Someone Needs Me To Educate Them About Closing Time

bitchLots of people feel the need to come to my Facebook page and explain how they feel they were mistreated in a restaurant. Maybe they are looking for sympathy and maybe they are looking for an explanation but they may not always get what they are looking for. Last week, a woman named Kathryn (who shall remain last-nameless since some people are fine putting their opinion on a public page but then have a change of heart when more people see it than they expected) dragged her ass over to the Bitchy Waiter page to complain about the overall laziness of servers. Hint: if you want me to take your side, maybe don’t start by calling servers lazy.

“It gets annoying how lazy servers can get. Like when we go out for brunch. Apparently, we were there three minutes after they technically stopped serving it and the server was pretty snobby about it.”

Needing clarification before I formed an opinion, I asked Kathryn for more information. I wanted to know if she meant that she had enjoyed brunch and three minutes after closing time they were rushing her out or did she mean that she asked to be seated three minutes after they had stopped serving. She confirmed that they were seated three minutes after brunch.

Bitch, please.

If anyone is lazy in this situation, it’s you since you couldn’t manage to get your ass to brunch before three or four fucking o’clock. If you know brunch is over at a certain time, why do you think it’s alright for you to be served after that time? And by the way, saying “technically stopped serving” doesn’t make the closing time any different. If brunch is over at 3:00, it’s over at 3:00. There’s nothing “technical” about it. So, yeah, maybe that server was a bit snobby because she had probably already been at work for seven hours and now your ass shows up for some goddamn french toast and mimosas and you’re going to make her stay there an hour longer and probably leave her a crap tip because she didn’t greet you with enthusiasm. Fuck you, Kathryn.

“Little did she know that I was friends with her boss. So I flat out told her “I don’t think so. Why don’t you go ask your manger! K, hun? Our server was rather disappointing that the manager sides with us, but that’s how you run a business in customer service. Not by coddling the help.”

Oh, so because you know the manager that makes you immune to things like manners, courtesy and closing times? You must have felt real proud that you convinced your “friend” the manager to keep brunch running a little while longer. And just so you know, it wasn’t just your server who hated you; it was also the busser, the food runner and the entire kitchen crew. Of course the server was disappointed (I assume that’s what you meant to say, right? Or was she both disappointed and disappointing?) because now she has two people to hate at the end of her shift: you and her spineless manager. I don’t think closing at closing time is “coddling the help.” I think that’s called running a business efficiently. And by referring to employees as “the help” only solidifies my opinion that you are a huge pain in the ass.

Here’s is some advice, Kathryn.

  • If a restaurant is closed or they have stopped serving, deal with it. You probably had six or seven hours you could have gone in to eat, but you waited too late. You’re wrong.
  • Any time a customer says they “know the owner” all that does is instantly make your server think less of you. Don’t depend on your relationship with the owner to make up for your lack of couth.
  • If you say something to your server like “I don’t think so, why don’t you go ask your manager! K, hun,” I’m pretty sure you’re a bitch and you have probably, at one time or another, eaten some boogers and cum.
  • If you want sympathy for your restaurant experience, do not come to a page called Bitchy Waiter and expect to find it. 9 times out of 10 I’m going to be on the side of the server.
  • Never ever refer to us as “the help.” Who do you think you are, Miss Daisy?

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75 thoughts on “Someone Needs Me To Educate Them About Closing Time

  1. Former Waitress

    Sounds like Kathryn was a slave owner in a previous life. “The help”?!?! I bet this POS works at the Gap for minimum wage and thinks she’s special because she knows someone who runs a restaurant. Good for her, I guess?!? I mean, she acts like she knows Donald Trump or the Queen of England, but in reality, she’s a nobody who is friends with a spineless restaurant manager. Good job lady for getting your brunch on after-hours. I’m 100% sure that really is the best thing that’s ever happened in your life.

  2. christina

    She didn’t demand anywhere in that post that she still be served brunch. Maybe a friendly smile and a “sorry but the kitchen is closed for brunch for the day” would of sufficed but for all we know that brunch time is nowhere posted or not clearly posted inside this establishment and the server actually barked “technically brunch has been closed for exactly 3 minutes” with a big roll of the eyes. You may think there’s enough info to make a judgement there but clearly there is not and instead you fill in the missing gaps with your own conjecture. You should of asked what was actually said by the server in quotes and more info before making this judgement. Yes, I agree it’s bad form to ask to see the manager and the manager will always side with the customer no matter who is in the right but you can not make a full and or possibly accurate judgement about the server’s attitude and exact words during an encounter you did not witness first-hand and without knowing their exact words. Get more info, get all the info next time.

  3. Jersey

    I worked brunch at a restaurant… what I learned about brunch… the kitchen will
    Not modify your meal item as any place that serves brunch usually has a small sign on the menu that says no substitutions on the menu… if you want scrambled eggs they usually offer an omelette… if you’re mad about that diners serve breakfast all day everyday… while I don’t like the owner because of personal reasons… she would make us have the order put in by 3 when brunch was over…. not 3:01 not even if you were her best friend …. no one lives under a rock and can use a device to look up a store and find these things out if you question it… none of us hate our jobs as servers until we have to deal with people like Katherine and anyone on this list who thinks they are entitled to say negative things about servers… and then compare their hatred for their own job to why we simply dislike peons like you… you are classless individuals who don’t deserve to go out… stay home… if you think you are exempt from any rules based off knowing a manager or just because you shouldn’t have to follow rules…. your parents have done a crappy job at raising you and well by now it’s too late to change it unless you wait tables for 30 days and only deal with people like you….

  4. Riane

    It’s the same at the place I work. We stop serving breakfast at 10. We close for an hour between 10-11 to switch over our menu. People get so angry when they find out we are about to close for breakfast that it’s ridiculous. I’m sorry if you don’t get up until 9:30 and then had to drive here. I don’t make the food and I really hate having to tell people that we are about to close. Lunch is even worse. You’d think that I just told them that that they had cancer. “*gasp* what do you mean you close? You don’t stay open through dinner?” Um, no. That’s our shift change. My days range anywhere from 8-12 hour shifts. If I have a table come in 1 minute until we’re closed, I could easily be there an extra hour on the floor. Which is fine. That would probably mean an 8 hour floor shift, however once you factor in I still have to clean my section, do all the side work, help set up for dinner, and then roll silverware, I’m probably more in the ball park of 10 hours at my job. Not to mention I go to school full time outside of working those 55-60 hour work weeks. Just have some common courtesy. Some days end up being 16-18 hour days if I have class after work. servers are people too. We have lives and kids, school, and sometimes another job or two, while we are trying to still get enough sleep to put on the dog and pony show for our guests day in and day out. We are all part of the same daily work grind. Comparing one profession to the other doesn’t change that. Just don’t be a dick. It’s plain and simple. If you get there late, buck up and order what’s being served. I would never go into a retail store and tell the workers, “oh, you’re out of my size for that too? I have think you should go get your manager. K, hun?” I mean seriously? Don’t be condescending. And quite frankly, potassium to you too, bitch.

  5. Suzanna

    I have to agree with nikni I have waited tables for 20 years and never have I, nor have I seen anybody do anything to somebody else’s meal. Regardless of how shifty a guest is good servers DONT ever fuck with your food. At least where I come from.

  6. niknikzw

    I’m not above telling a guest, “Just because you don’t take my job seriously doesn’t mean I don’t.” Like when I offer to box their food & they ask me to bring the box to the table as they don’t trust you not to do something to their food. Or when they repeat their allergy issue 15 times because they don’t think I take their health/life seriously. I also hate to see a guest eating an obviously overcooked meal they are paying good money for due to horror stories they’ve heard about having things done to their food. As much as i love BW, the booger & cum comments won’t help anyone take us more seriously. And for the EMT jackass who thinks serving isn’t saving lives, I’ve had to perform the Heimlich on 2 guests in my career and I assure you they & their families take my profession seriously. And for the original brat Kathryn, a big FU and be careful you never know who you’ll run into when they’re off the clock and don’t have to be nice!

  7. MDJ1201

    Lol do people not realize that this is how people pay their bills? I’ve been waitressing since I was 18 paying my way through law school. Clearly I am not lazy or bitching. Why would I work at a clothing store for 10 bucks an hour when I could possibly make 400 in one night?? And the help? Bitch we’re not cleaning your toilet. People need to remember, that your server and the kitchen decide whether you go home with the shits or not.

  8. Charlie

    People like her have that attitude because that’s ALL they have.

    I come from a very well-known publishing family, I have a cousin in UK Parliament, I have a trust fund and I am always, ALWAYS kind to my servers and never expect there to be special rules for me.

    What. A. Bitch.

  9. Toni Black

    I would of had her friend “The Manager” server her rude ass and left! There is no need for that shit in any restaurants. I have people like that! I get the “I know the manager” all the time. But, since we are called “Bobby Q’s” they call him Bobby. I laugh and go along with it when in reality his name is Mike. Stupid jerks.

  10. GORE

    “I don’t think so. Why don’t you go ask your manger! K, hun?”

    Anyone who says this to a waiter/waitress is an UTTER CUNT.

  11. BW fan

    A lot wrong with Kathryn’s post.

    If the server was lazy, why would they want to “serve” you lunch or dinner then? I didn’t hear that the lazy server told you to leave, just that brunch was over.

    Also Kathyrn, the way you speak to your server with the “ok hun” is extremely rude of YOU, check yourself.

    Nobody cares who you are friends with, boss or not.

    You complained then to this friend and got what you wanted, miss entitled.

    “Coddling the Help” ???? This is where I start to think you are either truly out of your mind or this is fake.
    you have issues Kathryn and it is not brunch or a server perceived as lazy.

    Good grief!

  12. Erin

    I’ve been a server for fifteen years and I love it …however there are and will always be those several asswipes that treat us like shit because I’m their mind they’re better than us…no you’re rely on us to get you a hot meal for anytime during the day…if you want breakfast show up for breakfast of you want lunch show up for lunch…don’t make us the bad guys because we are told to follow protocol just like any other profession….if we grant you the right to order breakfast at lunch time it could cost is our job…just because you know the owner or manager shouldn’t allow you certain privileges however it does…unfortunately for us because you’ll take it out on us for doing what we are told we are to do….having said that if you do know the owner then you know or have an idea of a servers salary so leave a big to since you’re probably gonna get your meal free or discounted….if not and you have to pay full price leave a big top anyway to accommodate for your piss poor attitude that you seem to think you’re entitled to…which by the way you’re not because without is there to serve you, you would get a great meal with spectacular service….next time take your bitch ass to burger king and have it your way there….don’t bring your negative crap to us we already deal with enough asswipes throughout the day…always Always ALWAYS TIP YOUR SERVER AS IF YOU WERE IN THEIR SHOES BITCHES

  13. Exec Chef

    The server does not give a shit if they are serving breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. They will serve whatever. Do you think the server really wanted to tell Kathryn that her demand for brunch could not be met? Yeah, cause it’s a BLAST serving disgruntled customers…it means uncomfortable communication, the customer will not be happy with anything and definitely no tip. Yeah, serves LOVE to deliver bad news. By wanting brunch, in this case demanding brunch, she has just thrown the whole restaurant off course. Kitchen is PISSED, bus boy pissed, dishwasher pissed as they need to do change over to next service. So the victim here is the poor server who everyone is now mad at and to top it off no tip or a tiny one. Big picture, people who have never worked in serving the public, have some respect for the staff and put yourself in their shoes. Treat your fellow humans like you want to be treated. And Chris P…perhaps you should consider changing your career path or at least take a vacay as you have a major case of burnout.

    1. Susan C

      I am sorry,but it really is not the Servers or Customers fault……to me it was the Managers fault for not backing up their employees……I hope that Waitress and kitchen staff complained to the OWNER about how their Manager treated them……doesn’t matter if they were “friends”………I work in a 24hr restaurant…….when people come in and ask for alcohol after hours,doesn’t matter if it is 3 minutes after……they don’t get that alcohol…….and if my manager was to give it to them……I walk……..if you don’t get respect from your Boss,I would be finding a new place to work.

  14. Kim

    That’s so funny the “I know the owner” excuse. I know the owner also what does that have to do with you being rude to your server. Oh wait did u want your food to have some “special seasoning” in

  15. Kim Williams (the roller skating waitress)

    Undeserved Attitude of Entitlement. It’s an epidemic, servers know the struggle.

  16. Lauren

    Man, that EMT dude got draaaaagged.

    Oh, and fuck that one chick. Friends with the manager. I loved that line back in the day! It meant I got to tap our RGM to tell you “Sorry ’bout your damn luck”. He didn’t play that game with his buddies.

  17. J-me

    Okay as EMT you may work long shifts, but usually when you work 24-32hrs shifts, you only work like two or three days a week. I have EMT friends who work two or three 12-24hr shifts and have four days off. Some choose to work a second job or another EMT job on their off time for more money. I respect what EMT, Fire, etc do, but you chose to work hours like that. You also get to sit down and you at least get a meal, whether it be from a convenient store or not. While you may be busy most of the time, you have moments to stop and catch a breath. We aren’t allowed the same luxury. Let’s see you wait tables for $2.13 an hour, work a 12-13 hour shift no break, deal with snot nosed people like Kathryn, and really see how rude people are to their servers. People treat us like their food slaves, Kathryn proved our point by calling servers “the help”… at least people don’t treat you like dog shit smeared on the bottom of their shoe because they think their above you. If it wasn’t for us, people like you might actually have to cook. Heaven forbid. If you don’t want to hear or read about server complaints…. THEN GET OFF A PAGE THAT’S DEDICATED TO THAT. If you’ve never waited a table a day in your life, then you don’t get to voice your complaint about anything. Now go enjoy your food from a convenience store or maybe, i dunno, pack your own lunch and save us the pity party.

  18. Parvati

    Kathryn is a Cunt. ” Coddling the help”? Fuck you Bitch. How dare you.

    And Chris, I have the utmost ultimate respect for EMT’s, Fireman, and the Police force. They have saved my life and my children’s lives. That being said, sounds like you need a cocktail man, and a relaxing weekend. But don’t forget to tip your bartender. I wish you better luck with $$ and hours. We’ve all been there man. I spent 3 yrs working 6 doubles a week. Sucks.

    And so does Kathryn.

  19. Kayla

    Chris, it sounds like the whole “woe is me” comes from an overworked EMT. Do not compare apples to oranges, first. Nobody is dogging your profession, so there is no need to get defensive. Second, you are paid more than servers, who enjoy working for below the Federal minimum wage during hot, sweaty, messy, wet conditions on their feet while still trying to look and act presentable to the public. We (former server, so I say “we”) are not blessed with being able to pick and choose what we want from a convenience store, eating in peace. Servers are lucky if they get to eat at all during a shift, let alone sitting down (which most of your EMT positions entail). Nobody was complaining about a seven hour shift; the point is, when brunch closes, the shift should be over. Whiny people who cannot read the posted hours are not expected to be accommodated. If you knew anything about serving/bartending/hospitality, you would understand the sleep world is backwards to the rest of society, much like your comparison. Your evenings, weekends and holidays are the only times servers are expected to work and cannot take off. Ever. Closing at ten PM on a Friday can mean getting out after 1 AM to anyone working in the restaurant business. So, overall.

  20. Mark V.

    The only things left that this woman could have done to be “The Worst Pain In The Ass Customer Ever” would be coming in with free-range children and asking if everything was vegan and/or gluten free. She should watch that classic scene in “Waiting” about don’t fuck with the people who make your food.

  21. Chris P.

    You know what, I’m sick of you servers who think your job is “oh so difficult”, SHUT UP! Don’t justify a server’s snobby and asshole-ish attitude with “she’s prob just worked 7 hours” BOO FUCKING HOO, 7 hours!? I work 13, 16, and 24 hour shifts on an ambulance, your pansy little job serving food is NOTHING compared to what some people do, and they don’t bitch and moan nearly as much as servers do, and it makes you look like a complete fool. You complain that you need tips yet when someone says their server was rude and snobby, you claim it’s bc they’ve worked 7 hours, yet wouldn’t you expect a server to be professional at all times in order to get a sufficient tip considering it’s the only income, in essence? Your statements contradict themselves, and to be honest, I hold zero empathy for any server complaining about working 7 hours or even 14-16, cry me a river. Try working 13, 16, 24, 26, and 32 hour shifts, while making peanuts for pay and barred from accepting any sort of tip, you get no break at all (fire depts and private companies are different, private companies do not sleep or hang out in quarters like Fire does, unless you’re on a 24, then u may be allowed 4-5 hours of intermittent sleep, and most of the time, you’re sent around to each hospital doing equipment checks when you should be getting sleep), you’re lucky to get 1 “meal” during shift which is usually a small snack from a convenience store, and you have to worry about keeping people alive. So please, shut up with the woe is me bullshit, you serve food.

    1. Shay

      Lmao, you’re the entitled twat that picked your profession, knowing what crap pay you were going to receive. Don’t hate because we can make multiple hundreds of dollars in a 4 hour shift. Maybe you should pick up a serving job if you’re strapped for cash. 🙂

    2. miss kitty

      EMTs really need to be paid more. That’s ridiculous.

      But there’s no need to lash out at the rest of us at the bottom of the ladder. We’re all getting screwed, worn out and hung to dry by those miserable sods at the top. Hating us for hating privileged rich bitches is wasted energy dude. Hate the entitled rich cunts who are making our lives hell with us.

    3. Darryl Rossignol

      I’ve found over the course of many years that anyone that complains online and uses themselves as an example to refute what they disagree with, are lying, or bare minimum exaggerating greatly. I’ve known EMTs and they’ve described their job to me. Firstly, I’m not sure I believe that you’re an EMT, but if you are, you’re not being truthful. You know you’re lying. The people unfortunate enough to read your comment know you’re lying. You’re an angry and bitter little man. That’s sad for you but we don’t really care. Nice to know that somewhere in the world there is an EMT driving around with no empathy for his fellow man. Have a nice day 🙂

    4. Susan

      Ah another self satisfied “trained job” cunt. You’re hilarious dude. Fuck off we all have shitty jobs we all have hard lives and if you don’t like driving an ambulance, SHUT UP and don’t drive it. Serving doesn’t make you uneducated. Driving an ambulance doesn’t make you anything but a driver. You’re a taxicab for dead people. I salute you.

      1. Torro Pequeño

        Wow that’s fkn crude. They’re also the “taxi” driver who saves a life by giving proper care….

        I agree this guy was a total and complete dick. But no need to stoop down and talk to him on his level. So many people replying who are equally as ignorant and condescending about someone in a similar position – except one person saves lives. WE (being in hospo for 10 years) just serve food.

        Yes. It is sooooo frustrating when you get C-U-Next-Tuesday’s. But we signed up for this , and no matter what profession, you’re gonna have to deal with dicks.

        Let’s just smile and give them their well-done steak, mmmkay?

    5. Cait

      Until you have worked in a restaurant or bar, I wouldn’t judge. You have absolutely NO idea and your hostility is downright unpleasant.

    6. jonesi anderson

      I think your missing the point of the post. Yes, she added the hours that the waiter ‘might’ have worked, but that wasnt the story being told. The women was pissed that she was told that brunch was over, because it was. She then took it apon herself to be a twat about it and snarkly tell her ” I dont think so. Why dont you go ask your manager! k, hun”? That was her being a snobby, self entitled brat. The server had no power to change the brunch time. She was doing her job. It was clearly the customer that was antagonizing, which probably downed the servers attitude ( as she was being treated like dirt ) Moreover, the only thing that you proved in your comment was that you think that people should only be tired if they’ve worked as hard as you. In essance, you dont think highly of any customer service jobs which is probably what prompted you to add your piece of the pie. Not for a structured argument, but to solidify that “your better than them”.

    7. Brooke

      I am a nurse as well as a bartender and let me tell you, I was more overworked and underpaid bartending and serving than I was being a nurse. Don’t belittle their job because they do work very hard and have to deal with a lot of bullshit. True, there are some sorry servers and bartenders out there but there are also sorry nurses, doctors, EMT’s, etc. I have worked an 18 hour shift in the service industry several times (without a break/meal) and then some days had to turn around after two hours of sleep and do it again. It isn’t always a “seven hour” shift. Most of them work at least 12 hours. You help people and that is great, but don’t think so highly of yourself because after a long and emotional day in the healthcare field, most of us doctors and nurses bit the bar where the bartenders and servers helped us unwind and come together and remember why we do what we do.

    8. JEIH

      Can we switch places, because i have worked those hours as a server, everyone thinks their job is tougher than someone elses until they walked a mile in that person shoe, i would LOVE to switch places with you for a week or so, and let you figure out how it really works in restaurants and see how much money you actually make in tips at the end of the week. thats comedy if you think you could handle it. :-D, dont be an ass and judge until you have the right to. Oh your probably one of those people that had a server or host position as a kid then your wealthy parents said you dont have to. Amiright?

      1. JEIH

        Chris P: Can we switch places, because i have worked those hours as a server, everyone thinks their job is tougher than someone elses until they walked a mile in that person shoe, i would LOVE to switch places with you for a week or so, and let you figure out how it really works in restaurants and see how much money you actually make in tips at the end of the week. thats comedy if you think you could handle it. :-D, dont be an ass and judge until you have the right to. Oh your probably one of those people that had a server or host position as a kid then your wealthy parents said you dont have to. Amiright?

    9. the bartender

      That doesn’t entitle people to treat other people (yep, this means servers are people) terribly. No one is saying it’s an important job. I’ll be working 19 hours from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon this weekend. Are my feet, legs and back going to be sore? Oh yeah. Will I inevitably have to take care of people like you and a whole assortment of people who think they’re entitled to treat me subhuman because I’m “just a bartender”? Just as sure as my plantar fasciitis will be gracing me and my knees will hurt due to my high arches which I can’t find reasonably priced shoes for and each step of my 20 mile work days will be pulling at my ligaments. (you guessed it, 20 miles is approximately how much we walk in that period of time. More if mistakes are made in the kitchen). My job isn’t important and it does allow me to pay for my life but I am a goddamned person. I get one day off a week. I usually get a chance to pee once during a double because I’m concerned with my guests not having their water glasses full and getting their food just as they wanted it and being able to get everything they want and still making it to their date night movie or back to work because they’re on their break. I am just a server but I care even when the general public treats us like garbage. I am better than that and would never treat someone as terribly as people treat me or my coworkers. I think you would be surprised at the fresh new ways people think of to insult, humiliate and debase us all while we keep positive and smile at them and keep our eye on the prize. I would wait on someone after close but only if the kitchen was ok with it. My brother was a soldier (not was as in he passed thank god), I appreciate the fact that more costly things are done and more sacrifices are made in other professions. I’m not blind to how ludicrous it is that we’re basically high end panhandlers. Regardless of feelings, it is in fact a job and we are still human and do deserve to be treated with common courtesy and respect.

    10. Ryan

      You chose that career, yes? They chose to be in food & beverage. You are correct in saying there is no comparison, but there are rules in every vocation and they are there for a reason. They can rightly complain for being disrespected by guests just as you can rightly complain about the challenges of your CHOSEN career. It’s not realistic to compare your challenges to theirs. So do you also blast secretaries, receptionist, retail workers, construction workers, etc, saying they do not have the right to complain because their jobs are not as “admirable” as yours? What about the janitor at the hospital or the mechanic that makes sure your ambulance runs well? I am sure you have saved many people’s lives and fixed others up just right. I commend you on choosing such a challenging & rewarding & life affecting career, I hope you have more compassion for your patients, some of whom probably work in F&B. Stay safe, keep on doing your life impacting work and take care.

    11. Fuck you

      You chose your job. Many servers are there because they are also in school trying to create a better life for themselves. How about you go shut the fuck up and do your job. 24 hour shifts TWICE a fucking week. Good grief.

    12. Cam

      Um, that’s an interesting read. I worked 11 hrs today (double) and made some decent money, but did work like a fiend. I’m home now and extremely exhausted as it’s a truly constant physical job as a server. I did not, however, get any breaks during said shift to eat nor pee. So, I’m home now eating and peeing. In my experience, most people treat firefighters and EMTs with constant gratitude, and you deserve such. I think I do, too. I like my job and do my very best every shift. I do not, however, receive constant gratitude, despite the fact I treat guests as I would if they were in my own home. I dated a fire Lieutenant for some time so have a realistic idea of what your job entails. They actually hit the market each shift to get enough to cook their home cooked meal, which was nice. Some shifts were worse than others, but they went in knowing the drill…as we do. Thank you, though, for your input, well, except the “shut up” and “bullshit” parts. {{You fucking dumb-ass, narrow-minded, cock-sucking, twat waffle excuse for a human being.}}

    13. sheryl

      If you don’t want to hear servers comp.ain maybe you shouldn’t be on a site call bitchy waiter or are you just that lonely you have to get attention even if it’s negative. Troll

    14. Leah

      Who picked that job? Oh right, you did. If you were so worried about getting sleep and having a better pay check, why not get a better paying job? Also, sometimes your 13 plus hour shift is you sitting on your ass waiting for something to happen. Servers are always on their feet running around like crazy to help people like you, Chris, get re-energized to finish your lousy shift.
      All servers want, as humans, is to be treated with respect. Not like “the help”. It is a very humbling job to have and very rewarding at the same time.
      Best if luck to you and your shitty life.

    15. Erin

      Omg, shut up! Who do you think you are?!?! I’m a nurse & a server part time & I can tell you the serving is far more taxing you ssshole! 7 hours of dealing with douches like you is worse than 14 hours in the er!! & quit being a whiny little bitch about sleep! That’s why we all dislike you!

    16. Samantha

      I would never talk down to a paramedic, or whatever you are, Chris. I am a bartender/server, and so are many others on here and we deserve just as much respect as you do. If you don’t think running around on your feet for 7 hours, trying to remember every fucking glass of water and extra ranch dressing all of your tables ask for, when everyone comes into your restaurant and sits down at the exact same time and looks at you needily and hungrily, when the tiniest mistake ruins someone’s meal and your tip, when the kitchen yells at you because your customer needs something re-made because they didn’t see there was avocados on it and are deathly allergic… You know what, fuck you, Chris. Your job might be stressful, but so is ours, and that’s why it’s nice to have a place like this to commiserate. Anyone who has ever served knows how hard it is, and how highly stressful it is, it looks easy to you because we’re good at our jobs and good at acting like we’re having a good time.

    17. Joseph

      Yes but if you want your service to be good, follow the fucking rules. I’m sure not everything in your field goes to plan, and I’m sure because this is your industry that you know better, or at the very least more than the person you’re working with. When that person tells you to go against protocol I’m sure you’d be just as upset.

      Also, give me a handful of other professions where your customer decides, based on their wonderful wisdom of your industry, how much you’re going to be making at the end of the day. You probably have a pretty stable paycheck that you can count on. Us? Every day is different. Every month is different. Every holiday is different, every restaurant is different.

      If I had a special menu for pricks lIke you, I’d make the cheapest, most appealing to to poor people, item on the menu a “bag of dicks” and watch you choke on it while I stand in front of your empty water glass with a pitcher of ice cold ” go fuck yourself”

    18. melissa foix

      While I absolutely respect what paramedics, firefighters, police officers and soldiers do and the long hard hours that they commit themselves to their jobs, I in no way as a server “just serve food”. That is like saying that you as a paramedic just gives people bandaids. There are good and bad aspects of every job, just as there are good and bad people. Getting screamed at, disrespected, treated poorly and even physically abused can be found in any job working with the public. While 99% of people remind me why I love what I do, it is the 1% found EVERYWHERE that can be difficult to swallow. As a human race we all comisserate with each other on that 1%. As a server/bartender I am a therapist, a friend, a mother and I treat people with manners, courtesy and respect. I walk at least 5 miles in a shift, dripping sweat with a smile on my face. My problems are left at the time clock and my only focus is you the customer. I have at least 40 of you at a time with individual needs. I love my job whether I make less then minimum wage or triple minimum wage. Its not the money. Its not that I think my job is better then someone else’s. Its about respect. I am not the help or just a server or your personal slave. I have a job to do and I do it with pride, with or without your respect!

    19. BigAmbs

      You need to shut up! Nobody on this page gives a shit about your job or what you go through. This is a page for servers. If you don’t like what we have to say then stay the fuck off the page. I bartend, serve, and I’m a full time nursing student. This wasn’t someone complaining about how long their shift was, this was someone venting about an experience with a shitty customer. If you want to bitch about your job as an EMT or whatever it is you do, visit a page for that. This is not the place for that.

    20. I serve food

      Wow looks like YOU need a new job ! You POOR thing! Shut up with your woe is me! You’re bitching about how servers bitch yet you’re completely bitching about your job . Wierd.

    21. Alisa frasee

      It’s not the hours that is the issue as much as the way this person talked to her and put her down with all the comments …and every profession has different issues …u can’t relate your job with serving’s not the same at all…u do work hard ..u are saving lives …so really your argument really is irrelevant here …it can’t compare at’s obvious your job is so much more hard and stressful..bit being a server for 25 years it is hard with how people are rude and insulting ..almost degrading alot of the time’s shameful …and ya u shouldnt come into a restaurant and expect and demand it’s childish….and by the way u can’t compare like I said u r saving lives . So dont mske us feel bad for what we experienced over years ….it’s a give and take world and being a server is very stressful and abusive sometimes well as rewarding and lucrative…she had a right to feel what she felt ..don’t make your job higher or that we r whiners’s ridiculous

    22. Fuck You

      Hahaha shut the fuck up, my friends an EMT and all he does is stand around 90% of the time waiting for a call and getting free starbucks/meals from strangers hahaha you’re such a fucking joke.

  22. TwentyYears&Counting

    Yet another example of someone with no self esteem making herself feel like she’s worth more than the gum on the bottom of my car tire by overriding “the help.” Um, I’m sure she at least ate some spit. 🙂

  23. Christina Garcia

    I was already too psyched reading the serious ass chewing u gave this twat, but the icing on the cake was that you have a book coming out soon and I’m buying every server in my job a copy!!!!

  24. Shannon

    This really irks me. Its not usually the server who cares about what time brunch is over, or any time for that matter (other than of course wanting to end their shift), usually it is the kitchen and manager who are the sticklers about keeping the time set, usually the kitchen or manager will say absolutely not since you are setting a precedent for next time and other customers. Then of course, when faced with the actual customer and complaints the kitchen and manager will give in, making the server look like a complete ass and like the bad guy. The server didn’t set the time, the server didn’t make the rules, she was just the message relayer…..

    1. Sara

      So true- when I had a restaurant my servers would have served breakfast all day, no skin off their nose as long as the customers wanted it. It was the kitchen that had to switch over to lunch at 11:00, no later, no exceptions. The kitchen physically was too small to run two full menus out of it, and lunch was easier and more profitable. Easy call. But hard on the servers who had to explain it!

    2. Frances Evans Poston

      This is so true… But it’s always the severs fault even when the steak is over cooked like the sever there self cooked it,, we take all the shit while everyone one else smiles and says come again

    3. Laura

      This is spot on! as Bitchy mentioned earlier, not only the server is involved. cooks, bussers, dishwashers etc adding up to a cost far higher to the owner than any profit that might be made.

      I have actually had my kitchen staff be gone b4 closing time as they decided they were done! then I look like an ass but I get to explain that there is no one there to cookthier food and they really do not want me to!!

  25. jay

    If you look at the facebook comments from the last few days worth of your blog posts, she’s been leaving skid marks all over.

  26. Dana

    Seriously, this is the most satisfying thing to read! You say exactly what I am thinking! These people need to be fucking throat punched hahahahaha

  27. Heather

    You are my hero – that is all. I love how you so eloquently put these people in their places every.single.time!!! Thank you

    1. Emily

      I with you haha… So right agree 100%… it’s not just that waiters that had to stay.. A cook maybe a dishwasher… The manager should have stayed and took care of bitch friend… I probably would have accidentally slipped with a glass of water real close to that chick…


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