Want Extra Booze in Your Drink? Pay For It.

You know when your customer wants extra liquor in their drink but you can tell they don’t really want to pay for it? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Well, I made a TikTok video about that and you might enjoy it.



@officialtbwCustomers always wanting free booze. ##serverlife ##restaurantlife ##waitressproblems♬ Happy Hour – The Housemartins

3 thoughts on “Want Extra Booze in Your Drink? Pay For It.

    1. Jennifer Tallon

      “tall, no ice” will still get you the same pour of liquor, just with extra mixer.”Tall” refers to the taller glass necessary for the additional soda, juice, mixer, water or what have you. Someone ordering a tall will get that same rum and coke, vodka soda, etc but in a taller glass to accommodate the more of everything that is not the liquor. “No ice” just means no ice. Not more of anything.
      Gawd I hate people thinking tall or no ice means more liquor. If you want more liquor, order and pay for a double.


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