The Mom from the Diner Defends Her Actions. I Disagree.

Image via The Washington Post

Image via The Washington Post

Unless you live under a rock and your names is Springs1, you have certainly heard by now the story about the Portland, Maine diner owner who yelled at a baby after the parents failed to do anything about the crying for 40 minutes. I blogged about it a couple of days ago myself which you should read here because my version of the story is better than any other version on the Internet. Well, the mother has written her side of the story for the Washington Post and it’s all kinds of annoying. As if the Washington Post hadn’t lowered their standards enough when they did a story on me, now they have really scraped the bottom of the barrel.

The mother’s name is Tara Carson and I would like to take this opportunity now to say hello to Tara because you know she has a Google alert on herself and is gobbling up every last second of her fifteen minutes of fame. Allow me, if you will, to study several lines of her rendition of that fateful day and respond to each of them:

Making national news was the last thing we expected on our quiet summer getaway to Maine this week. However, since you’re a marketing manager in New York City you are thrilled at the chance to get some press about you and your family, right?

We had stayed overnight in Portland, a place close to our hearts where my husband spent a lot of time in the Coast Guard. Nice attempt at playing the Coast Guard/military angle in order to get some sympathy for your side.

When we arrived, we were told there would be a 30-minute wait for a table. I hope you had some fucking crackers in your bag to appease your baby daughter because waiting thirty minutes makes everyone grumpy. Hell, I’m 48-years old and I get pretty bitchy when I have to wait that long for a table.

I ordered pancakes for my daughter, which took about 40 minutes to arrive. At this point, my 21-month-old was getting antsy. I read that the diner warned you that the pancakes would take a while, but you still thought that after waiting half an hour for a table, your daughter would be able to wait even longer for food? And we all know that “antsy” is a code for “screaming like a goat who has a beer can stuck in its throat.”

She wasn’t having a meltdown, so we decided to stay in our corner booth rather than go outside in the rain. In the noisy diner I didn’t see anyone looking at us or think we were causing a disturbance. Again, we all know that “wasn’t having a meltdown” is code for “she was totally having a meltdown.” And I also see what you did there by telling us you were in a corner booth. You think that a corner booth somehow creates a sound barrier that doesn’t allow the bone-rattling shrieks of a starving child to waft beyond your table.

When the food came, my daughter was still fussing. “Fussing” is code for “screeching like a bat out of hell that is being fisted by Bigfoot without any lube.”

Out of nowhere, Marcy’s Diner owner Darla Neugebauer threw to-go containers at my husband and yelled, “Either she goes or you go!” So, what you’re saying is that Darla gave you the option of staying. All you had to do was put your daughter in her stroller (I’m sure it was on of those really big ones and you had it parked in a very inconvenient place) and send her out in the rain. Then you and your Coast Guard hero of a husband could have stayed. You see? Darla was being nice.

She seemed so unprofessional that we didn’t take it seriously. Our waitress seemed embarrassed by the owner’s behavior too. My guess is that the waitress was only pretending to be embarrassed in order to make you feel better. In reality, she was was probably grateful that she works for someone who doesn’t stand for parents who don’t know how to parent their own children.

A few minutes later, Neugebauer, now behind the grill, slammed her hands on the counter. She pointed at my baby’s face and screamed, “You need to shut the hell up!” My husband replied, “Are you serious? Are you really yelling at a toddler right now?” “As serious as a heart attack,” she said, with fury in her eyes. Okay, she yelled it from behind the grill, so it’s not like it was right in your baby’s face or anything. And if she was “fussing” and “not having a meltdown” and being “antsy” for forty minutes, why did it take a complete stranger to make you figure out that it was too much? And I love the “with fury in her yes” bit, but why not really go for it and take some poetic license? Might I suggest the following: “She bellowed as if she had been saving up a thousand years worth of frustration and the words spewed forth from her mouth like a volcano erupting with lava that was filled with vile resentment, sulfur and the hatred of an angry God.” That’s much better, don’t you think Tara?

I’ll never forget the look of fear on my baby’s face. Because you probably took a picture with your cell phone and now it’s your profile picture on Facebook, right?

It was then that I turned to my daughter and said calmly, “This is exactly how I’m raising you not to be.” Umm, she’s 21 months old. I doubt she has the cognitive ability to understand that teaching moment, Tara, but whatever.

We then paid the bill, tipped the waitress 25 percent and left. Uh huh. Right. Sure you did.

I thought that was that. But after I left a Facebook post about my experience on the Marcy’s Diner page… If you really thought “that was that,” you would not have gone to the trouble to find the Facebook page and write more about it.

All of a sudden, thousands of strangers were commenting on my parenting skills. Add me to that list of strangers commenting on your parenting skills, because if your baby was crying consistently for forty minutes, you made the wrong decision when you thought it was okay to stay there and make everyone else deal with your child.

What got lost is that it’s never okay to yell at a baby, especially if you own a restaurant. What also got lost was that a business owner has a right to refuse service to anyone they choose, even a 21-month old baby.

She should not have thrown things or yelled or cursed. But she did, Blanche! She did throw things, yell and curse!

Babies cry and sometimes moms make the call between a tantrum in the loud diner or going out into the rain. And sometimes it’s the wrong call. By the way, there is this new-fangled invention that helps people deal with rain. It’s called an umbrella. Look into it.

It’s compassion I try to model for my daughter. I wish others would do the same. It’s a civilized restaurant that most diners want to sit in and I wish parents who let their children cry for 40 minutes would do something about it before a diner owner has to finally snap and throw a to-go container at the family to make them take notice that their child’s behavior is unacceptable.

Thanks Tara, for the great read. You are absolutely hysterical. If (let’s be honest: WHEN) you get the Google alert about yourself make sure you reach out and say hello to me. And this concludes my rant on the infamous Diner-Gate Scandal of 2015. That is, unless something else comes out about it that I can’t resist putting my two cents in about.

87 thoughts on “The Mom from the Diner Defends Her Actions. I Disagree.

  1. Jane

    Okay, nevermind, this is annoying as balls. Her style was less obviously precious the first time she told this story.

  2. Dave

    The child should be whisked quickly from the mother’s arms and the cunty mother shot summarily in the head, ending her twatty, entitled life immedately.

  3. Em

    “She seemed so unprofessional that we didn’t take it seriously”

    What does that even mean? If the owner is allegedly being “unprofessional” towards them, then why would they IGNORE her warning? To me, that’s the stupidest and most entitled-customer/parented qui choice of actions they could’ve possibly taken.

  4. Lee

    Oh, it gets better! John was a former triathlete who was hit by an SUV years ago. He’s what is called a “walking quadraplegic”, so I’m a little surprised that Twat didn’t bring up how brave and noble he is – plus what a miracle it was that they were able to conceive Keira at all. There have been several articles about him. Here’s one:

    No only did this pampered woman kick it up a notch by taking it to facebook – she also riled up the mommy-and-me bloggers.

    His old man is loaded. They live out on Long Beach, NY and no doubt they fit in beautifully.

    Tara may face some consequences once her puppet masters at JetBlue are done with her for still more shitty publicity for their (shitty) airline. Let’s hope she finds herself unemployed.

    Did anyone catch that she stated in her article on The Washington Post that it was raining when they set out, raining while they waited and raining when they were told to get out? Guess how much rain fell in Portland, ME that day? 1/10 of an inch.

    I feel sorry for their daughter. I feel worse for the nanny who was part of their entourage and who probably ran away the minute they turned their backs on her upon arriving at their destination. Can you imagine what these people will be like to their kid’s teachers?

    Too bad there isn’t a way to get both of the parents sterilized before they ruin yet another young life.

  5. Jada

    Hoo-boy, I’m retired CG and oh, how I know this type of military wife all too well. Pulling the CG angle lets me know that she’s just as full of shit as I originally imagined she was.

  6. Michael

    Erin- so sorry you found so little success as a waitperson. The insults toward TBW are just petty. I know many folks in the industry who have six-figure incomes and support families and buy homes and send their kids to college. It can be and certainly is an enjoyable occupation. I’ve done it. You bringing age into the equation is totally silly and dismissive. You have shown yourself to be a bitter person.

    To the subject of the post- that woman trying to gin up sympathy for the ridicule she has received since she chose to broadcast her experience… can of worms. You opened it. Deal with it. If the child was hungry when you got to the restaurant… Good grief, don’t you know your child by now? Give her something to eat! Don’t wait in a long line with a longer serving wait with a hungry child. Just sheer stupidity. As for the owner? She showed more patience than would have I. I would have nipped that little tantrum in the bud by telling them to leave as soon as it became apparent that the parents were being derelict in their duties as parents.

    1. E J Butner

      I have worked at the U.S. Postal Service for 30 years, mostly at the retail counter. I have one, and only one, reply to the clueless parents who feel it is ok to trash an office instead of parenting a child. A stern look, a point of a finger (no, not that one!) a come here gesture, and the words “get your child under control, or get out. Time to parent up!” When the expected look of astonishment comes, I hand her (or him!) a card with my name, my boss’s name , and numbers. Bring it up with them, and make sure you all wave at the security cameras on your way out! It is all on tape!

  7. Ada

    I’m a mom of two toddler boys that I don’t take to any restaurants unless it’s unavoidable. They fight, they whine, they cry. Kids are annoying; especially when they’re hungry. If they come with ha to a restaurant, I make sure I have something to entertain them while we wait for our food or its bad times for everyone. I don’t even like them standing up on their seat in the booths looking at other people because it’s rude. Keep your kids contained. There’s a reason the other people in the restaurant don’t have kids with them or at all. Nobody likes to hear a crying child while trying to enjoy a meal.

  8. T

    Wow, all these fucktards! I’m surprised one of you didn’t think child services needed to be called because of a child throwing a temper tantrum. Please, all of you act like you haven’t seen or had a child scream or cry in public. Smh

    1. Anonymous

      How ironic that you called them fucktards when you’re one yourself. If you can’t handle child haters mentioning how much they hate kids online, don’t bother to fuckin’ post here.

  9. Sue Shiflett

    Easy fix, parents – teach your kids to not disturb other diners who are trying to enjoy a nice meal or leave them at home or with a sitter assuming you can find one to put up with their bad behavior. Why would you assume that strangers should put up with kids that you yourself can’t control? That is wrong in more ways than I can say.

  10. FullServiceRage

    I agree with Beth and SG. There was fault on both sides. Tara’s response was pretty heavy handed with guilt inducing phrasing. Ultimately the owner does what she wants and deals with the repercussions (or reaps the rewards) of her actions. My only fear is: Did the server ACTUALLY received the 25%?

  11. sally

    My question is, if these parents are this neglectful of their child in public, what does the poor thing have to endure at home where no one is intervening?

  12. Erin

    Maybe you’re still a bitchy waiter at forty something because you have this shit attitude. Everyone in the situation could have probably done something different to avoid this entirely, no one is ever without fault, but that bitchy owner was the worst. As are you. And all of you other bitchy waiters/waitresses, unless you want to be doing that shitty job until your also forty something, get unbitchy fast. That attitude gets you no where. Get a life. -A non bitchy former waitress. (But I will bitchily say, this persona you have is old and tired.)

      1. Andrew

        dude a lot of my friends are waiters/waitresses b/c they make more than the positions their degrees qualify them for. Some of the people saying its a “sh*t” job, or implying that you are somehow lesser, or unaccomplished for serving food, are probably drowning it debt while they enjoy their sedentary cubicle jobs (like me!).

        Good post, I enjoyed the writing style.

    1. Mangler

      You say you’re a former waitress. Sorry you couldn’t handle the “shitty” job. But I will say you do a mighty fine job keeping the sidewalk clear of gum and cigarette butts in front of the rehab facility.

  13. Ashley

    I don’t get it. The baby was “antsy” and “fussing” but then at the end she says that she has to make the call between having a tantrum in a restaurant or being outside in the rain… which is it, Mom? And yes, being in the rain sucks, but in this option, you inconvenience yourself; staying in the restaurant inconveniences a room full of people.
    I think in this situation, both the owner and the mother are to blame.

  14. Rose

    I’m a server myself and when children act up the last thing you want is to listen to it. I also have a 4 year old and when he misbehaves I take him out of the restaurant. Having your meal ruined by a screaming child is the worst. I understand the owner getting upset like that. And as a mother, I would never make my 2 year old wait 70 minutes for food. Why did she not have little toys or snacks before the meal came? Such an obvious thing about parenting I thought.

  15. Dr Landy

    I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful new trend where we remind ignorant parents to….TAKE YOUR CRYING CHILDREN OUT OF RESTAURANTS AND STORES…..You’re rude and annoying and a huge discomfort to the entire establishment. YOUR CHILD NEEDS SOME KIND OF ATTENTION! you have either overwhelmed or underwhelmed the little treasure and IT’S YOUR JOB AS PARENT TO MEET THE CHILD’S NEEDS…….RIGHT NOW! People in a public place should not have to listen to your screaming progeny, at all, not now, not ever!

    1. Quinn

      Yes, just so much yes! there are times when a public tantrum is unavoidable you say no to the child and the child flips out however in that situation you remove the child from the public place.

  16. Mr. Grey

    I loved the Bigfoot line, Bitchy!

    Now, I don’t think that the owner should have shouted at the kid. But, you know what? I don’t blame her. The mother talks about compassion and how people should try and be nicer to each other. But part of being a decent and respectful member of society is not thinking that, just because you have a child, others have to put up with it. How about a little compassion for the other people in the diner? But, no. Instead, she talks about depending on other diners’ compassion or something. Talk about entitled. How about a little compassion for your fellow dine?

  17. SG

    So sad all around. I have to have a way to keep my kids happy when we go out. We play little games, or sing little songs (quietly), or (heaven forbid) I give them my phone to listen to music. As a waitress, maybe offering some crackers would have been a little more tactful? Both sides acted wrongfully and disrespectfully to each other. As a mom I LOVE when diners offer crayons and pictures. So helpful, and places that show they care about me with my kids will be revisited :). However, I would have done SOMETHING about a tantrum instead of letting it go so long.

  18. MW

    “Hell, I’m 48-years old and I get pretty bitchy when I have to wait that long for a table.”

    BW, what do you mean you GET pretty bitchy? Do you expect us to believe you’re ever NOT pretty bitchy?

  19. Jim

    As a parent, one does not take a toddler to a restaurant and allow them to misbehave. Don’t wait for a tantrum, as soon as the child even remotely wants to start up, you take them to the restroom or the car and deal with them.
    Another thing that many young folks don’t even know is prior to the early 1970’s, you did not take children to restaurants. It was an adult only sort of thing. When you watch old t.v. shows. like I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke, you NEVER see them take the kids out to eat. It is always a parent’s date night sort of thing.
    Never saw the Brady Bunch go out to eat.

    1. Beth

      Sorry Jim, children did go out to eat before 1970. Even the Brady Bunch. All sides lost in this situation. Parent should have a go bag containing change of clothes, wipes, water/ juice, and most important snacks. Never went anywhere without it. I have been a server for many years, and they have to control the table. Bring the kid some crackers, crayons, hell even just talk to the child for a minute. Two sides to every story. Crap happens and then we move on.

    1. Commonsense

      Your comment is so unnecessary. Shes telling the truth. Clearly you have never been a waiter/waitress because you would understand where she’s coming from. No one should have to put up with a child acting like that if they are paying to go out to a nice dinner. Parents should know better. It is extremely rude and iconsiderate to make everyone suffer because of their child’s bad behavior. Maybe the owner went a little overboard and should have entervened in a calmer manner right away instwad of waiting but she had a right to say something. Go sit in a room with a screaming child for 40 minutes and see how you enjoy it jerk.

      1. Fuck You

        Cuntonsense. I have sat in a room with my screaming child before you fucking moron. Nobody has the right to yell at a child like that. Enjoy your social justice warfare you smelly twat

        1. Anonymous

          Fuck off, you inconsiderate lyin’ piece o’ shit! He or she is right in what she or ehr told you. Obviously, you’re so blinded by your hatred for kid haters that you don’t what the hell they’ve been through. So you think that it’s fine for any brat of yours to disrupt other people like shit? If so, be prepared to have your ass handed to you.

      2. Fuck You

        oh, and you’re correct, I have never been a waiter. That is the lowest piece of shit job that you can get. I have worked customer service (2nd lowest) where rude redneck mothers put their screaming children next to the phone while I was assisting them. I didn’t need to shout at anyone, though. I just took it and did my job, like this loser should have done. Anyone who continues to cheer this sorry excuse of a woman should try doing the exact same thing that she did, every time you get a chance. You are bound to scream at the wrong person’s child pretty quickly.

        1. Anonymous

          You’re one judgmental bitch or son of one. Don’t think that everyone owes you anything ’cause you deserve NOTHIN’, you insensitive asshole.

  20. Chloe

    “screaming like a goat who has a beer can stuck in its throat”

    You are a true poet.

    Also reminiscent of the lovely Taggart from “Blazing Saddles”: you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.

  21. Mcgriddlepants Pants

    I totally agree with this lady. I wish I worked for her! Two thoughts:
    A. She owns the restaurant. She can do whatever she wants. She accepts responsibility for the consequences of her actions. If it turns into a restaurant that no one takes their babies, I bet it’d be a HUGE HIT among the childless population (myself included)
    B. Parents make choices. Last week, my brother and his wife took my fussy nephew outside for a walk to distract him, and he was still fussy, they waited about 2 minutes before they packed up and left. THEY UNDERSTAND. I’d be super embarrassed if my child acted like that, crying for 40 minutes. Compassion is NOT what she’s teaching her child. It’s apathy.

  22. Syd

    I once confiscated a steak knife from a three-year-old who was using it to mutilate his crayons. Once dad realized he was going to have to amuse his own son, he started to say something to me about the fact that I had taken the knife. After I informed him I was not going to watch while his son cut off his own fingers in the restaurant, he dropped the subject.

  23. AJ

    OMFG! The one thing that probably bugs me the most is that they keep calling this toddler a “21 month old baby”! That CHILD is 3 months from being 2. And anyone who has children knows that at any given time they can be the biggest asshole ever! If I were there I would’ve said something. I never let mine scream like that, I definitely don’t want to hear anyone else’s!

  24. A Resident of Portland, Maine

    One- I think your article is SPOT ON but I did want to make note of one key fact, as you might not be aware of :
    She made a point to mention it was raining and that her ‘pity pity me’ party article would show how ‘great’ of a Mother she is about making the choice to stay inside instead of going out in the rain with her baby daughter. blah… blah … blah….
    Let me please tell you that Marcy’s Diner is VERY SMALL corner diner.
    If you had to wait 30 minutes for table- as it is very small- the ONLY PLACE that they could have waited was OUTSIDE in the RAIN. For her not to be able to do that – is a flat out LIE

    1. AJ

      That’s what I said! And besides who visits somewhere that rains all the time with no umbrella? I thought that was basic knowledge…

  25. Squabmeat

    As a parent myself, let me say that children, especially toddlers, suck. Even worse are the parents that cart them along. Listen you rich fucks, get a sitter. Good lawd, there are so many cross-checked websites for poor people to safely watch your squallmeister that it’s a matter of minutes…like 30 or less! And awful, faux-concern for the poor waiter, the slimy-as-her-profession-allows pud grab towards the military, the did-I-do-that false naivete of the repercussions of her facebook post, showing up on other social madia, and even the LETTER TO WAPO (seriously guys, shame on you), all adds up to a truly miserable…husband. Jesus guy, you are going to start drrrrrrINKING…or you know, working out constantly until you blow a gasket. Ever see Key and Peele? Remember that awful caricature Meegan? Yeah, I’m sensing that sort of worldview from your wife. I am so sorry man. Save yourself. Good luck. And keep your kid quiet. Jesus! Fury! I wonder if anyone has gotten in touch with the waiter to see if she actually tipped…journalistic integrity here!

  26. Jessica

    I swear part of mommy training should include being a waitress for a year. Maybe then they wouldn’t let their crotch fruit loose in a restaurant or anywhere for that matter.just because your so tuned out to their screams doesn’t mean the rest of the world is!

    1. Lotta

      I agree. One of my siblings has kids and she enjoys making things difficult for waitstaff. To her, it’s very validating to watch s

  27. Krista

    Without realizing the background on the mother, at first I was against the diner owner for yelling at the child. No matter how you slice it, it’s not the child’s fault. HOWEVER, making a child under two wait for over an hour for food was the idiot mother’s fault, all the way. The diner owner snapped, which as the mother of a toddler I can admit to understanding, and now the mother is trying to spin it. The mother is more in the wrong because it’s her responsibility to care for her child and she wasn’t.

        1. Cameron Grey Rose

          a few years ago a woman let her kids get crumbs and food all over the carpet of restaurant. The owner saw what a mess they were making and told them to leave. She called the local TV station “I have to take my kids everywhere! MY HUSBAND IS IN THE MILITARY! he’s fight for this woman’s freedom and she’s banning my children”

          yeah that’s the problem not that your kids eat like rutting pigs.

  28. Gilbey

    She and her sperm donor look like they need a good dose of cancer. Give him brain cancer, and nothing less than breast cancer for her so she can really enjoy the insurance money with no hair and no tits. Get off my back, I’ve had plenty of people close to me affected by cancer in all sorts of ways and I can wish it on a couple of douchebags if I want! These are the kind of people and their crotch droppings that make public miserable for me. I do not want to see, smell or hear your damn babby when I’m eating, and I will not acknowledge it when it tries to wave at me in the store nor will I save it from impending doom because you are a negligent moo cow!

    1. Krista

      You win for the absolute rudest, most disgusting comment. I would hazard a guess that even the annoying Screaming-Toddler’s-Mom has more respect than you.

    2. Rachel

      Okay now, I don’t agree with the mothers actions either but you’re a real piece of shit saying something like this.

      And it’s baby you fucken retard.

      1. MW

        “And it’s baby you fucken retard.”

        I’m not picking sides here, but I feel I must point out that if you’re going to call him a retard for misspelling “baby” wrong, you might want to actually spell “fucking” correctly. Pot, meet Kettle 🙂

        1. Jess

          Hey MW, it’s not wise to correct someone else’s spelling if your grammar is not proper. “Misspelling “baby” wrong” is not correct either. You can either say, “spelling baby wrong”, or “misspelling baby”. Bitchy, I love love love your articles. They give me entertainment every single day while I’m at my own serving job dealing with dumbasses and dumbasses who’ve bred. Let’s face it, they’re all ignorant!

      2. Hal Spencer

        using the tern retard to describe someone is just as offensive as what the man about said about the family.

    3. K

      Wow, that’s not bitchy, that’s cruel. Why would you take it to such a low level? That says a lot about your character.

    4. Quinn

      I am a mom, and I agree with you. I don’t take my children to nice restaurants and when I do take them to family friendly restaurants they behave or we leave. my 6 year old threw a temper tantrum at Family Dollar today over a toy.. guess what he didn’t get… We left without anything and I had to go to another store to get what I needed.

    5. Shez

      I was going to say “blahblah cancer blah” but you are so right. You can wish whatever on whomever however you want. I totally agree with all your sentiments about crotchlings and entitled parental units. As a parent myself, I know my kids are being dragged up right when the exact same criticisms you have come from their 11 & 13 year old mouths. Adults should be able to dine and experience the world without the unreasonable disruption of idiots and their children. Idiots breed idiots.

      1. Lotta

        It’s time people in society stop pretending that cancer is some kind of saint making illness. I’ve known several people who also got cancer and were still wretched people (cheaters, abusers, narcissists and the like). It doesn’t magically make a person worthy of sympathy and praise just because it’s cancer and not heart disease or something else.

        Also, just my 2 pennies – wishing cancer on someone is just harmless schadenfreude. If wishing cancer on someone actually made them get cancer, then that would be a different story. But whining that it’s “mean” is just pearl-clutching posturing by people who wish to place themselves on a moral plane above others.

        No adult human alive is not guilty of wishing harm on others at some point of frustration. It’s a human way of dealing with things that is better than the old way of dealing with things where we would just kill the offending person. Like if that business owner beat the baby in the head with a brick to shut it up, now that would be a news story!

        I’m a bit tired of non-stories like this (A mother gets her precious feelings hurt or is angry over some minor incident at a restaurant or on a plane and suddenly needs national media attention right now!) being big news, but I did love your breakdown, Bitchy.

    6. Steve

      Don’t wish physical harm or ailment. Just wish they’d go away. Go away from Maine, go away from their work of fanning the flames via facebook, Washington Post commentary, etc. These parents wanted their 15 minutes of fame and have done everything within their powers to get it, and more.

    7. Steve

      Don’t wish physical harm or ailment. Just wish they’d go away. Go away from Maine, go away from their work of fanning the flames via facebook, Washington Post commentary, etc. These parents wanted their 15 minutes of fame and have done everything within their powers to get it, and more..

  29. Jen

    Bitchy, I love your site so much! It blows my mind to see parents of unruly children let them do as they see fit at the expense of other diners. This happens constantly at my store, and I’ve watched customers leave because their quiet night out (which they have paid for their own babysitter so they could enjoy their night out in peace) has turned into a nightmare. She blames the diner’s owner, but refuses to accept any blame herself. The only thing she is teaching her precious little monster is that their family is perfect and does no wrong and the whole world is out to get them. Sad, right? I can only imagine when that hell child becomes a preteen or teenager. Yikes!

  30. jude vansevelde

    I work in a small diner..have for 27 years. I have seen it all when it comes to kids. Most parents of toddlers are extremely stupid when they bring their child to a restaurant. You don’t ask them..”what do you want” Of course this two year old KNOWS what the restaurant has to eat..just pick one..I have seen the back and forth banter go on for 20 minutes. When toddlers have a tantrum or are crabby because they are tired..the results are going to be a very unpleasant experience for everyone. Other diners didn’t come into the diner to pay for a decent meal and have it totally disrupted by a screaming child. Most respectful parents will try to resolve the tantrum by one of them taking the child outside and calming them and then try returning. Remaining in the diner and subjecting customers and staff to a screaming child is WRONG..Nobody wants to listen to this..I totally support this restaurant owner..I would have done the same thing..In our establishment we have a policy..If they leave pissed off and say they are never coming back..Get OUT !! We don’t want you here !! For every customer who is never coming back..A new one replaces them..How many of the customers that were subjected to the screaming child will not return..Better to get rid of the problem …………………….


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