8 thoughts on “Shortest Blog Post Ever

  1. Mandee

    What if I told you that God doesn’t ask for 10% ……..he did ask for 10% of all belongings and blessings to be given to his alter: Not priests. Not pastors. Not building made of stone n elaborate decoration. He also asked for sacrifice, and many other tithes for sin. This was all in the Old Testament​…..Jesus died for our sins, explained in the New Testament. This rendered the old testament null n void: because Jesus christ suffered and was crucified for all sin. God asks, us to love one another and accept Jesus Christ in our heart and ask him for forgiveness for our sins. With that said….most servers can’t take a Sunday off for service. Nor can they afford to take their family out to a fancy sit down restaurant, once a week. This is because most people that claim to be Christians, and claim this 10% excuse, don’t leave them even the 10%. Most don’t tip at all. I pay 2.5% tip out. So basically…..I miss service, every single week, to work 3 hours in the weeds, to pay to serve you, and have you judge me in a message on my receipt. Nothing turns a person away from God more than a hypocrite spouting the gospel. Remember this the next time you try to invoke God as an excuse to be greedy, when you are fully aware what you’re doing is wrong.

  2. JoeyWaitron

    So not much had changed from feudal times …Still tithing … So I would have to shell out 4 K every damn year to stuff some rabbi or pancake make-up wearing pastor ? Yea , running with the fat envelope – when the hell freezes over . My cowerk was actually called in this regard by pastor . They had a baby & he was the only one working at some shitty restaurant . Oh , the godly folk … Where I live rents are very expensive & u have to have car & A/C .I had to support 2 households for a decade & don’t remember what vacation means . So no , padre . No need to pray for my soul .

  3. Ashlee

    Ok ok. God did not ask for 10%, the church did. Additionally, the church asks for 10% of your entire income. I just want 18% of the check. Jesus.


    Not only dies God not pay rent, he doesn’t have an electric or water bill.

    The biggest b.s. though is God asks for 10% of your pay not 10% of a $30 dollar check.


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