Servers Complain on Jimmy Kimmel Live (I’m One of Them!)

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.11.42 AMWe servers put up with a lot and we are always looking for a new place to complain. It’s what we do. Venting and complaining is an excellent way for us to blow off some steam and it keeps us from poking our customers in the eye with forks. Last night, Jimmy Kimmel was kind enough to give us an opportunity to air our grievances on his TV show. In my continuing quest to become a professional fame whore, you will see my bitchy face at the 1:27 mark.


5 thoughts on “Servers Complain on Jimmy Kimmel Live (I’m One of Them!)

  1. Lisa

    Congratulations on being selected by Kimmel!!!! I can imagine they got a flood of responses…..quite an honor to have been selected!!!!!! Way to go!

  2. Amazed at people's stupidity

    I had a guy who didn’t leave me a tip because me boss would not let me take a grilled chicken SALAD off of his check after his son refused to eat it because it had vegetables in it..

    1. MANGLER

      I’ve lost many a tip over the years by (get this) charging people for things they ordered and we prepared for them.
      Here’s your box.
      Hate to think you’ll not come back.


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