Meanest Customer In the History of Serving

Damn, bitch.

Damn, bitch.

I do not condone violence, for I am a lover, not a fighter. The last time I went to fisticuffs was in the fifth grade when I met Gabriel Chapa after school and we had a fight because I thought he was getting on too many people’s nerves and wanted to bring him down a peg. We were caught by teachers thirty seconds into our brawl and we both ended up in the principal’s office getting three pops with a paddle. (Hey, it was 1978 and corporal punishment was no big deal.) Nor do I ever think it is right for a man to strike a woman. Ever.

Until now.

This video has made me seriously question whether or not I would have been able to restrain my hand from flying through the air and making contact with the face of one of these horrible women who are really upset about the lack of Guinness beer. Knowing me, I would have produced a full on, open-palmed slap of All My Children proportions and then the woman would punch me in the face with a fist, sending me to the floor crying like a baby. The only good thing that could come out of that would be that she knocks the teeth out of my head and I would get to go to the dentist and get some new ones, preferably the straight white kind as opposed to the yellow crooked ones that I am blessed with now.

Still, if I was their server, I don’t know if I would have been able to be as calm as the guys in the video. These bitches really push the boundaries. Good job to the men who show greater reserve than I would have.

Update: According to this article, the video was staged for publicity. Thank God those women are not for real.

25 thoughts on “Meanest Customer In the History of Serving

  1. DHB

    If you own a place that serves Guiness, then you should know you need to have someone on-hand at all times that knows how to bounce. I wonder if this is from taken from a bouncer training video.

  2. FormerRestaurantManager

    There are only 4 words to say to someone like that- I’m calling the cops. Period.

    The customer is not always right, and in this case, way wrong. You don’t try to appease them. You calmly tell them the police are on their way, and that they (the customers) will be leaving. Photograph them with your camera phone, get their license plate details ( if they bail before the po-po show), and ask the videotaping patron(?) if you can get a copy of that video. Offer this patron a comped something for helping. Hand the information over to the server that was attacked, and inform him that he has every right to pursue a charge against these women, and recommend he do so. Next, when the police show, fill out a trespass warrant against these women, banning them from the property (usually for 1 year). If they ever show on your property again, they don’t pass Go, they go directly to jail.

  3. Michelle

    I woulda thrown those self entitled bitches in jail. Assaulting the staff is never acceptable. I agree we can all deduce why that cunt hasn’t been fucked in months.

  4. Jenny

    i would be knocking these ladies down a few pegs as well as down to the floor. By the way they should have been arrested for not paying the check. She said” f this I am not paying for nothing.” So this leads me to believe this was a scam on their part.

  5. Petey

    You all say that wouldn’t happen at my place and what not, but reality is that waitor handled it like a champ. Hes a guy. Guys don’t lay hands on women, period. Now if these were 2 dudes, shit would have gone down. I would have left those 2 bitches to my female co-workers to handle.

  6. Brenda

    I would have got on my phone and called the cops. They would have had her out of there is less than 2 minutes. That or I would have forgot how bad I look in orange and punched her repeatedly in the face.

  7. jinny

    Wow, way to keep it classy ladies. I’ve been serving for 15 years and all I can say is. .”Try it in my section. ” No way would I put up with that.

  8. Teresa Strange

    Oh Please….. send them my way..The next time she had sex it would be after she recovered from her ass whooping.

  9. BobbyAnn

    There is such a large part of me that wants to believe that this was set up. Only because I want to believe NO ONE would act that way.

    I am with the others. I can put up with a lot serving, but touch me or throw something at me? One of us is gong to jail and I can guarantee it isn’t going to be me.

  10. Jodie Fields

    No wonder her sex life is lacking. I would have gotten fired the second she touched me. I would have beat her ass, No questions asked. She took it wayyy toooo far. I deal with a lot of things as a server, however I do NOT tolerate people touching me. At. All.

  11. Ashley

    Are you f***kng kidding me?!? I would’ve called the cops on these bitches and pressed assault for pushing me for no reason. Wow… People these days


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