One Small Gesture From a Customer Made Their Server’s Day

Writing a blog such as this, it can be easy to forget that not every customer was put on this earth specifically to climb up on my last nerve, plant a flag on it and claim it as their own. Plenty of people tell me I “bitch too much” and to them I say, “Well, look at the blog title.” However, today I want to share something that was sent to me that reminds us that waiting tables is full of surprises. The above screenshot comes from Kelly Ann. Thankfully, some customers are simply wonderful people. Might this be the nicest thing you have ever heard of a customer doing?

I just wanted to say that there are some good people in this world. I was working late, closing the bar, and a table ordered a skillet cookie that we have on special. When i dropped it off i commented on how jealous I was because the staff cannot order specials for themselves. When they asked for the bill they asked for a second cookie to go. I dropped it off and they handed it back to me. They bought me a cookie and told me to enjoy it and i instantly started crying. Above that, they tipped 20%. After the shittiest work week in the world, this one table made it worlds better. Thank you, table 85!

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “One Small Gesture From a Customer Made Their Server’s Day

  1. Jonathan

    This makes me a bit angry. I am a chef, I let my staff try EVERYTHING for free, I encourage them to suggest new items! How is my “sales staff” going to sell the yummys I create if they don’t know what they taste like? How am I going to know that we put too much garlic in an item if nobody has tasted it?

  2. Alex

    It strikes me as odd for the staff not being permitted what they like from the kitchen. After all, only a happy, motivated and loyal workforce creates success for any business. But then, having read this blog for quite some time, the described situation doesnt surprise me at all.

    1. Rachel

      The sad truth is that so many restaurants view the staff as a bunch of serfs. Since servers aren’t even paid more than a couple bucks an hour, it’s easy for a greedy restaurant owner to forget that they are even employees.


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