Calling a Church Out On Their “Jesus Saves” Cards (That is NOT a Tip)

Anyone who has worn an apron for a living knows how incredibly insulting it is to serve a table and then get stiffed. The only way it can be even more insulting is if the customer instead leaves a religious pamphlet or card stressing the importance of Jesus Christ. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against Jesus or Christians. What I am against is people who hide behind their religion in order to justify some type of inappropriate behavior.

A reader recently sent me a photograph of one of these cards that had been left for her as a tip. Well, the server also received thirty nine cents, but that’s not exactly going to pay a phone bill or anything. The front of the card thanked the waitress for her service and asked her to turn it over for something very special. One the other side, instead of anything remotely special, were a bunch of bible quotes about letting Jesus into one’s heart. Ummm, how about I let Jesus into my checking account? Also on the back of the card was the website, email and phone number of the church, Calvary Faith Baptist Church in Chatham County, North Carolina. So, what was I to do except to call them? And record it?

I did call them. Sadly, I got a voice mail, but that didn’t keep me from saying what I wanted to say. I let them know that if any of their flock is going to give those cards out to their servers, then the flock also needs to make sure that an actual tip is involved. I reminded them that servers in North Carolina only make $2.13 an hour. Don’t worry, I wasn’t rude to them. I just wanted to get my point across. The folks at Calvary Faith Baptist Church need to understand that if they are going to leave a server a card that has a phone number and email address on it, someone might use that phone number or email address to share an opinion with them.

I do not have an issue with Christians wanting to spread the word of God. I am just here to make sure that servers don’t get screwed over in the process. If you aren’t going to leave a tip, we don’t want anything sell instead. Keep your bible quotes, coupons, candy bars, lottery tickets and apologies. Tip your server with money. They earned it.


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18 thoughts on “Calling a Church Out On Their “Jesus Saves” Cards (That is NOT a Tip)

  1. You you should have reminded them that the waitstaff can’t tithe very much if those cards are all they are getting for their tips. I am an ex-minister and one of the reasons I left was shit like this. and so many really aren’t that concerned about the well being of the people, but about money in the plate.

  2. Here’s the thing. Take religion out of the equation for a second. They have to understand that, rather than make a paycheck, you are essentially getting something worthless. A business card. A lotto ticket. Whatever. It is not money to be deposited into the bank to pay rent or buy groceries.

    Now, I am fine with religion. I am fine with people believing in whatever, but one has to understand that you cannot force it down someone’s throat. If you give these out and NOT tip, you make the server mad and you lose a follower. Even with a tip, it’s still tactless. I get trying to help people, but come on…

    I am pretty sure Jesus wants me to eat and afford my rent, so just pay me. I’d even take a 10% tip. Just something to make me feel like I didn’t waste my time. I am sure they meant well, but still.

  3. I once received a business card with a free Bible app on it along with a 3 percent tip. It was so awkward. They were a sweet elderly couple, and the lady actually came up to find me to make sure I got my “tip!” lol. I just smiled and told them to have a great day. In my mind I was a bit angry. I felt like, you know that little card isn’t going to help me pay my bills or feed my family. And even if I did believe in god or went to church… That shit wouldn’t even help me pay tythe of 10% to the congregation! They meant well….

  4. Just tried to access their website: their server has crashed! I think you did this, Bitchy, you wonderful darling.

  5. You’re really easy to lip read! Consider covering or blurring your mouth when you give your number out. 😘

  6. This is excellent, and you’re way more polite than I’d be (in a purely theoretical world where I wasn’t too lazy to contact these asswipes).

    May their offspring all become aggressively atheist & heavy tippers!

  7. Unless that lottery ticket is already a proven winner of more than 20% tip. Then I’ll happily accept it!

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