It’s Not My Job to Charge Your Phone

iphone-battery-deadDear Customer,

I don’t care about your technology issues. They do not affect me. Please do not ask me if we have an electrical outlet somewhere that you can charge your phone, because this is a restaurant and not an iPhone charging center. Why would you expect me to carry your phone to the side stand for you and charge it just so you can be sure to have enough battery left when you leave to check your Tinder? No, we don’t have any outlets “right here.” They are away from you and if I take your phone and plug it in and it’s somewhere you can’t see it, who is responsible when water is spilled on it or it is stolen? Me. I get that you really want to have enough power to snap a flash photo of your calamari so you can send it to Instagram and Yelp, but it really isn’t my problem. The same thing goes for your iPad. And no, I don’t have “an extra charger” either. If you ask me to charge your phone, I will say no. I will make up some story about how our manager won’t allow us to do it.  If I see some random phone that is being charged in the side stand and I find out that it belongs to a customer, I am going to take that phone and give it to the dishwasher and ask him to go take another picture of his junk. It will be a nice surprise for you when you look at your gallery later: Juan’s big uncut burrito. Mucho grande, no?

Do not ask your server to charge your phone. 

Also, I don’t know why you don’t have a signal in my station. Maybe I would care a little bit more about a signal if I was allowed to have my phone with me while on the floor, but I am not so I don’t give a flying T-Mobile fuck about how many bars you have or don’t have. Put the goddamn phone in your pocket for thirty minutes and why don’t you try to have a real connection with someone for a change, like maybe with the person you came to eat with. Facebook will not dry up and blow away if you don’t check-in and no, we don’t give any discounts because you are the mayor on Foursquare. I don’t know what that means. Stop asking.

For those of you who do have enough battery to take pictures, enough already. At least let me put the goddamn plate down before you start doing a photo shoot of your penne pasta. None of your friends on Facebook are sitting at home waiting to see what you had for dinner. Trust me, they don’t care.

In conclusion, let me reiterate that no server wants to take your phone and charge it for you. It is annoying to us and not our responsibility. No amount of “pretty please” is going to make me want to carry your $200 toy away from your table and babysit it for the next half-hour. Do not try to convince me. And remember: if you do find a server to do it, you might just end up with some questionable photos of a very large Latino penis. Actually, maybe for some of you it’s worth a shot just to get your own private photos of a burrito dick.

The Bitchy Waiter


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