because I love the food here.  Our sever, I think her name is Amy, or Annie, brought our soup and salad.  Our daughter had a little accident and my wife went to the bathroom to clean her up while I got a work call and decided to take it and thought, hey someones gotta bring home the bread.

We weren’t even half way through our soup and salad when our food arrived.  How stupid could our waitress be? Why would she bring out our food when we haven’t even had any time to eat our other food yet? And it was cold!  My lasagna tastes horrible, like it has been sitting in the freezer for 12 years.  I am not a happy camper.  I ask to see the manager and proceed to tell him our experience from start to finish.



Well no wonder their food is cold, they let it sit there for a good 15 minutes before starting to eat it…I knew once I saw the man take a phone call when I brought out their S&S that they wouldn’t have enough time to eat it before their main meal came.  I plan and space out my meal times accordingly but its people like this who “get cold food.”.

I’m so over this night, I could be sitting, no, I could be  moshing in front and center at the concert I’m missing right now.

Well, that was a fine night.  The manager gave us a 50% off coupon for our next visit.  I even found a gift card from Christmas in my wallet to cover more than half the cost of our bill tonight.  I’m so happy I even left our crappy ass waitress a 20% tip.  Maybe karma’s not always a bitch…



Yeah, the asshole left me 20%…20% of his remaining bill after the gift card was applied!  So, technically he left me 7%. But hey, life isn’t about money.  Its about karma, Bitch.


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