“Celebrity” Caught Yelling at Waitress (video)

daveryanSo I guess that in the Twin Cities, there is a radio personality named Dave Ryan. I have never heard of him because I am not in the habit of listening to morning radio shows while driving to a job in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, but he is pretty well-known there. There is a video out today that shows him treating a server like crap and I can’t tell if it’s real or not. I mean, it seems legit and he comes across like a big scabby douchebag who belittles his waitress because he feels he waited too long for a drink. On the other hand, the video is being shared on his official Facebook page which makes me think one of two things:

  1. The whole video was a set-up meant to go viral.
  2. He truly is a big scabby douchebag and he doesn’t care that the world knows about it.

Supposedly, the video was shared by someone who was eating at the same restaurant and took some super secret surveillance video when she saw what was going down. The two men who are with Dave look extremely uncomfortable when he starts harassing the waitress, but maybe they were playing for the camera. Watch it for yourself and you tell me what you think.


If the video is real, then I think we can all safely assume that Dave Ryan is a complete jackass who has let celebrity go to his head. The server deserves a fucking gold medal for not losing her shit with this asshole and dumping a pitcher of ice water into his lap and poking him in the eye with a fork. If it’s fake, then I just helped him get more attention…

Here is his Facebook page if you want to go tell him your thoughts about the way he treated the waitress. Also tell him I said hello.


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