Waiter Pens Song About Mean Customer

screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-8-10-53-amAll of us who wait tables have to find ways to vent our frustrations. Whether it be by complaining to your best friend in the side stand, punching a slab of meat in the walk in cooler or writing a blog that you then put onto your Facebook page that has almost 500,000 followers, it is necessary. After all, when a table of five shows up two minutes before closing, stays for an hour after they pay the check and then leaves you a 5% tip, we have to find a way to release that anger or else our brains would explode and we’d have to pay the busser and extra five dollars to help clean up the mess. However you decide to vent, it’s okay. It helps us prepare for the next horrible person who will inevitably sit in our section.

Please meet musician and server Joel Tyler who used his musical talents to craft a song about a very rude woman who sat in his station. Says Joel, “You know what? I’m not gonna talk crap about her. I’m above it. But then I realized, no I’m not, no I’m not. I will.” He then proceeds to sing a song about all the things he hopes will happen to this mean, mean woman.

You see? Bitching about your customers creates art!


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