10 Ways Servers Annoy Other Servers (guest post)

10 Ways Servers Annoy Other Servers

10 Ways Servers Annoy Other Servers

I wonder if any of you will find yourselves in this guest post sent in by someone named K Collins. -BW

We all have our pet peeves and people that annoy us at work, but some people just go above and beyond to annoy everyone around them.

10. Running up to the host stand to bed and plead for tables.
Everyone has worked with the server who makes friends with the host and then tries to coerce them into giving them more or better tables.. this is extremely annoying. We all want tables. If every server on the floor was hanging out at the host stand trying to snag the next party it would be very chaotic.

9. Standing in front of the kitchen door talking.
The last thing any of us want is to stand there with a huge tray of hot food and wait for you to finish your conversation while we repeatedly say behind you
excuse me. I can’t get by.. while you pretend to not hear us…

8. Taking forever in the computer.
It is very annoying when someone still has no idea where anything is in the computer and takes an eternity to ring up an order. Even worse is the one who didn’t write it down and is trying to remember the order while you are not so patiently waiting behind them.

7. The “Can I just cut in front of you at the computer to do insert whatever task is more important than yours here” person.
I waited in line for my turn, no you can’t just print a check, check the gift card balance, run the credit card, unhold your food, enter the app, ring up a bar drink… you can do whatever you want as soon as I finish what I am doing…

6. Usually the same person as #7 who just cuts in line at the drink station…
It’s ok, I wasn’t waiting here to get my drinks or anything… squeezing in to grab a glass then asking the person in front of me to put a little ice in here is still cutting the line and is extremely annoying.

5.The too good for filling ice and glasses servers/can’t run their own food servers.
No there isn’t little elves that fill the ice for you, and yes I do mind filling the ice bin for the 6th time tonight so you can get drinks for all your tables.. the servers who just expect everyone else to fill everything so they can just show up and make money are rude and lazy. Also people who expect every other server to deliver all their own food fall in this category.

4. The Whine about every table people.
These are the servers who have something to complain about with every table they get. they just go on and on to anyone who will listen and try to make everyone miserable. the bill is too low, they are drinking water, they smell funny, they talk funny, they ask too many questions they aren’t talking enough, they won’t put the phone down, did you see that shirt she’s wearing, look at that girls hair cut, why do they have to order tea, how many bowls of salad can one person eat…etc

3. The always needing something server.
There is one every shift.. they can have only 1 table going and they are weeded..asking everyone else have you got a sec.. no one minds helping out, but to be doing all our own tables and getting stuff for all your tables all night is annoying.

2. The “waterer.”
This is the one who when you forget to log out of the computer feels the need to ring up a water for every table in the building because they either think it’s funny, or feel they have to teach you a lesson to log out.

And the most annoying coworker is….

1. The “am I cut yet” person.
This is the server who follows the manager around asking to be cut, takes a survey with all the other servers to see who is cut, checks all the hosts to see if they are cut.. asks the hosts if they can be cut. Gets really mad when anyone is cut before them, tries to play sick when they start their shift so they can be cut first.. comes up with every excuse as to why they want to leave. whines about every table they get when it gets close to closing time… Just get a different job.


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12 thoughts on “10 Ways Servers Annoy Other Servers (guest post)

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  2. noxious.sunshine

    Water Bombing is what we called “the waterer” when I worked at LongHorn Steakhouse (Fuck. Darden. BTW). I have done it once, and exactly once. It was a slow day, I’d had -maybe- 3 tables during my lunch shift and someone left their screen up. I water bombed him hard. He laughed about it and said that was the first time someone had ever gotten him.

    My #1 pet peeve though, is when someone sneaks up and unites my apron. Nothing infuriates me more than this… Aside from maybe the waiter who picks up 10 extra tables outside of their section and cannot be bothered with sidework. At all. At any point during the night. Unless it’s something they need immediately.

    I worked at a really shitty Mexican restaurant for like a month (it was in the dry part of a wet/dry county, so no alcohol was served there)… Normally, Mexican places you have to balance plates on your arm, but this one used large trays. While carrying a tray loaded down with several fajita slippers, side plates with the guacamole salad and Pico de Gallo and all that, more extra to roll up the fajitas on, and the tortilla warmers for a table, this stupid bitch I worked with untied my apron as I was walking to the table. Out in the dining room in front of everyone.

    I was completely livid wicked pissed off. I had to stop, grab a tray stand and stop before even making it to my table to tie my apron back on and then half embarrassed and very angry on the way to my table.

    Once I was finished dropping everything off and getting refills, I dragged her to the back and gave her a metric fuck ton of shit for pulling that little prank on me.

    Haha. She never did it to anyone ever again.

  3. RMF

    #11: The server who is always asking you to pick up their shifts.

    These are the ones with a kid, another job, or just hate working certain days of the week. Or maybe they’re just plain lazy. But there always seems to be at least one server in every restaurant that ends up giving away all of their shifts except for maybe one or two per week.

    You’ll get that text in the morning. Or maybe the afternoon, while you’re working. “Can you pick up my night side?” Awesome, that nice afternoon shift you had just turned into a swing.

    1. Krissi

      Oh yes that person is very annoying. And they got my number and I don’t know how either and texts me all the time lol

      1. Serenity

        yes! and that same server will never ever pick up your shift, no matter how many times you’ve covered them, and no matter how sick you are. Half the time they don’t even respond at all. Those are the ones I never cover for anymore, I don’t even make up an excuse, it’s just nope,I don’t want to. I already work 5 shifts a week, and you can’t figure out how to work 2? Then why are you even employed?

    2. Rachel

      And the equally-obnoxious correlate. The server who you take a shift for because you truly sympathized with them, and then refuses to take a shift of yours for a pathetic reason that they don’t even have the good sense to lie about.

    3. Meredith

      Or the people who ask to beg you to take your shift. “I was only scheduled 2 days this week, will anybody let me work theirs?!”, then add the sob story, “I have to pay child support (or my insurance, or my boyfriends birthday is next week… etc)”

  4. Fitz

    Ahahahaha, number 9 is one of my biggest pet peeves. Another favorite is when you call for a hand and watch someone walk right out of the kitchen with nothing in their hands and then they go hide in a side station. I will refuse to help you for the rest of the shift if you do that (more points when it’s THEIR food you just expo’d and they won’t run). Said person then complains how no one will help them later on that night. Really bitch? This same person is the “Am I cut?” person who starts complaining two hours before we even close (“But how can I get my side work doneeeee?) that they just got tables and heaven forbid if they don’t get cut! Why are you here? Why do you complain you don’t get enough shifts? And btw, why are you complaining to the server who is always last to leave? Don’t worry though, I’m laughing at you all the way to the bank!


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