Man At BWW’s Almost Dies of Thirst; Turns to Facebook For Help

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.09.58 PMGoing out to eat in a restaurant is challenging for some customers because they don’t understand how things works. They might not know what to order because they can’t comprehend how to use a menu. Or maybe when they come in, they ignore the host stand and head directly to a dirty table only to complain that they are sitting a dirty table. In the case of Chris, who recently went to Buffalo Wild Wings, he was confused as to what to do when he needed a drink refill. Rather than simply asking his server for more water, Chris turned to Facebook. He snapped a picture of his empty glass and posted the photo onto the BWW’s Facebook page complaining:

Cheers to my waiter, who hasn’t filled my cup in 30 minutes but seems to be determined to look off into the distance. I understand it’s busy, and I don’t expect a refill instantly. But standing there while every other waiter is busting their ass is ridiculous.

Granted, his server probably should have noticed an empty glass that sat there for thirty minutes. However, we all know that customers love to exaggerate their wait times in order to make their complaint sound more valid, so I highly doubt that a full half hour passed by before he took the photo. If I was shoving chicken wings down my eating hole and needed some water, I would certainly not just sit there for thirty minutes, parched.

Here are some things I would do if I needed a water refill at a restaurant for thirty minutes and my waiter wasn’t satisfying my needs. (But we all know it was probably only about five or ten minutes, right?)

  • Ask my server for more water when he walks by.
  • Ask a busser for more water when they walk by.
  • Ask another server for more water when they walk by.
  • As a last resort, I would get up and ask someone for more water.

Here is what I would not do if I needed a water refill at a restaurant:

  • Take a picture of my empty glass and post it on Facebook and expect that whoever is in charge of the Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook page will see it and immediately call the restaurant to ask the server to go to my table to fill my glass. That is, unless I was posting the photo onto the Facebook page in an attempt to get a coupon for free food the next time I come in.

Chris, use your common sense. Whether or not the server is just standing around looking off into the distance, if you need something, ask for it. Some servers aren’t as good at their job as others might be. If you have been wanting water for thirty minutes, be pro-active about it and ask for some more fucking water. In a perfect world, the server would have filled the glass without you having to ask. Unfortunately, you got the short end of the server stick and your glass went empty for “thirty minutes.” Until Facebook develops a button that automatically fills a glass of water as soon as you post a photo of an empty glass, your best option is to use vocal chords, words and communication.

Good luck, Chris. Eating out isn’t always easy, is it?


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