This Boss Does Not Care That Your House is On Fire, Just Get To Work

The restaurant industry is full of wonderful bosses and managers who truly care about their staff. They know that a happy staff makes for happy customers and when you treat your employees with respect, that respect will trickle down to customers making for a restaurant where people are happy to both work and dine there.

And then there are managers like the one who sent a heartless text message to someone going through the wildfires in California. After having the mandatory evacuation lifted for their place of business, it was back to the grind for the employees. However, when one person named Hunter let the boss know that his house was still under evacuation and asked if he still needed to come to work, this is the response he received.

I understand that your house is on fire and hope that you and your family are safe! I really care and hope everything is good! But yes please we are going to be open tomorrow so please come to work! Everyone else already confirmed that they will be there tomorrow.

What the fuck? I’m assuming this place of business is a restaurant since it was sent to me and I’m the go-to expert on shitty restaurant experiences, but it could very well be a retail store or some other crap place to work. It doesn’t matter. A manager needs to have some fucking empathy every once in a while and if you have an employee who is literally watching their life go up in flames, maybe it would be best if that person didn’t have to go to work today.

How can they be expected to focus on anything as mundane and trivial as the the temperature of a fucking cheeseburger when everything they own is turning to ash? And maybe this person only had minutes to leave their home and grab their most essential personal belongings and in their rush to grab photo albums, birth certificates, family heirlooms and their pet, they didn’t have time to grab their fucking apron and non-slip shoes.

Thank you to the person who sent this image to me. And to Hunter, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you are going through this horrible disaster and I’m sorry you have a cold, unfeeling boss. If you did go to work on this day, I hope you managed to get through it without crying. If you se this blog post, please reach out to me so I can get the full story.

What is happening in California right now is catastrophic. If anyone wants to help the victims of the fires, here are a few places you can donate money to:

6 thoughts on “This Boss Does Not Care That Your House is On Fire, Just Get To Work

  1. RManager

    Please have Hunter tell us his restaurant. I’m a restaurant manager (yes I know you hate me already) and never asked my staff to come in when it’s a true emergency like this. Me and my family all live in the Westlake and Thousand Oaks area and want to know where to never eat again.

    1. Stephanie Creede

      Do you think you might have a job opening for him too, when he’s back on his feet, needing to make money, and will have likely been fired from a place he shouldn’t have to work at under any circumstances? Or if not, some contacts willing to help? A boycott is really good but let’s think of helping too.

  2. Miss ND

    I live in this area and I serve in this area and I was EVACUATED at the same time. My restaurant was open and told me not to come in. I really want to know where this is, I never want to eat there again.

  3. Florence

    If Hunter doesn’t go to work and allows the fire to disrupt his life, the fire will win! This is exactly what it wants.

  4. Noelle Frazier

    wow! “Sorry your house is on fire” ?? Sure I’ll be there, the only thing I saved is my apron and uniform. Can I barrow a pen? Thank you for sharing the help links. this is really tragic, 200 people are missing.

  5. Lee

    How can you call yourself bitchy with a wonderful blog like that? Your concern for Hunter is heartfelt, and it’s awesome that you posted links to organizations that can help those dealing with the fires. Bitchy, you’re the best.


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