“Celebrity” Caught Yelling at Waitress (video)

daveryanSo I guess that in the Twin Cities, there is a radio personality named Dave Ryan. I have never heard of him because I am not in the habit of listening to morning radio shows while driving to a job in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, but he is pretty well-known there. There is a video out today that shows him treating a server like crap and I can’t tell if it’s real or not. I mean, it seems legit and he comes across like a big scabby douchebag who belittles his waitress because he feels he waited too long for a drink. On the other hand, the video is being shared on his official Facebook page which makes me think one of two things:

  1. The whole video was a set-up meant to go viral.
  2. He truly is a big scabby douchebag and he doesn’t care that the world knows about it.

Supposedly, the video was shared by someone who was eating at the same restaurant and took some super secret surveillance video when she saw what was going down. The two men who are with Dave look extremely uncomfortable when he starts harassing the waitress, but maybe they were playing for the camera. Watch it for yourself and you tell me what you think.


If the video is real, then I think we can all safely assume that Dave Ryan is a complete jackass who has let celebrity go to his head. The server deserves a fucking gold medal for not losing her shit with this asshole and dumping a pitcher of ice water into his lap and poking him in the eye with a fork. If it’s fake, then I just helped him get more attention…

Here is his Facebook page if you want to go tell him your thoughts about the way he treated the waitress. Also tell him I said hello.

I wait tables and bitch about it on my blog, The Bitchy Waiter.

15 thoughts on ““Celebrity” Caught Yelling at Waitress (video)

  1. If you look up the whole video it turns into a dance joke haha they all start dancing, you should be careful about saying bad things before knowing the whole story…

  2. If the video is true (BTW the link is blocked ) whatever little fame he had will work against him now, if is fake then he can’t be that famous if the answer to get ratings is by faking a video in which he has to belittle an individual who works in the food and beverage industry. Instead of doing a good deed…
    Either way I think he is a pos

  3. This was a radio bit. He was on the air this morning, it was all all planned. The server was actually not a server, but an intern. The ending is on kdwbs I heart radio page. Not a bad guy, just a backfired prank.

  4. Not sure this isn’t a set up for attention but if it wasn’t he’s an ass. Yeah, we all mess up. We miss tables/customers. We’re humans not robots. I am thankful we have managers (at least at the moment) that I know will back me up. All I’d have said to that dude is, “I apologize, I missed your table. Let me get the manager so we can fix it.” There is nothing else you can do with a guy like this. He is mad, whether it’s justified or not, and the more she stands there taking his shit, the more it inflates his ego/temper. Time to duck and cover. If they won’t chill and let you fix your mistake, walk away and stay away from them.

  5. I think it’s fake because the video starts right before he starts bitching. And the fact that it’s posted on his page by him further proves that it’s probably fake.

  6. Once he yelled about not getting water, any server would have said “I’m sorry, I’ll be right back with it” and left to go get it. She just stood there waiting to be berated some more. I call “fake”. But for what purpose escapes me.

    1. He clearly has water in front of him so she’s probably standing there to take his order. He must not be in a hurry if he feels the need to carry on like this.

  7. It’s posted under the “Dave Ryan Show” on Youtube so I would assume it’s fake haha. Don’t think he would post a shady vid of himself if it was real.

    1. That audio is way too clear to not have him mic’d. Even if he was talking loud, there would’ve been background noise muffling his voice, but you can hear everything he says all the way across a busy restaurant. Seems like a planned bit.

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