Complaining + Mosquito = Free Food

productos_parasitos1I am on vacation in Miami so if you hear of a sudden liquor shortage in Florida, now you know why. This post is from a reader named Jennifer who sent me a message that made me laugh. Since I was looking for guest bloggers, I asked if I could use and she was all, “Whatever…” 

I work in a fine dining steakhouse inside a casino in Tunica, Mississippi. My first table this evening was two ladies that I had spoken to at 4:00 that wanted to come in and be seated, but we don’t open until 5:00. They wanted to sit and wait I guess and watch me do my side work, but the manager frowns upon that 😁. Well they left and of course they came back before 5:00 because they were so famished they couldn’t wait any longer. They were seated in my station and I proceeded to get their order as quickly as possible so they didn’t die from low blood sugar. While I was taking their order one of the ladies saw a mosquito and was fanning around like she just let out a gigantic fart. I went about my way and turned in their order. When I brought their salads out the lady was expressing that she was upset because there was a mosquito flying by her table. I really didn’t know what to say because we live in Mississippi and that’s our state bird. I shrugged it off and offered her some fresh cracked pepper that I was hoping she would choke on. I went back to the kitchen to tell everyone about the insanity I was dealing with. A few minutes later I come out of the kitchen and she starts flagging me down. She was waving at me like there was an emergency so I quickly went to her table. She blurts out that she has something to show me. She lifts her bread plate and there lies the mosquito. She had killed it and was saving it for evidence. She was so upset. She expressed that she wanted to speak to the manager because we are a fine dining steakhouse and we shouldn’t allow mosquitoes to be in there. Bitch got a free dessert and pouted about how it ruined her dinner.

14 thoughts on “Complaining + Mosquito = Free Food

  1. FoodServiceNinja


  2. GORE

    “the mosquito. She had killed it and was saving it for evidence”

    that’s an impressive trophy. She should have had it stuffed and mounted!

    1. Fed up with u motherfuckers

      I have to say Barb, you sound very cunty throughout this whole exchange. I see nothing wrong in calling the woman a bitch when she’s complaining about a fucking mosquito(that isn’t the servers fault)..and gets a free dessert out of it! Wtf?! Entitled bitch..that sounds better. Also, how the fuck do u figure that calling the goddam health department is justified for a fucking mosquito? ! Are you that fucking libtard stupid? Smfh at you, you dumb twat. And you fucks wonder why we say shit about you. Throat punch.

  3. Jennifer

    Everyone knows this site freezes because Barb called me a bitch. It’s called bad karma and you should just blame barb

  4. Elyse

    Why s this site always freez too much ads to load and no one does anything about the comments. Get a better site do some maintenance. I can’t take much more of it

  5. OAS

    The woman’s behavior still baffles me. I would want that corpse gone, not under my bread plate! That’s just weird.

    The mosquito comic is hilarious, by the way.

      1. Barb Chandler

        I’d call the health department. Flying insects are a violation and they will request you take efforts to control them.

        1. Riot

          When you live in the southern states, bugs just happen. Shoo them away, get over it, and keep eating.
          It’s just a fucking mosquito..

        2. Buttcakes

          And maybe also we should take efforts to keep the idiots and entitled fucks from coming through our restaurant doors. But just like the mosquitos, they come in right behind guests that just want to eat some dinner to go unnoticed for the jackfucks they are as long as possible.

    1. OAS

      No, moron! The point IS that wait staff cannot help the fact that mosquitoes, flies, and idiots get through the door of the establishment!


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