This Customer is Going to Be Very Disappointed

giftcardWe have all dealt with the customer who feels like they deserve something free for whatever reason. Maybe the well-done steak they ordered was too dry. “Take it off the bill!” Or perhaps they had to wait 20 minutes for a table. “We deserve a free dessert!” Or maybe the customer is simply an entitled, irrational, dried up piece of beef jerky who is upset that she has been cut off after her sixth Grey Goose and tonic. Whatever the case may be, managers are always striving to find a way to smooth things over to guarantee this customer will come back. Honestly, for most of these types of blowhards, I’d be fine if they decided to eat elsewhere, but managers always want to make sure that the customer leaves happy, regardless of how miserable they make us feel. Well, most mangers, anyway.

Enter the coolest manager in the Western Hemisphere who decided he only wanted to smooth things out for the time being and didn’t give a fuck about the future. After a customer was upset about being cut off, he offered her a gift card to make her happy again. But this manager was different. He gave her a shiny gift card that had absolutely no money on it. She left happy as a drunk ass clam thinking she could come back another night and get shitfaced for free, but when she comes back, she will be surprised to learn that she ain’t got shit. Let’s be honest, we all know the drunk bitch is going to lose the gift card somewhere between the bar and the the bus stop and she won’t even remember that she ever had one, but it’s still great.

I love this manager and I would give anything to be there if Miss Beef Jerky Drunk Ass ever shows up again flashing her fancy gift card with a zero balance. Way to go, Manager.


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