5 Ways Servers Get Screwed Out of Tips

This list could be so much longer...

This list could be so much longer…

Thank you to Ken and Leanna over at Decent Humans who made this video about the ways that servers can get totally screwed out of tips. Watching the video, my emotions ran the gamut from anger to pain to gut-wrenching hatred of all humankind.


13 thoughts on “5 Ways Servers Get Screwed Out of Tips

  1. Waiting

    Don’t forget the “round it up!” Where they round their cc receipt total up to the next round number which has little to nothing to do with appropriate tipping, but for some people, rounding up from a $27 tab to $30 is what they do. Ugh. Do the math. I get enough of these and can lose a significant amount over time.

  2. Just A Poor Server

    I’ve dealt with every situation here. It’s infuriating! Like no, you used 5 gift cards to bring the bill down from $200 to $60, so I will not be happy with that $12 tip, because that isn’t off the $200 it was. And the most infuriating part is, I can’t say anything or I will lose my job. That’s why I am thankful for sites like this and the facebook groups I join so I can properly vent, but then we get people that tell us to suck it up or find a new job. All I do is vent. I make decent money every day I work, but there are times when people are assholes and try to get out of tipping or try to get free food or come in with a fricken’ party of 25 people, run me ragged, tell me I was an awesome server and then stiff me (even after I tell them gratuity is not included). So no, I will bitch and I will continue to bitch until we either get gratuity back in my restaurant at least or until assholes in my past come back in, apologize, and leave me a decent tip so I can pay my bills

  3. Alan

    Here’s another one:

    When a guest uses a coupon or some kind of discount card, he/she bases the tip on the discounted amount! Ugh!

    1. Mangler

      Or they use a gift card and walk off swiftly because they know the full face value isn’t left on the card. Usually it won’t even cover the tab.

  4. Brian Walters

    The correct response to “let me get this” is, “fine, but let me (us) get the tip” and then tip 20% or more on the entire damned bill.

  5. Gilbey

    I just saw a (another) Facebook post where someone was bitching about someone eating an expensive dinner and leaving no tip. Since I know what town this was in, I have a pretty good idea the type of establishment this person works at. My question —–
    If you wait tables, and jump to the conclusion that you got stiffed on a tip, how do you know that table didn’t tip on their credit card? I’ll assume Bitchy knows because he works in a close-knit establishment, has been there awhile, has his nose in everything, probably picks up the bill and brings back the receipt. But if you’re working at a busy place where the customer takes the tip to the checkout, how do you know the person stiffed you? Wouldn’t you have to be running up there every time someone left to see what they tipped? Wouldn’t you have to have someone reporting back to you? Who would take the time to do that? Isn’t the wait staff worn to such a frazzle that they wouldn’t have time to do that? Where I suspect this particular griper works, they don’t pick up the check, the customer takes it to a register.

      1. Gilbey

        It was a $60 bill. The waitress called it “expensive,” by saying “if your ass can afford an expensive $60 dinner you can afford to tip…” There are several restaurants in the area where $60 would go for a party of four (family or four adults) and you do pay at the counter. It’s more expensive than fast food, but a step below using real linen napkins. There’s a world out here besides NYC.

    1. J.Vaughn

      You know duh! You know what that table had, you know the table number, etc. you get to look through your credit cards. At our establishment, you pay at the table so we know for damn sure.

  6. Jill Diener

    Bitchy, you are great! We who serve would like to see more posts on why tipping is great and why establishments should not eliminate tipping. I can’t afford the pay cut!


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