Woman Finds Dead Frog in Salad

Earlier this month a woman found a dead frog in her salad when she was eating at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in West Covina, California. She posted her review on Yelp explaining that she was about four bites into the salad when she noticed it tasted rather bitter. After stirring her salad around a bit thinking that maybe it was the Ranch dressing that was offending her taste buds, she discovered the limp amphibian. The manager of the restaurant comped the food at the table but still made the woman, Shawna C., pay for the three beers on the check. Well, you know, there were no frogs in the beers, so why not? Had there been some tadpoles swimming around in her Amstel Light, then sure. BJ’s corporate office reached out to Shawna and offered her a $50 gift card for her traumatic experience. Shawna felt the $50 gift card was a joke and claimed on 6/22 that she still felt sick and had not been able to eat since the incident on 6/14 meaning that she did not eat for eight whole days. uh huh. Sure, right.

As disturbing as this is, no one is talking about the dead frog. I did some research and found out that the frog was named Albee and was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Wog, a pair of Pacific Coast tree frogs who have been married for six years. The mother of the deceased frog, Polly, was extremely upset by the whole situation.

“Oh, my god, I just can’t believe this has happened. Albee went missing in early June and I have been out of my mind. I took him and his sister Jane out to play and they were on a log in Farmer Ted’s garden. I turned my head for one second to catch a fly and the next thing I knew, Albee was gone. We ribbited for hours trying to find him but we never did. We filed a missing frog report and hung flyers all over the bog, but nothing. And the next thing I knew, they found his body in a salad! I just don’t know what happened. Albee was so curious and the sweetest little frog you’d ever seen. His sister is just a mess and won’t leave the house. She thinks she’s gonna end up in a salad too someday. It’s really just an awful flashback for me, because many years ago, I had a brother whose legs ended up in a French restaurant as an appetizer. The worst thing is they didn’t even send Albee back to us. They splashed his photo all over the Internet and then just tossed my baby into the garbage. This woman Shawna has no respect for me or other mothers and that she scoffed at a $50 gift card hurts my very soul. Maybe if she would have seen my flyer, she would have rather taken the $75 we were offering as a reward. We are considering legal action as my cousin is Kermit the Frog and he is helping us with an attorney. To all the other frog mothers out there, I say this: go hug your little tadpoles right now because you never know when they might end up drowning in Ranch dressing.”


Shawna, I hope you have gotten over your bad dining experience, but can we all take moment to think of Albert and Polly Wog who no longer have their son? Rest in peace, Albee Wog.

Read Shawna C.‘s review of BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse on Yelp


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