Waitress Receives Note With Ridiculous Advice Instead of a Tip

14702433_10207635092531776_6200157557141035776_nWhen you work at Cracker Barrel in South Carolina, I suppose you are prepared to serve all kinds of people who have injected cream gravy directly into their veins. It’s like heroin down there, right? Well this week, a couple of cream gravy addicts rolled their asses into Cracker Barrel for their daily allowance of sugar cured ham and hash brown casserole and decided that, instead of leaving a monetary tip for their waitress, they would bestow some 1950’s advice scrawled out onto a bev nap. The photo was sent to me by a few people and it needs to be addressed. It’s pretty surprising.

Dear Renee, thank you for your excelent service today. Your a good waitress.

Heres your tip:

The womans place is in the home. You’re place is in the home. It even says so in the Bible. You may think that your contributing to your household by coming into work, but your not. While your in here “working” this is the reason your husband must see another women on his way home from a long day at his work. Because you should be home taking care of the household duties. You may think what you are doing “working” is right, it is really essentially a disgrace to his manhood and to the American family. So instead of coming to your “job” and looking for hand out’s to feed your family, hows about going home and cleaning your house and cooking a hot meal for your husband and children, the way you’re husband and God intended, and help make America great again. Praying for families and our nation.

The Watley’s

I don’t even know where to begin, so I will just bullet post this:

  • Learn how to spell.
  • Enough with the Bible thumping.You can have your beliefs, but it does not mean everyone has to share them.
  • It’s 2016, Mr and Mrs. Watley. Women can do whatever they want, including working.
  • I bet Mrs. Watley has missionary sex once a week with her husband and she looks at it as a chore, just like doing laundry, scrubbing the floors and making a roasted chicken every Friday night.
  • Why are the words working and job in quotes? WAITING TABLES IS A REAL FREAKING JOB!
  • If God intended women to stay home and cook meals and clean house, then why did He give them brains enough to realize that is total bullshit?
  • Make America Great Again? It suddenly makes sense. Making America great again, for some people, means going backwards in time.

I wonder if this gets shared enough will the Watley’s ever see it? I bet Mrs. Watley will never see it because her husband thinks computers are only for men who do important things on them like spreadsheets and business analysis. She’s only allowed to watch her stories.

To the waitress who received this, I am sorry you had to serve these people. But thank you for sharing it so we can be reminded that no matter how far ahead we move as a civilization, there will always be a few people who are determined to keep us living in the past.

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78 thoughts on “Waitress Receives Note With Ridiculous Advice Instead of a Tip

  1. J

    God these old ass christians are so hypocritical.

    Mrs. Watley, get your ass back in the kitchen. Why haven’t you prepared a meal for your husband?

    Mr. Watley, get a better job so you can properly tip since you are the breadwinner, and how dare your wife write on the napkin. That’s your job. Make America great again.


  2. Joe

    I pray for all of you religious shit-bags to get your fucking shit together. Thanks for voting Donald Chump, you dolts. Fuck yourselves to death.

  3. Jen

    Are we POSITIVE that the Bible even said that the woman’s place is ONLY in the home? I will tell you why.
    King Solomon spoke about the ideal wife, something that many women aspire to be, but don’t expect to completely achieve. That said, Proverbs 31:24 says, “She maketh fine linen, and selleth [it]; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.” In other words, she makes what her family needs, and SELLS the rest — meaning she is industrious; she helps with the family income!
    Now, whether it’s the man or woman, if one of them is busying themselves to the point of things unneeded in the household but rather it prevents them from spending quality time together, then it is out of balance. And quite honestly, if it was a matter of the man working 16 hour days to provide for his family — and therefore no time/energy for the couple and their Heavenly Father — and the wife has time and ability to work outside the home without sacrificing the needs of the family, I would truly like to know what “The Watleys” had against this!
    When my husband and I were YOUNG – in our 20’s – we considered taking a 3 year job on a cruise ship. We were told that we can go out when the ship docks, that there would be 3-, 4-, and 7- day cruises, and all our needs would be cared for (room/board/utilities). Admittedly, we chose against it, concerned if something happened to either side of our families, we might not be able to be there right away. Still, had we done it, we could have easily saved about $60,000 and lived a life of luxury during those 3 years! How great is that! (Back then, the average entry level job was about $18,000. It hasn’t gone up that much since.) Imagine, spending 3 years as a married couple — forced to learn to get along, for the sake of their jobs — then coming back home and having the ability to put $45,000 down on a home, and having $15,000 for food, utilities, etc., while looking for a job. And I bet it would not be that difficult for either of them to find a job, with a responsible employment record like that!
    Marriage for some is easy. They can afford household help. But for the majority of couples, marriage is a serious commitment, and it takes a lot of responsibility, much of which couples are unaware until they’re experiencing it. Many unmarried people think the institution of marriage itself is what wrecks their relationship. Nope, it’s the realization that they must be RESPONSIBLE, forgiving, caring, and industrious … together.

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  5. Anon

    Pretty sure the waitress wrote this herself. Two comments that swear this happened said it happened in different cities, and the mistakes in the letter itself are way too inconsistent.

    Plus, in an interview she claimed she censored the names because she didn’t want to expose them, yet here it is completely uncensored? I guess she just meant on that site.

  6. Ann

    Two cheapskates who didn’t want to pay the tip and used their “Christianity” to avoid doing so.

    That couple is clueless and cheap.

  7. gretchen

    That ignorant brut apparently missed Proverbs 31: “She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes.” Women working outside the home is expected, and noble because they do it on top of all else they need to do

  8. G. B. Miller

    I’m impressed that you were able to find out the name of the restaurant. When I’d first read this article on MSN, they didn’t identify the restaurant in question.

    So glad that there are morons out there who still live in the stone age.

    One income doesn’t cut it, unless you’re a managerial type in a guv’ment entity. There is no shame in working a 2nd job in order to make ends meet. Life ain’t cheap, and if you live in a state like mine (CT), you pay through the nose for everything.

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  11. Ron

    For all you Christians who say this person will get what’s coming to them in the afterlife, well… That’s not soon enough for me. People like this should be publicly shamed, ostracized, and their lives made hell in THIS lifetime, because there’s no guarantee that they’ll get their deserved punishment in the next. Hell, there’s no guarantee that there IS a next. This is the only one we’re guaranteed, and there’s no time like the present to serve up some justice. So if you know these people, or you happen to find out who they are, please make it known in your community that they are a bunch of judgmental cheapskate assholes.


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  13. L. Miller

    This irks me on a personal level because it’s the same sort of nonsense my fanatical mother-in-law spews at my husband and I. Condescending bullshit about how nothing we do matters, jobs, hobbies, education – and that only God matters and how the Bible says we’re basically doing everything wrong.

    Hope this waitress tossed this right into the garbage after calling this family out. That’s where ours go.

  14. Jana Lybarger

    As a Christian and a woman, I’m calling that note complete bollocks because it speaks of the Ancient Israelites’ society, not what God spoke of. Even then, some women still worked outside the home in nontraditional roles, especially if the family owned livestock or crops but couldn’t afford workers. There were also work women did with textiles and all that jazz so it’s not like it was that greatly enforced anyway. I’m convinced God doesn’t care if women work outside the home and I don’t think He ever did. Husbands and wives are partners, just as God intended. If a woman has to work outside the home to support her husband and family, I pretty much believe He’d say “Well done.” It’s even better when men take on traditionally female roles in the home because they want to. In this day and age, the old ways of how families operated are not a viable option anymore except to those that can afford to. So I wouldn’t be calling out all Christians based on this pair because we all don’t think like this.

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  17. Maureen

    As a woman of faith, this hurts my heart on so many different levels, and reminds me of this particular quote in their treatment of her 🙁 – “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  18. Sam

    I’m only going to nitpick at one thing in this tip, I wont pay attention to the spelling or grammar as that’s like shooting my own foot. Specially since I’m well aware that I have a disability in the form of dyslexia.

    Now I am religious, I haven’t been for long but what I have learned so far is that no where in Gods bibles does he say “a womans place is in the home”. God’s scriptures do not DICTATE how you live your life, they are meerly guidelines in the way you should conduct your own behaviour. I would really love to educate these religious fanatics because quiet frankly they are the warnings gods scriptures take note of. Just like money isn’t evil, and loving the same gender isn’t a sin. If a scripture doesn’t resonate with you then you have no business trying to decipher it nor do you have any business in trying to ‘teach’ its meaning. SMH don’t pay attention to people like these, God will deal with them when they shed their flesh and enter the afterlife, if he doesn’t choose to do so now.

  19. Amy

    Ugh y’all, this is not propaganda. Yes, it happened to a very real person. It happens to servers here in the south all the time and it’s sad. It makes us real christians look bad. She is a friend of mine. She’s not married, doesn’t have kids and loves her job. All of these assumptions were made b/c mr.watley prob cheated on his wife. Please tip your server with money, not judgement. Thanks!

  20. dustie

    Not saying it did happen and not saying it didn’t but…… how do they know about her family and that her husband is seeing someone else if she didn’t tell them. Perhaps the note was a response to a line of complaints the server gave them about her life? I’ve had servers do that and I always assume the sob story is a pitch for a big tip. After all the stories about how someone with a sob story was given a huge amount of money by a customer started appearing on FB, the news, etc. I have heard more and more of them. No, it wasn’t their place to judge your choices (if the note is real). No, it wasn’t nice to skip the tip (if you provided good service). BUT….. No, it wasn’t a good idea to share so much personal information with customers; they are there to purchase food not be your psychologist.

    1. Nancy

      A little paranoid there, are ya, dutsie? Feel like everybody’s out to “get you’? How sad. but there’s good news!!!! They have a pill for that now. You can get help. You can live a normal life, stop being so overly suspicious of everyone’s motives and start learning to trust. Trust is not a bad thing. It is the basis of human relationships. Human relationships are good. One can trust without being gullible. All it takes is a little bit of judgment.

  21. Just A Poor Server

    This is why people bash and hate on religion, because we keep getting these people that feel the need to act like complete fucks and ruin what should be a wonderful thing for something ugly. The Bible isn’t there so you can pick and choose what suits your situation and follow it. The woman you stiffed may be a single mom cuz her beloved husband left her. Or perhaps she has multiple kids and needs this extra job because her husband isn’t bringing in enough money. OR maybe she’s a lesbian and both of them work (I know what the Bible says about that). Either way, you don’t get to choose what you like best. If you live by the bible, then the Mrs should be at home cooking your food instead of you going out to eat.

    Please don’t take these people seriously. I believe in God and I would NEVER do this. There are just more loud believers out there doing stupid things than us normal and sane ones.

  22. Julie

    This is why tipping should be mandatory. 20 % should be added to the bill automatically. If you can’t afford to tip Mrs watly maybe it’s time you leave your precious palace and get a fucking job to support your broke ass husband.

  23. Susannah

    The thing is, I lived in the South a few years ago, and my experience was exactly 1950s southern stereotypes. I actually got mocked for eating vegetables at least 4 or 5 times (in a 6 month period), I was told by a waitress, at cracker barrel actually, that my soup was vegetarian even though it had bacon on it and she seriously sidnt understand why I insisted that no, if it has bacon, it’s not vegetarian. Once I told someone I didn’t want any sausage gravy (gross) because of the whole vegetarian thing and their response was “you can’t even have gravy? I’d die without gravy!” So yeah. I know there are plenty of well educated and none stereotypical people, but those stereotypes absolutely exist for a reason.

  24. Wilfred

    Hey, Rènée! It’s your (damn or is it you’re) Dad. I see your Mom sent a line to you, too. I think everyone has to deal with these people at least once in their lives, no more than once if they’re (damn again or is it their, or there) lucky. The belong to the “Chiselers for Christ.” It is a companion organization to “Liars for Jesus.”

    I certainly hope that this makes at least 100 atheists from those who see the light from the ugliness of religion.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, I know that the hurt that they meant to inflict will become good in your (you’re?) heart and that you will wish them kindness instead of hatred. You have done your part in making America great. Keep up the good WORK, your (you’re) JOB is to make the world a better place for being here. Your (you’re) JOB WORKing as a waitress earns you money and keeps you from being someone’s chattel and lets those you serve see your example. I am really, really proud of you and what you have done with your (you’re) life.


    1. Bea

      if it helps with the your/you’re thing
      you’re means “you are ” its a contraction so try saying “you are” whene-ever you use you’re if it fits in the sentence it’s you’re if not it’s probably possessive and is just plain old your

  25. MFH

    As far as the note goes, that’s amazingly dreadful and I feel very sorry for both the waitress and the morons who felt compelled to write it. This is 2016. And, Let’s not make America Hate Again. HOWEVER, dear writer of this article… how about we get rid of the 1950’s style southern stereotyping……. “injected cream gravy directly into their veins. It’s like heroin down there, right? Well this week, a couple of cream gravy addicts rolled their asses into Cracker Barrel for their daily allowance of sugar cured ham and hash brown casserole”…. Are you unable to write a story without “injecting some 1950’s style editorial gravy” into it, to make it more nasty and hate-filled? You’ve just become what you just bashed. Write the fucking story, leave out the guessitorial about us Southerners, and get on with it. Signed – a very educated, well-traveled, non-missionary-position, white, female, vegetable-eating, DNC-voting, pro-choice and fucking gravy-loving Southerner.

    1. Kam

      So so so so much YASSSSS to this statement!
      Signed, another well educated, gravy loving, waitress, wife, mother of 2, South Carolinian.

    2. The Bitchy Waiter Post author

      Relax, MFH. Are you new here? Everyone who reads this blog regularly knows that I poke fun of everything. They also know that I too am southern, so it’s all in good fun. xo

  26. Lauren

    Those ignorant ppl must not know that both the woman and man must work to just survive in this economy. Smh
    Plus, how the heck did they know she was married anyways. Maybe she was single. Smh

    1. Ashley

      It is very real. I work with Renee, and I’ve been a server for 16 years. This kind of thing happens here and there. Have you ever served?

  27. Wayne Britton

    I believe that “Christians” who leave those little $20 looking folded bills (with are you saved scriptures on the inside) on the table are what the Bible calls Pharisees. The same for the Whatleys. When the scriptures speak of those who “profess” Jesus with their mouth but not with their hearts and Jesus at the judgement says “I know you not” the Whatleys will be swept into the lake of eternal fire. May Almighty God have mercy on them and use this to show Pharisee’s light and grace.

    1. jaye

      Pharisees, exactly! Self-righteous, supremely self-satisfied asshats like these are the reason I no longer attend any church. Its like they pick & choose the parts of the bible to suit them. Definitely not not the parts about loving your neighbor, charity and humility. A family member refers to these types as Christian Taliban, and he’s not wrong.

  28. Sabrina

    w the ever loving f? How do these people even know whether or not this waitress is married in the first place? Maybe she’s single…maybe she’s widowed…maybe she is married but her husband got hit by a truck and is no longer able to work. What is she supposed to do to support herself in that case? Is she supposed to go on welfare (since conservative Bible thumpers just looooooove it when people do that)? Is she supposed to live in her parents’ basement forever? Camp out on the steps of your church?

    P.S. I had a stay-at-home mom but she sucked at being a stay-at-home mom and I don’t appreciate what she did at all. She would have been a lot better role model for her daughters if she’d known how to hold a job, support herself, and be something beyond a quivering little doormat afraid to question her husband the Great Breadwinner on *anything.*

    1. cphillips

      Exactly. And how do they know she doesn’t go home, clean AND put a meal on the table? I know I don’t just come home, plop in my recliner and wait for my partner to bring me a beer and a meal. We women are usually juggling many jobs at once and doing just fine.

  29. Jennifer

    So staying at home and NOT making money is more of a “real” job than… *gasp* making MONEY?!

    And I can’t even process the fact that he thinks a man should cheat because his wife works. My brain fucking hurts, too.

  30. Jenny Fernandez

    This is so contrived! The lengths people will go to trash Trump! Manufacture all you want, but each person gets to decide for themselves whether or not a source is reliable, especially when there is no way to prove this is legit!

    1. Wayne Britton

      I think your birth was contrived. Incidentally until Trump said it was ok for him to grab my daughters pussy because he’s a star – i was a supporter. I now lump him and you in the same pile of
      ………….. no you really arent even that valuable. Btw i happen to know for a fact that this was LEGIT.

    2. Michael Russell

      Except it’s not. This did in fact happen, last night, in Grenville South Carolina. Is does however say a lot about the very real logic and values of a conservative that you assume, because this is soo asinine, that it must be propaganda. Bravo sir, bravo.

    3. Jill

      Im a trump suporter and unfortunatley this is true.
      Happened at the simpsonvile sc location to a sweet lady named renee

    4. EnuffBull

      Idiot Trump supporters who can’t even troll properly: Reason enough that I don’t want to be on their losing team!

  31. Meatball Mike

    Bitchy Waiter should set up a fund for all the servers that are constantly getting screwed. Every month one server who’s story you have shared should be randomly chosen and given $100.00

  32. Charlie

    It’s Watleys, y’all. Watleys. Apostrophes are for possession, not plurals, and these people own nothing in this story, including brains.

  33. Barreleh

    I think I waited on the Watleys about 30 years ago. I was working in the middle of the boondocks, about 10 miles from a major university. The Watleys — Mom, Dad, and two kids — were the most uptight family EVER. I could smell Christian on them (maybe because I am a Christian) but it was abundantly obvious to me that Dad Watley was In Charge, and Mom Watley’s contribution to the family was her almost palpable bitterness. The two kids were like little soldiers who’d been captured by the enemy, and too far gone to hope for rescue.

  34. Wanda

    Why wasn’t Mrs. Watley home cooking supper for her husband, instead of eating out in a restaurant?? The Bible says she’s supposed to be home, apron on, cooking and cleaning….at least according to the lady herself.

  35. Ange

    I kind of wish I’d written something as infuriatingly stupid for the waiter in New Orleans who slammed our bill on the table and barked ‘this doesn’t include a gratuity! NO GRATUITY’ i’m assuming because we’re Australian and he assumed we never watch TV or read anything at all? But no, even then I couldn’t be as much of a prick as the Whatleys.

  36. Deb

    What a dreadful note, written by knuckle-dragging, australopithecines who obviously had an in with jeebus. As a woman who has worked all her life, supported three kids after my ‘ex went putrid, what the hell would you have me do, go on welfare so you can dog me for being a drain on society? The Wattley’s sound dumb as a box of rocks and hopefully Ma Wattley will always have her Pa since life can go sideways very quickly.

    1. Luann

      Dear Watley’s:
      That was my hardworking daughter you stiffed at Cracker Barrel. How dare you eat out in public and leave condescending (Feel free to use Webster’s Dictionary, lol) advice to her on her choices in life! Sounds to me like you need to join the 21st century or go back home and make your own damn meals, served by your own female indentured servant!!! She has more intelligence in her tiny pinky nail than the lot of you put together! Go back to school or church (as if you ever went in the first place), and learn how to be a decent human being and learn the English language! Keep your tight bible thumping asses at home where you belong! Your uneducated “opinions” need to be silenced in public as well!

      1. TigerWild!

        I absolutely agree. SERIOUSLY?? How in the HELL do you think they can afford to have one income in this day and age. OPEN your OLD ass eyes! I feel sorry for your wife.. Either she has NO brain at all or she is abused to the point of “THIS”! You can be whoever you want to be except a walking, talking, judgmental ASSHOLE!! That is unacceptable!!!! And talking about the BIBLE.. did you miss the part of be judged as you judge? OUCH your gonna have a really scary time at those pearly gates! How can you seriously live with yourself after someone is busting their ass to get your lazy condescending ass something to eat? GO actually READ the WHOLE bible if your going to use it as a tool. You have sadly missed allllll of the relevant points that would actually help you to be a decent human! YOU SIR ARE A DOUCHBAG! WAKEUP already its not the 1950’s anymore! TO your wife… GROW a back bone … this is NOT how a woman should be treated!

  37. Troy

    In what reality is this philosophy okay? You cannot make it on one income anymore as a family. It usually takes both incomes if not more. First they praise the excellent service then proceed to insult her, her work and call her a disgrace? People like that just not be allowed to be loose on the unsuspecting public. They scare the hell out of us normal people.

    1. Maude

      And if the woman’s place is in the home why isn’t this family sitting around their big oak dining table with a hot meal prepared by ma??

      1. Suzy Christy

        very true. Get your a.. outta Cracker Barrel & go home to cook your own food, Watleys. Please stay out of the Real World, you are clueless!


      Dear Watley clan,
      First, lemme give big ups to jesus for sending you to my table. if my husband were still alive, he would agree with everything you said. but he died while serving as a missionary in Haiti during the recent hurricane ( i know! act of god right?) but since hamish died, I’ve been working like the dickens to send hamish jr. to seminary school. he wants to be like his daddy. (and who can blame him?)

      i didn’t want to be a harlot, but the good lord himself spoke to me and said, i will send you a sign, until then, TCB baby. I think you and your family might just be that sign from god. so with the lord’s blessing me and Hamish Jr. would like to move in with you so that i will sin no more.

      i promise to STOP WORKING while living with you and the rest of the watleys. Hamish jr was so excited when i told him that from now on, as good christians, you would take care of us. ( can i get a “PRAISE HIM” up in here?)

      one of the restaurant patrons caught the license plate on your VW minibus, so we’ll just get your address and be there soon.

      god bless you.

      Mary ( your waitress, and one of god’s children).


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