Diner Owner Screams at Child; Becomes World Hero

Bow down to this woman.
Bow down to this woman.

All hail the new queen of the bitches. On bended knee, I bow down to the woman I now worship. Her name is Darla Neugebauer and she owns a restaurant in Portland, Maine called Marcy’s Diner. Sometime over the weekend, a couple of entitled parents dragged their two-year old daughter into the restaurant and thought it was alright for her to scream and cry her ass off for 40 minutes. No, she literally cried until her ass fell off and the child now has a Go Fund Me campaign set up for ass restoration. After Darla could no longer take it and became clear that the parents were not going to do anything about the crying, Darla opened up a  can of Sysco Whoop Ass and yelled at the little girl to get her to shut the fuck up. Of course the parents got all upset and did what any parent would do in this situation which is go to Marcy’s Diner’s Facebook page to complain about it. Darla saw the post and had left her last fuck on the grill next to the three pancakes the little girl had ordered. She did not feel the need to apologize.

‘Life’s full of choices and you’ve got to live with all of them,’’ she told WCSH-TV. ‘‘I chose to yell at a kid, it made her shut-up, which made me happy, it made my staff happy, it made the 75 other people dining here happy, and they left, they may never come back, other people may not come in. Their loss really.’’

The original Facebook post that the mom wrote has since been deleted so I am forced to use my imagination to see what it said. I’m pretty sure it was something like this:

Well, I NEVER! My perfect husband and I took our perfect daughter to Marcy’s Diner this morning and were horribly mistreated. First off all, they should be grateful that we were there in the first place because we normally only like to eat all-organic tofu and quinoa that was harvested by grass-fed chickens, but today we decided to eat among the commoners and have pancakes and bacon. My daughter started crying when she got a whiff of the bacon since it smelled different from what I normally serve her. (I always use a bacon that is flown in from Switzerland and is made from pigs that lived in the Swiss Alps and are humanely killed by a Julie Andrews look-alike who she sings “Edelweiss” as she shoots them in the head with a crossbow.) My precious angel of a daughter had barely uttered out a whimper and the next thing I know the owner was shouting obscenities at her. I immediately apologized for my daughter’s behavior, even though her crying was completely understandable seeing that the bacon wasn’t from Switzerland. I will never go here again and I urge other parents to boycott this restaurant as well. They hate children!! And anyone who hates my daughter must be mentally challenged because my daughter is a perfect snowflake.

The Facebook page for Marcy’s Diner is full of people who are applauding Darla’s behavior and plenty who think she is the beast of Satan. You can go to the page and see for yourself. If you write anything here, tell her Bitchy Waiter sent you. Also tell her I love her.

I leave you with this video of Darla explaining her actions and continuing on her quest to give no fucks:

I wait tables and bitch about it on my blog, The Bitchy Waiter.

46 thoughts on “Diner Owner Screams at Child; Becomes World Hero

  1. now that’s my type of gal. if i see her in real life, i’d congratulate her. as for her haters, they shoudl suck what she did up.

  2. See, this only has the owner’s story. In the mother’s story (bias presumably present, as in all human narratives) the fucking pancakes had shown up. They were in the process of stuffing food down the hungry toddler to make her shut the fuck up when the owner yelled at the kid, flipping her out all over again. If the food was present, I’d say that scientifically speaking she was in the wrong, because she fucked up her own desired result of making the shrieking stop.

    1. You lie like a dog, slut. If you’re in that restaurant and you make a disturbance there like hell, she’d go apeshit all over you. So either you play by her rules or stay the hell out of there.

  3. Tia, I wish there were more parents like you. I am a waitress and I totally feel that comment about seeing kids and anticipating all the chaos – when I see a pram or kids coming I actually feel as if I am facing a herd of elephants and panic internally. And it’s not just the kids really, it’s actually the parents that make me cringe: the defensive, entitled, demanding attitude that they often bring with them, like they’ve worked hard at their ‘real’ jobs all week and now it’s their turn to be rude and YOU OWE THEM. That ‘special snowflake’ view of their offspring is actually really common and it means any opposition like the waitstaff are automatically the enemy, and the parents are fighting their precious child’s battle for them with self-righteous zeal. But the child is just an excuse for their demands: a disguise for that inner belief that THEY themselves deserve more from life and YOU OWE THEM. Customers can be so quick to take things personally when their demands cannot be met for one reason or another, they become suspicious and unreasonable and leave any trace of manners at the door. I am off-duty right now so I can be calm and understanding and imagine that maybe their nerves are so frazzled that a meal out is their first chance to let off steam from their hectic lives. But waitstaff are not automatons no matter how hard we try to play the role of perfect host/hostess for the ease and comfort of customers. So being rude or inconsiderate in a restaurant is still rudeness, even if we can’t fight back or run away. We’re human beings who are tired of working all week too and when other people are unpleasant to you it ruins your day just like it would affect anyone else. Also, just as it may be one parent’s first day off of the week, so it may be the one chance 50 other people have to step away from their routines and be stress-free. That’s why people like these parents should show some empathy for those around them and treat others in a more courteous way by not just zoning out and thinking of themselves. If they want to zone out they should stay home and meditate – that’s where I hide on my days off because I’m so traumatised from being bossed around by customers all the time.
    P.S. I love you, Bitchy Waiter! You take my breath away! You articulate with such sass and humour the thoughts and feelings I have each day at work but can’t say out loud! Your page is therapy for me! THANKYOU!

  4. Yeah, what the fucks up with all these young single mothers pushing strollers, kids in tow, getting dinner at 10:30pm?!

  5. I applaud her. As a long time waitress screaming kids are worse than the rude customers. It disturbs everyone in the restaurant, makes it difficult to hear your customers and is very distracting for the workers. The parents weren’t doing anything about it so hell yeah.
    As a mom of 7 whenever I walk into a restaurant with my brood, I see it. The entire staff starts counting kids and mentally cringes because of the noise and mess that is sure to follow. But my kids know, if they aren’t good I will take their little bottoms outside and they will sit there until they can act in an appropriate manner. I don’t know how many times I have had a member of the staff, or even other customers, come up and comment on how well behaved my kids are.

  6. They’re both wrong and thats it, its ridiculous trying to make an excuse for one or another, they were both doing something wrong and it went too far. The parents shouldve done something about the child and the owner shouldve been more polite with handling this issue. The restaurant shouldnt have to pay for this, we’re human beeings and sometimes we snap. It got personal, its not professional,they were no rotten mice in their hamburgers or the waitress didnt spit in their food; it got personal, point. No one here is the best judge.

    1. Screw you, Marie! That diner owner had a right to tell the damn brat off. It’s her restaurant. So she can allow and forbid whoever she wants.

  7. I don’t know. I think the owner stepped over the line on this one. Had she politely told the parents their kid was causing a disturbance, that would have been one thing. She didn’t tell them politely. She yelled at a toddler. How does that make her the good guy in this scenerio?

    1. Another person commenting when they haven’t bothered to read the story.
      The owner asked several times for the parents to quiet their screamer.
      Another apologist for bad parental behavior. Great, we need more of you.

    2. Wrong. If the parent was responsible, no one would have had to say anything to her/him. It’s not my job, or the restaurant’s job to do your parenting. Period.

      1. Liar liar pants on fire! That diner owner can do whatever the fuck she pleases in her workplace. If you go in there, you either follow her rules or get the hell out.

      2. You know what, Joe? I take back the insult that I called you. I didn’t know that you were siding with the restaurant owner. To make up for disagreeing with you, I congratulate you for criticizing kids who scream in restaurants.

  8. Just found the original comment and response posted on Twitter in case anyone wants to see it. I think the handle was @TVTEDDY. It’s actually pretty funny

  9. Coming from someone who just last week had to comp drinks and desserts for 5 (YES, FIVE!!!) tables because of one unruly child being ignored by her parents, I salute the owner for asking them to leave. Albeit, it was a very crass way to do it but she got the results she desired. Unfortunately, these brain dead fuck-wits just go onto social media and review sites and blast the restaurant, all the while playing victim. That is just plain WRONG!

    Parents who ignore their children should be asked to leave immediately. It is not the fault of the other diners that the parents have become deaf to their child’s incessant screams and are so self-absorbed that they can’t fathom the feelings of others. And they shouldn’t defame restaurants because they are unable to accept the blame.

    As for special needs, we embrace them! Kids with any affliction are pardoned from any traditional rules. And we engage them, cater to them and welcome them any time! <3

  10. Ever since we lost our smoking sections we’ve had to deal with the breeders’ fucking shitass children. Kids should be segregated to drive thru or carryout until they are 16.

    1. Omg this is hysterical. My husband feels the same way. You also see kids out later. We stopped at a chain restaurant for an after movie drink( 9 o’clock) and saw babies.

  11. I don’t agree with her yelling at the child, I would have yelled at the parents for being plain shitty and not dealing with the problem right away.
    I have a nephew who’s 3 that screams all the time at restaurants but it will last for maybe a minute, he has cancer so through his treatments he’s very moody. But I do let the waitresses know that’s he’s sick (not explaining with what though.)
    I’m a waitress myself so if my nephew screams we calm him down within 60 seconds or go outside. I wouldn’t want to disturb people.
    These parents are just disrespectful of others. No one wants to go out and hear children screaming when they’re trying to enjoy themselves.
    Parents are 100% to blame.

  12. Since I wasn’t there it’s hard comment on this particular situation other than I’ve been in the restaurant business for over 20 years and when a child is screaming uncontrollably the manager/owner needs to ask them to leave within a few minutes of the disturbance. If this went on for 40 minutes unchecked that’s ridiculous. The parents of that child should be ashamed of them selves for not taking care of their own screaming kid and ruining the meals of all those other people. I do not feel sorry for them at all, however the owner should of taken care of the situation long before she did and screaming at the kid seems like over kill.

    1. Sorry you didn’t take the time to read any of the articles on the bad parenting incident.
      The owner asked several times for the parents to quiet their child.
      Bad parents, bad parents and bad parent apologists.
      You’re all cut from the same ignorant, rude, entitled cloth.

  13. Yelling at a two year old, and then being exalted as some kind of retarded anti-hero? Yell at parents or explain to them that their lack of respect for other diners is a problem before asking them politely to leave maybe. It is the parents responsibility to sort the issue and adress their child, not some over-wrought waitress who can’t seperate her own problems from her professional role. Screaming at a two year old shows a level of immaturity that rivals the two year olds. The kid has an excuse, its TWO ffs. Whats your excuse lady? From all the applauding by those commenting on this situation it becomes very clear that everyone congratulating this woman have a pretty severe personality disorder. I mean, how else can you logically try and disguise child abuse as something funny? Morons.

    1. Child abuse?? She stated “THIS HAS GOT TO STOP” while looking in the direction of the girl, she didn’t curse, didn’t belittle, nothing. A two year of does not yell for 40 minutes unless she is allowed to by her parents. A two year old is not a baby, by definiton she is a toddler who should be learning how to act in society. Her parents didn’t parent and the were politely asked to, you try listening to screaming for 40 minutes and then tell me how calm you feel.

    2. She tried to be subtle at least twice before she snapped. Read the original source material before accusing someone of abuse…if anything, the parents were guilty of neglecting their lil snowflake!

    3. What’s the PARENTS’ excuse for not feeding their kid the pancakes they had allegedly ordered FOR her, thus causing this whole clusterfuck in the first place? ‘Splain that one, brain trust.

      1. On second thought, I take back what I told you. I thought that you told the bitchy waiter to do that. But instead, you did it Daniel And so, I apologize for making that mistake. To make up for it, I congratulate you for calling him out on what an insensitive and hypocritical fag he is.

    4. Enough with the bleeding heart apologist routine, dude. It’s not the restaurant worker/owner’s job to educate you how to be a better parent. Take your entitlement and rude child/parent somewhere else.

  14. If a parent is clearly trying to control the situation, most people would not object. Its when the parents are ignoring the screaming, running around the restaurant, disturbing everyone child because they have learned to tune it out and/or believe their child is a special snowflake Indigo child and they dont believe in saying no to them that makes people go ballistic!

  15. As a parent of an Autistic Teenager that talks really load. I ask that restaurant owners and other patrons of the restaurant keep in mind that kids might be making lots of noise for reasons other then being an unruly brat. Just putting that out there…I’ve been the recipient of the nasty looks and nasty comments. I go out of my way to try and keep things as quiet as possible, but it doesn’t always work. Thank you for some understanding when it comes to our Autistice Kids!

    1. That’s the difference between you and them. You do your best to keep your child at a lower volume, if possible. Your child talks loudly, that’s acceptable. This child was screaming for 40 minutes straight. Even if the child is autistic, they should have removed the child from the situation and took her outside. That’s what polite people do. I haven’t, however, seen anything where this child was referred to as autistic.

      1. Exactly. EXACTLY. Normal sane minded people know and usually have patience for obvious things like a disability. I mean….your out in public…things are going to happen. Letting your child scream for an hour in a diner is wrong. Wrong.

      2. People who have autistic kids play that card every damned chance they can. Not that I don’t have empathy, but it is pretty hard to feel bad for somebody when they use their child’s behavior, whether it is a psychological disorder or not, to justify their child actions and their actions regarding children in restaurant. These parents automatically play the “my child is autistic” card. And when autistic kids are having a meltdown, you take them out of the restaurant. This is better for the other patrons, this is better for the child, and this is better for the staff. My own toddler usually acts just fine in public, but we have an understanding that when he acts like a little bastard we leave.

    2. Nopety, nope, nope, nope. I’m sorry if you have a child with behavioral problems, but it is your responsibility to keep him from acting up in public places, and if you can’t, to take him home “if it doesn’t work”. Your one child should have the right to ruin the good time of everyone else in the restaurant (or movie theater, store, supermarket, etc.)

      1. Absolutely correct! I’m tired of reading teary-eyed Facebook posts about autistic children, and how wonderful it is when the restaurant manager gives them a free meal when one of the paying guest has the sheer temerity to complain about the misbehaving, loud child…said complaining customer is then vilified for not being understanding and a blight on humanity. Enough already! I get it. Your child is autistic. I’m sorry for him/her/it/you and sympathize how hard your/him/her/its life must be dealing with this affliction. I promise I will never make fun of your child and won’t be openly mean to it. Having said that, where is this parent’s responsibility? Here we have a person so entitled they’re not going to be stopped from going to a restaurant even if they do have a child they know will act up. It doesn’t make you a noble person, and it isn’t a virtue, for you to force your child upon me, and then expect me to put up with it like you have to. You may love your child (I hope you do); that doesn’t mean I have to. If your child is disrupting my night, that’s on you, not me and not your child.

    3. I wouldn’t call her a bitch because she was doing what any right-minded business owner SHOULD do, but I absolutely support her Restauant QUEEN title! YOU GO DARLA!!!!!

  16. “I always use a bacon that is flown in from Switzerland and is made from pigs that lived in the Swiss Alps and are humanely killed by a Julie Andrews look-alike who she sings “Edelweiss” as she shoots them in the head with a crossbow.”

    I love you so much, Bitchy Waiter.

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