Definitive Proof That People Lie About Food Allergies

Lying Food Babe

Lying Food Babe

You know how we servers know that so many times our customers tell us they are allergic to something but we know they are lying? We know because they tell us they are allergic to gluten and then we watch them order a piece of cake for dessert claiming, “well, it’s just a little bit of gluten.” It’s annoying and it does a disservice to those who are actually allergic to something because it makes servers think that allergies aren’t really that big of a deal. Allergies are a big deal, but you know what isn’t a big deal? Not liking something. It only becomes a big deal when you don’t like something and then you tell your server you’re allergic to it when you’re not. A recent article written by some chick who calls herself “Food Babe” offers tips on how to eat healthy when you eat out and one of her suggestions is to lie to your server about allergies. I need to discuss this.

First off, what kind of name is “Food Babe” anyway? Really? What a ridiculous moniker to give oneself and only someone with a deep seated need for approval would choose to call him or herself something so immature. Wait, I’m The Bitchy Waiter. Never mind.

In her article called “Food Babe Travel Essentials-Eating Outside Your Home,” Food Babe offers 11 suggestions on how to eat healthy when dining out. The fourth suggestion on the list advises that if you don’t want butter, soy or corn in your food, you should “go as far as telling the server you (sic) allergic” to these items. In other words, lie, lie, lie. Lie your ass off and just tell the server you’re allergic to butter so he can waste his time typing in all the modifications and then go to the chef to alert the kitchen so they can make sure to not cross-contaminate any of the pans. The kitchen will go through all the trouble to make sure no butter gets near your precious digestive system. Later on, on when the server sees you putting some butter on your roll, the server will know you made that shit up and you’re a big fat liar. When someone comes in to the restaurant who has a true severe allergy to nuts, maybe the server won’t take it as seriously because he saw Food Babe lying about the fucking butter allergy. It’s annoying and I’m surprised that someone who has such a popular website and huge following is alright with telling her readers to lie.

Sure, just lie about it.

Sure, just lie about it.

Overall, Food Babe’s suggestions indicate she is a huge pain in the ass to wait on. If you ever see Food Babe heading to your section, you better order your shift drink early because you’re gonna need it. Here are a few more of her handy-dandy tips for dining out:

2. “Order a salad for the first course with dressing & cheese on the side” and find out if there is any iceberg in the salad. If there is, “tell them to leave it out! There are no nutrients in iceberg.” I can just see some server standing in the kitchen window picking iceberg lettuce out of a salad with their “clean” hands because some cook was like, “Fuck that, do it yourself.”

3. She wants you to “quiz the server to see which dish they think is the most healthy.” You wanna know what the healthiest is, Food Babe? The iceberg wedge with blue cheese dressing on the side. Eat up, liar, eat it up.

6. “Before you order the soup – ask if it’s homemade or if it contains additives.” She also wants you to ask to see an ingredient list. If you’re a server, you will have to find that crappy Xeroxed sheet of paper that you got on your first day of work that had that information on it. It’s probably wrinkled up in your locker, your bag or your car right next to the rules and regulations of your new job and the dress code. If you can’t find the ingredient list, just tell her its got MSG in it and she’ll immediately choose something else.

7. “Drink hot water with lemon during your meal or hot decaf green or ginger tea,” because you haven’t already been enough of an annoying stereotype yet, so why not go all the way?

8. “Mix and match. Check out the specifics of each dish and ask the waiter to create you a plate.” Yeah, do that, Food Babe. Servers love to tell the kitchen that Table 19 wants the cod, but they want it prepared the way the salmon is and then to put it on the plate with the set up for the grilled chicken. The kitchen loves it when we ask for that shit.

9. “Order off the menu-ask the chef to create something for you.” If you eat at some hoity -toity restaurant, I suppose the chef would be eager for this challenge, but I would think that many people who read her column are eating at Outback Steakhouse and Olive Garden. Their “chefs” will not appreciate the request. Asking to change the menu might make their heads explode and no one wants to have their food cooked in a kitchen where there has just been a head explosion.

10. “ Create an old standby and build a relationship with the staff – I have my favorite standby restaurant when I am too busy to cook but still want to eat healthy. I’ve gotten to know the staff and they make everything perfect for me every time.” And I’m sure they just love when you come in, Food Babe.

You should go visit her Facebook page and tell her what you think of her advice to lie to servers about allergies. C’mon, tell her how you feel. Let’s blow up her Facebook page, you want? Tell her I said hello.

And here is her Twitter page if you want to tell her how you feel via a Tweet. If you do, make sure you add @BitchyWaiter so she she’ll know I care.


107 thoughts on “Definitive Proof That People Lie About Food Allergies

  1. Michael

    I work at a Pizza place and get a few snobs from time to time telling me how DEATHLY allergic to mushrooms they are. Here’s the kicker; they order a pizza with half mushroom to split with their significant others/family. If you are DEATHLY allergic to mushroom you would NOT order it on the other half of the pizza you are shoving into your big fat greasy lying mouth! I always am sure to call them out and when they tell me this I flat out tell them that now that they mentioned that, I legally can not serve them a single pizza and make them order a second one! Jokes on them!

    1. Matt

      To be fair, sometimes people with allergies which aren’t as severe will exaggerate because they really really can’t have mushrooms in their mouth, but worry if they say it’s not a fatal allergy, they won’t get taken seriously. But really they ought to just order two separate pizzas

  2. ted

    Thank You from the bottom of my shrivelled heart for posting this! May every God there ever was bless you for your honesty and sense of humour. Please continue to school us bitchy customers–someday we’ll finally GET it!

    Keep fighting for justice

  3. Rick

    Maybe you shouldn’t be a waiter if these things bug you so much. I worked in restaurants for 3 years and I cant believe how long I stayed. Most servers I met and worked with were some of the laziest and most entitled people I ever met. I stayed because of the money, much like everyone else, but I never kidded myself that it was anything less than a minimum wage job with perks. That’s all. You are easily replaced. Even in a fine dinIng restaurant, there are are billion other ass kissers who don’t mind kissing some ass for a few bucks. Get real, you’re there to serve, and if that means dealing with a picky customer, then that’s what it is.

    1. Go fuck yourself

      And you’re there to eat off the menu. There’s things called “personal chef’s”… Stop being a cheap Jew fuck and hire one. Then you can have YOUR meals prepared for YOU. Got me jew FUCK?

  4. Pookl

    When I was a server, EVERY SINGLE person that told me they were “”allergic” to something, got that very ingredient. I made sure of it. I never had one sick customer. THEY ALL LIE about being “”allergic”

  5. Heather

    Wow. My son really does have a food allergy (peanuts) and it really makes me angry when I hear people purposely using the word “allergy” because of a preference. I even get frustrated with people who don’t understand the difference between an allergy and an intolerance. An allergy could kill you. An intolerance, while it can be extremely uncomfortable, will not kill you. But I could even understand someone being really insistent because of an intolerance.
    But this lady? This is just a dietary PREFERENCE! I mean seriously… if you’re going to make your server go through all of that for your dietary preference and you are THAT concerned about not blowing your diet… don’t go out to eat. Or go and bring your own food! That’s what we do when we aren’t 100% sure/comfortable at a restaurant. We don’t go or we bring safe food for our son. What’s so hard about that?

  6. Dawn

    I’ve taken plates from people who I “notice” there’s “gluten” on their plate only to hear.. Well I’m only a little bit intolerant. Ugg.. Yeah, I think, you don’t even know what gluten is?!?!its a protein!

  7. Sarah

    I hate when people lie about food allergies. It puts those of us with real allergies at risk. I’ve had a few serious reactions from restaurants that required my epi pen and ER trips, so I no longer eat out. Being young and being female, I think it is very possible I was thought to be a faker by those waiters/waitresses on those occasions. I ask that servers do take the person seriously though, because there is the chance you may be wrong about the person lying.

  8. Whatever

    I came here from google after searching for “annoying people with allergies” and landed on some blog by some entitled waiter. Not sure what’s worse, to be honest.

  9. Food Babe F&^ker

    I dated Food Babe (Vani) in high school and used to fuck her a lot. She wasn’t a bad fuck, but the only thing she knows well is beavers because her beaver smells worse than a beaver’s ass, which is a subject she reports on often. Further, she ought to trim that thing. It’s a hairy Indian mess.

    1. paulios

      How very schoolboy you are. Take your dumb shit back to your bedroom kid. Jesus! You seriously couldn’t think of anything more substantial than that?
      I’d say your brain may well be as small as food babe’s.

  10. Monique

    I have a husband and son who are deathly allergic to shellfish. To the point where I can’t even eat it or it’ll make them sick. I used to work in a kitchen (closed down sadly. Loves that job) and the food allergy precautions we had to take was insane.

    Gluten free stuff had to be prepared in the oven, taking longer. Food for severe shellfish people, (since seafood was prepared in one of only two friers) had to be put in the oven during peak times when both friers were in use to limit cross contamination,

    Special order tickets were usually fucked up during a huge rush. When we have like 20 tickets all at once waiting, we push to get them out in a decent time. We aim for accuracy but sometimes we resort to default robot mode just to get through. If you have special dietary requirements, please don’t come in during the times you KNOW it’ll be busy. Chances are it will get messed up despite the kitchen staff trying to keep everything straight, you’ll wind up sick, and have a bad experience which chalks up to negative buzz for us. You hold so e responsibility for your dining experience as well.

    Shit that food babe pulls makes it even harder for people like my husband and son to go out and eat safely, especially here on the east coast where seafood is in almost every establishment. Fuck her.

  11. sally

    I have a sensitivity to lobster and scallops. (I get hives, itch, stuffy nose and red face.) Which is pretty common I’ve been told and waiters have always seemed to not be too flustered by it. Also, being such expensive proteins, and because I really don’t like fancy places, it’s pretty easy for me to just avoid the restaurants that serve them altogether.

    What I just can’t wrap my head around is that someone with a legitimate DEATHLY allergy to such a common ingredient as gluten or tomato would eat out at all? You are literally playing russian roulette with your life every time you pick up a menu.

    Food babe should be kicked off the internet. If for nothing else than for calling herself “food babe” (eye roll).
    She’s ignorant and has no business giving advice.

    1. Matt

      You have to enjoy yourself sometimes! It’s usually very safe to eat out if you make your needs clear, and people with fatal allergies have epipens so on the off-chance something did happen, it could be treated, or stayed off until an ambulance got there. But you’ve got to have some fun!

  12. Gina

    People like Food Babe make me nervous because I’m someone with a legitimate allergy. Eating wheat literally makes my mouth and throat itch. I haven’t had anything close to a fatal reaction, but was told that I need to be careful because the reaction was escalating, and I could get to a point where it makes my throat close off. I don’t go out to eat often, but it’s part of life with work and socializing, and I don’t want to be shut out of those interactions. I read menus carefully, try to pick things that won’t require modifications, and flag the allergy to the server in case there’s an unmentioned ingredient. I worry that the people who lie about having an allergy are causing those of us who really have allergies to be discounted or regarded as an unjustified pain in the neck. Yes, some people lie, but it’s not always a lie.

  13. Erin

    I get that we eat too much fake crap and that our food is saturated with chemicals. We try to eat organic/natural at home as much as possible. But guess what? It’s kind of too late. Even if you ONLY ate organic/natural foods, you would still have chemicals in your body because it’s in the water we drink, it’s in our soil… it’s basically inescapable. So “Foodbabe” and all these other “food evangelists” need to lighten the fuck up. They’re going to kill themselves with stress!

    1. Anonymous

      Not to mention that if everyone started only growing organic food, half the planet’s population would starve since most of those chemicals are kind of necessary to produce large, healthy crops…..

    2. Amber

      Sadly some people are too stupid and blind to think for themselves so they follow people like Thefoodbabe like sheep. I don’t get how some of them can live with so much paranoia in their lives.

    3. Kate

      since “everything” in the entire universe is made of chemicals, including humans its a bit silly being scared of all chemicals.

  14. PurpleGirl

    I see a “comment on comments” in the future – I know you’re going to get some fucking gems on this one! I wrote a post about allergies vs “allergies” in freaking 2008 and I still get jackasses stopping by to tell me what a horrible person I am!

  15. craig

    Food Babe has a cult like atmosphere around here. If she wan’t attractive no one would listen to her. People should talk to real health experts and not a woman who doesn’t vaccinate or thinks the microwave is the most evil invention ever.

    1. paulios

      Hey don’t kid yourself about her being attractive (which I think she definitely is not!).
      To illustrate, I mention a rather hideouts old troll called Gillian McKeith who once had a large following who listened to her and bought her every video and book, also paid cash to join her website! She has since been brought down from net pedestal by every paper and magazine in the UK.
      Yet, she is STILL making a living out of her unscientific bull. there you go! The bitch is still selling!

  16. Jenn

    Last weekend I had some lying bitch tell me she was allergic to salad dressing. That’s the vaguest bullshit allergy lie I have ever heard. I am not a fucking idiot and I know where the “no dressing” button is. Anyway all of our dressings come on the side and if I did not ring in a dressing selection she would not have gotten dressing anyway.
    Saturday was my last shift at the restaurant I worked at for 5 years. I hope its my last shift as a server for the rest of my life.
    BTW I remember seeing many heads explode in our kitchen before. Good times.

  17. Sunny

    Who do we trust to make our food? Why do we eat out anyway? What are our relationships with the people we ask to cook for us? We’ve got a little lost along the way, I feel.

  18. Lisa @Retro Housewife Goes Green

    As someone with a REAL life threatening allergy (I ALWAY have an epi-pen and other drugs with me), this is very upsetting. Please waitstaff, understand some of us aren’t lying and can DIE if we eat the food we are allergic to. I won’t order something that contains mushrooms and if you tell me I shouldn’t order something because it can’t be made safe, I won’t. But I’m not lying. If I don’t like something I will pick it out or ask if it can be left off, I won’t lie.

      1. Go fuck yourself

        Please understand that sounds like a YOU problem and not a ME problem. STAY. HOME.You eat off the menu or don’t come out. Restaurants are not your opportunity to rent a personal chef for an evening well under the going rate. Nobody cares about YOU problems.

  19. elsewhere1010

    Sadly, I’m severely allergic to shrimp. No other type of shellfish that I know of, but feed me shrimp in any form and I will shortly thereafter begin to cough, turn red and lumpy, and then choke as my airway closes. There are other symptoms, but I’ll let you imagine them. I’ts been called The Worst Party Trick Ever.

    In one seafood restaurant I was served french fries that were fried in the same oil as some breaded shrimp and had a bad reaction, so I learned how careful I need to be. I always let the server know that it’s a genuine allergy, as it seems these days that I can’t even handle seafood stock if it was made with any shrimp shells.

    I let a server at a Roy’s Hawaiian know my sad story, then placed my order, and she came back just a few minutes later to let me know that shrimp, in a miniscule amount, was an uncredited ingredient in the Lobster Potstickers. Believe me when I say I was impressed that she made the inquiry, thanked her profusely for going above and beyond, and left her a several extra dollars on the tip.

  20. Robert from England

    I suppose what I’ve always thought of as an allergy is really an intolerance. If I eat anything of the lettuce, cabbage or spinach family I get very wobbly and possibly throw up. I once collapsed on an offshore petrochemical installation because I couldn’t read the list of ingredients (in Finnish) on a can of vegetable juice.

    Now I’m more careful because of the upset it causes in the kitchen, and just say “It give me a bad stomach upset” although technically it’s a mild allergy.

    However zero marks to the waitress who I told clearly that I wanted a steak sandwich without the lettuce.

    Waitress: Here’s your sandwich.
    Me: Not mine. Mine’s the one without lettuce.
    Waitress: Can’t you just pick it out?
    Me: Do you want to fetch another sandwich or the manager?

    1. paulios

      What a cock.
      Whatever happened to decency? Might you not have simply replied to her with a reason why you couldn’t pick the lettuce out? You know, instead of coming across as an old prick on a power trip with someone who earns minimum wage.
      You fucking cock. I’d have thrown it over you but then I’m not a server and therefore not in need of the job.

  21. Honey Rowland

    Too many times we went to a restaurant and would request no dairy or ham as we were vegan. Guess what…it’d be on it. We would remind them because maybe it was an honest mistake. They’d take the food and bring back the same food that had had the dairy or meat picked off it. That’s just gross. When I would say we were allergic we’d get one made without stuff. Our belief wouldn’t be honored and sometimes our allergies are not honored. I have never seen any of the restaurants slow down….I know our food always takes longer to make but I’ve not seen others having issues getting their food. It still arrives on time.

    And, if someone wants food a certain way honor it. It’s that simple. Oh…and for me…I don’t have a dairy allergy if the dairy is raw. But if it has been pasturized I’m sick as a dog as my body can not handle it. Also, if I eat a desert it’s because it’s the end of the meal and I’m heading home….where I can use my own bathroom and suffer the belly issues. So yeah…you may have to see me say no dairy or gluten and then see me share a slice of cake with my hubby. But that’s my choice because I don’t want to have to use the bathroom there.

    A person should have their food prepared the way they wish to have it. You are being paid to do a job in the service industry so serve the customer. And, if you don’t want to deal with changing food orders then work at a fast food restaurant. I doubt anyone will ask for an ingredient list or a substitution at McDonald’s.


    1. Joe

      Ahh so you’re at the type of vegan/vegetarian that doesn’t eat the meat given to them that has already been slaughtered. Way to waste the life of an animal by throwing away their deliciously cooked flesh. Those animals died in vain by you NOT consuming them. If meat was given to you accidentally, you merely throw it away, thus turning you into the opposite of how you perceive yourself.

      1. paulios

        Except, that is the most flawed logic ever.
        I’m not a vegetarian but I’m not an idiot either.
        The vegetarian did not kill the animal, they had no part in it. Just because someone gives you ham doesn’t make you a part in its production/killing.
        Looks like you need to evaluate your hatred of vegetarians and come up with a comment towards them that doesn’t smack of a ten year old trying to be a smart ass.

    2. Anonymous

      If the dairy is raw, you’re ok, but if the dairy is pasteurized (i.e. treated to make sure it does not contain harmful bacteria), you get sick? I call bullshit. That is the exact reason why pasteurization is standard. You lying hippie fuckwit.


      1. kd

        You clearly have no idea what you are talking about because that is actually a very real thing. And calling someone a lying hippie fuckwit because they clearly have an allergy or GI issues just makes you look like an ignorant idiot.

    3. elsewhere1010

      Or you yourself can choose to stay home and eat there, or in the home of whatever friends you have who will put up with the air of entitlement with which you have wreathed yourself. Failing that, bring your own food with you. It’s been done by better…

      In that way you can protect your own health and spare the rest of use from your “You have to do it my way and be grateful for it” attitude.

    4. Go fuck yourself

      Honey… If YOU have all these problems honor the businesses and understand YOU are the problem. YOU can’t eat out. Its not every restaurants job to provide you a personal chef, a personal fryer, a personal food handler, a personal cross contamination defender…. I mean this is a fucking business! Who rd are you to grind everything to a halt so you can be a self absorbed cunt? I genuinely hope you die.

  22. Roxy

    Also, if you have a special dietary need that the kitchen doesn’t advertise they’re able to accommodate (don’t display a GF menu, etc), the proper thing to do would be to call in advance and explain your situation. Whether or not you’re actually allergic, if it means that much to you, you have to realize the message is getting translated across numerous personnel. Is it a “pain in the ass” to clean the grill or replace the cooking utensils before making your special meal? Wouldn’t call it that, exactly. But it does take time and effort and the courteous thing to do is give the kitchen advance notice so they can properly prepare and ensure you get what you need/want. I don’t exactly know where along the line it became fine for people to reveal their needs at ordering time. Eight years ago when my mom was diagnosed with celiac disease it was advised to not eat out unless you’ve spoken to the chef. You can’t assume they’re all extremely educated on the topic — some mustards have gluten, safe grains can be cross-contaminated, fryers not dedicated. You HAVE to give the kitchen more time to deal with this.

    1. Linda

      Absolutely! I have celiac disease and NEVER eat out unless it’s planned in advance (at a time when the restaurant isn’t crowded). It’s much easier to frequent the same places that have a gf menu already sorted out. To expect special treatment from a busy restaurant kitchen seems weird to me. Anyway, I usually eat before going anywhere (and always bring snacks).

      1. Jonnymac

        Linda, you are one of my favourite type of client. You understand the additional work we put in to serving you exactly what you order and we make damned sure that it’s not tainted.
        I happen to have started life in the kitchen and am doubly lucky to work in a restaurant where everything is home-made from absolute scratch. Not a hig-end gastronomy place but just good and basic dishes based on preparation over cooking time. The boss, for all his faults, has gone even further and made it incredibly easy for people with allergies to eat here. Vegetarian? No problem, we make our chips from potatoes and are fried in sunflower oil, nothing else touches the deep fryers. Coeliac? No problem, most of our sauces are gluten free and we can always mess around with what’s already prepared to make things easy . Peanut allergy? The only nut produce we have is walnuts (for the cheese).
        I worked in sooooo many places where it wasn’t this easy. Of course we can’t guarantee against cross-contamination but I’ve often thought that perhaps if more owners put more thought into what was actually going in to their plates their waiters and kitchen would have an easier time of this sort of situation.
        That said, if more owners put more thought full stop into their dining establishments we’d be free of many of our complaints. Mine included.

  23. Roxy

    I follow Food Babe. It’s the opposite end of the culinary world, and could be construed as uppity. I like a lot of what she’s doing because it makes people question the criminally disgusting ingredients we’re fed by big business. All of that aside, her overall tone, and in particular the piece discussed here, reeks of ignorance and immediately prompts that age-old server pipe dream: Everyone should have to spend one mandatory year in the service industry. Food Babe recently hustled a petition to force beer companies to list their ingredients. Kinda all right, in my book. But she should stay on her side of the spectrum, and be careful not to galavant as some restaurant expert that she’s clearly not.

    1. Jonnymac

      Couldn’t agree more with you. It’s good to know that that the OP is conscious of the need to change the way that huge corporations hide ingredients and practices from the public yet her post shows she is clearly out of her depth. She has absolutely no idea what she is talking about.

    2. paulios

      Bull. She has harangued companies about ingredients in the past that weren’t even an issue until she made them an issue and her followers followed on behind. She gets certain ingredients condemned and starts a witch hunt and that is a good thing to you?
      You like what she does?
      Are you lacking a few synapses?
      Please do explain to me the things she has accomplished.

  24. White Russian

    It is so fucking stupid to order off the menu – dumb bitches think that if they order something different, chef de cuisine in the back will put on his special chef hat for awesome food creations and will inspiringly come up with an extravagant and delicious yet so healthy dish.

    BS. Get real.

    If I ring up a stupid ticket with something that Juan and Pedro never cooked and never heard of, they’re not gonna be great at it. Their pastas are awesome because they cook 50 of them daily, their steaks are nothing short of perfection because they master them on a daily basis and could cook a perfect medrare with a blindfold. This dumb-fuck chicken stuffed with salmon’s toppings of that seafood dish from a restaurant ‘cross the street served with a chutney that we don’t have in the house is not going to be that great. GTFO.
    Bottom line – restaurants are businesses that make money by giving you food. Don’t expect them to be your dietary advisors and shape up your fat belly hanging over those JC penny pants just by cooking something off the menu.
    BMW sells cars, they’re not trying to shape your legs by pushing pedals. The same way gym doesn’t have to switch channel on their TV in the workout room – because its not a fucking movie theater, that’s the fucking spot to work out, be healthy and get in shape, bitch!

  25. Elsbeth

    “If you can’t find the ingredient list, just tell her it’s got MSG in it and she’ll immediately choose something else.” Bahahahahaha. Nice!

  26. Natalie

    @Hannah Agreed. Trust me. I’m not trying to put any server out, and I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s day, because I have a gluten intolerance. It’s not like I ENJOY ordering a salad (crutonless, the only thing on a lot of menus reasonably priced that I can eat) while I sit at a table of friends enjoying bready cheesy pizza goodness. I can speak for some of us ‘annoyances’ that it SUCKS going out to eat and having a ‘bitchy waiter’ roll their eyes or give a heavy sigh when we ask if the sweet potato fries are gluten free. When I eat gluten I KNOW, and there have been times I KNOW that my server has straight up lied to me about something having gluten in it. It takes almost a week for me to stop having stomach pains. Ok, some people lie about it, I get that it must be ‘a bother’, but it’s really not that big of a deal. If you don’t want to deal with people having food allergies and intolerances, don’t be a server, it’s inevitable.

    1. jen


      Fuck waiters who have to “evaluate if someone is legit or not”

      It’s none of their fucking business.

      This is why Food Babe is justified imo, because of these assholes. They “need” you to be “really, fer sure, like, totes fer real” sick to get your dish the way you asked for it? Screw them. If I am paying for a meal and want it a certain way, I have that right.

      Pissy, whiney little bitches complain about “difficult! so difficult!” customers. Shame on them.

      Ftr, I have food issues. Because of whiney little pussies who make me and others who *have* issues have to even explain ourselves FOR A MOMENT is beyond disrespectful.

      Totally agree with Kate — if you can’t handle your job, GTFO of the business, you little whiney pussy, loololol…

      And, Food Babe? She is doing more good here than harm. I don’t give a crap what the waiters/critics say. She’s completely justified. It’s because of their attitudes that she is recommending these measures. If they were respectful humans in the first place and didn’t rip apart customers for __ reason, we who have food issues wouldn’t have to go through this crap. And it is complete and utter crap that we even have to deal with this BS attitude to begin with.

      1. Anonymous

        When someone has an allergy, the whole fucking kitchen comes to a screeching halt while all the cooking services get washed and sanitized and brand-new ingredients are brought out to prepare that person’s meal. It slows everything down for the whole restaurant. Obviously, it is worth it to keep people from dying. But when someone like this Food Bitch comes in, makes the whole kitchen go through that whole process to make sure there isn’t any, for example, dairy in her food, and then proceeds to chow down on buttered rolls, THEN we get pissed off. If you just don’t like something, just say you don’t like it. If your food comes out with it on there still, send it back as soon as you notice it came out wrong. That’s part of our job. I have absolutely no issue with people who send food back if there was a genuine mistake. But people don’t need to slow down the ENTIRE restaurant just because they don’t like a particular ingredient. THAT is why she is wrong. THAT is why she is doing more harm than good.

        1. Hippie's Chick

          You of course are right. Those who disagree have probably NEVER worked in the food industry. You can’t change the minds of stupid people. They think everyone owes them and that servers are not people that need treated with respect. Those are the kinds of people who get bad service and make waiter’s want to spit in food.

      2. mouse

        Food Babe is NEVER justified because of all the pseudo-science garbage she puts out. Also, you don’t mess with the people who see your food before you do. Period.

      3. paulios

        Wow. At first I thought your comment was ironic. Then, when the realisation that you were serious sunk in, I was incredulous.
        What an arrogant, selfish and not forgetting gullible and stupid, woman you are.
        Don’t you have the intelligence to fathom that if everyone lied and claimed they had an allergy instead of respecting the server and chef by having a truthful conversation, then your restaurant wouldn’t be able to serve you or anyone else because it would have to close down due to the inordinate amount of time it was taking for every fucking moron that lied.
        The fact that you are too cro-magnon to realise this is, frankly, expected of a food babe follower.
        Follow, follow, don’t think just follow. May your leader lead you off a fucking cliff.

      4. Go fuck yourself

        No no…. Fuck you. YOU are eating food at a restaurant and taking risks with your life because you need special treatment. Stay. The. Fuck. Home. I don’t get where you think a menu is yours to design. Or a chef is yours to make as your personal chef. I look at a menu. I don’t see something for me, I don’t eat there. This bullshit with making your own dishes and swapping and changing everything into a personal dish for you is ridiculous. This is a fucking business, not you pay $35 and do whatever you want. Grow up you pos.

    2. Amber

      You do know that some of us can’t just ‘stop being a server’ right? If there was any other choice, do you think I’d want to be a server and have people order me around? uh.. no. So don’t say that some of us can just ‘stop being a server,’ this is life and not all of us can choose our dream job.

  27. Hannah

    Allergy vs intolerance. Does my waiter care that tree nuts will kill me (epi pen and ER time) but gluten and corn will merely cause me hours of pain and severe GI distress? The important thing to me, as a diner, is not getting sick. Period. Why do I have to explain these nuances when ordering my entree? Does the chef then get to decide which one is legitimate? Do I have to deal with waiter eye rolling when I try to explain that yes, in fact, it isn’t an actual allergy (death) but I still will get very very sick so please no wheat or corn? Because in my ordering experience, that is a one way ticket into the “bullshit” category and my request is no longer taken seriously. And I might get sick. Which is unacceptable to me. So explain why my actual diagnosis – allergic vs merely intolerant – is my waiter’s business.

    1. Anonymous

      If it is an ACTUAL allergy or intolerance, the server should damn well be more than happy to accommodate you (I personally don’t want anyone getting sick or dying in my section). If something will kill you, the kitchen has to take extra measures (making sure nothing on your plate ever even came near the thing you are allergic to, washing all prep surfaces, sanitizing everything, etc). If it will just make you sick, they’ll make sure it is not present, which isn’t quite as much effort but it is still troublesome. Obviously, the effort is worth it to make sure no one dies or gets sick.
      When someone like this bitch comes in, the kitchen has to take all these precautions and stop working on everyone else’s food, when it isn’t even necessary. This slows everything down, all for some spoiled brat. Then, if enough people take this dumb bitch’s advice, a kitchen employee might assume someone with an actual allergy is another liar, causing them to not take the proper precautions, thus endangering someone.
      THAT is why it is your waiter’s business. If something will kill you or make you seriously ill, they need to fucking know so it doesn’t go anywhere near your food. No server will roll their eyes if you say something will make you sick, unless you then proceed to eat that thing right in front of them (unless they’re an asshole, which most of us really aren’t).

      1. Matt

        My concern is chefs that don’t understand coeliac and think it’s *just* an intolerance, whereas although a crumb won’t result in a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction in a coeliac person, it is still necessary to ensure cross-contamination doesn’t happen, as even a crumb could worsen things.

        Just a thought on a condition which doesn’t fit either category

  28. Jonnymac

    What the fuck?! How, in all that is holy, can a living person justify or even come up with such absurdities? I mean, seriously, I’m used to my friends and family not understanding the whys and wherefores of having worked in the job for so long but not a single one of them would ever even entertain the notion of any of these.
    Top tips for eating outside your own home? More like top tips to ensure a death by voodoo, how to became an angel of death (subtitle: how to encourage homocidal/suicidal thoughts in others).
    The audacity. Worse, this sort of person will never learn.

  29. Bill Sheehan

    I go to a restaurant to eat delicious food expertly prepared that I probably lack the skill and time to make at home. If I’m eating steamed plain veggies and no butter, if I think the waiter should be a nutritionist who’ll tell me what joyless pap is the “most healthy”, if I think I need to lie to get the chef to prepare something tasteless, I’ll just stay home and eat steamed kale, thank you very much.

    I’m just not special enough to believe the chef needs cooking lessons from me.

  30. Jen X

    And this is why I always make sure, if I’m asking if an ingredient can be left out, to specify that it’s a preference, not an allergy — so if you put tomatoes on my sandwich and I pick them off, it’s a minor inconvenience to me and that’s that. If it’s the only thing wrong with my food, I genuinely don’t care.

    If the tomatoes/mushrooms/whatever are mixed in (like say it’s a prepared bruschetta mix) that can’t be left out, I always have a second option lined up to order. As far as I know, these are not modifications that have led to anyone messing with my food.

    This woman sounds like someone I would never want to dine out with.

  31. Anonymous

    I can’t post this in her website as it will surely be deleted, so I will leave it here (because you know her vain ass is reading this):
    Hey Food DumbBitch, a menu is a list of the options that a restaurant will make. If something is not on the menu, do not fucking order it. Either pick from the list of options that are actually available, go somewhere else, or get off your fucking lazy ass and make that shit at home. Cunt.

  32. Staci

    I am a scientist and I find her appalling. She’s like the Jenny McCarthy of the food blogging world. She claims to do “research” but doesn’t know enough to actually understand it and consequently perpetuates dangerous untruths. Have you ever seen a child, for practice while learning to read or something of the like, read from the newspaper? They’re sounding out words and not understanding a damn word but they ARE reading the paper. She reminds me of that.

    This just in- she posted about her “critics” and how they say she’s not a scientist or nutritionist so I asked “so wait you ARE a scientist or nutritionist?” Which is fairly innocuous but I’m already banned. So quickly.

  33. Alan

    I saw this article, and went immediately to her article and left a comment, to both another person agreeing with her idiotic advice about allergies and to her as well. As I wouldn’t be surprised if that comment is deleted by her, I thought I’d repost it here for your enjoyment:

    Sharon, you clearly don’t know the definition of an allergy. Allow me to enlighten you. I won’t bore you with all the technicalities, I’ll just give you two easy to follow examples.

    1. My friend is very, very allergic to tomatoes. I have actually seen her leave a restaurant in an ambulance when her food was ordered correctly, but presumably one of the cooks touched a tomato and then touched her food. Yes, she’s that sensitive. This is an allergy.

    2. Caffeine doesn’t agree with me. So I don’t order it. That being said, if I order a rum and sprite and am accidentally brought a rum and coke, rather than waste it or my server’s time, I’ll indulge that one time and hope I don’t have stomach pain. But there is no ambulance, no hospital visit, no epi-pen, no life-threatening reaction. This is not an allergy.

    Do you see the difference, and why Food Babe’s advice to lie about allergies not only could make servers indifferent to people with “allergies” but could actually endanger the lives of those people who really do suffer from them?

    I hope you’re paying attention too, Food Babe. As someone who has worked in the restaurant industry for almost 30 years, I found your advice in this article ridiculous, and this particular tidbit not merely “controversial,” as you put it, but downright offensive and callous.

    1. VH

      There are different types of allergies that can’t be treated with an epi-pen. Look up IgE, IgA, IgM and IgG. Or Type I, II, II, IV, and V hypersensitivity.

      While criticizing someone for using irrelevant evidence, you should do a little research yourself…

  34. Ken Wehrheim

    I’m not any kind of food service worker, but I want to find out where she eats, get a job there, wait for her to come in, and make sure to wipe my asshole with whatever she orders before taking it out to her.

  35. Jessica

    If you want to eat healthy and you don’t want to cook, eat at a healthy restaurant. I don’t see what’s so hard about that.

  36. Dacae

    Believe it or not, I’m allergic to chicken, turkey, and peas. Not all poultry, but just those items. I don’t even know what a chicken wing tastes like, and they smell so damn good! :/

    1. paulios

      This isn’t a who’s who on allergies you know! Why would anyone care that a random stranger has an allergy to chicken?

    1. Tanja Clia

      She has not yet deleted this:

      Caitlin Watterlond Mori Why are my comments being deleted? I am not being vulgar nor confrontational.

      Like · Reply · 18 · 4 hrs

      Kacey Kilpatrick Maier Food babe takes no criticism, constructive or not. All comments not blindly agreeing with her propaganda are immediately deleted. 3….2…..1……

      Like · Reply · 34 · 4 hrs

      Caitlin Watterlond Mori It says there are 142 comments, but you can only see 20 of them. Really???

      Like · Reply · 12 · 4 hrs

      3 Replies · 2 hrs

      Tammy Mobbs Conklin Disgusting! Would love to see how the cancer rates have increased in these areas in comparison. I bet it follows the same trends. So Sad.

      Like · Reply · 4 hrs

      3 Replies · 1 hr

      Rachel Wilkinson I’m sure some people must be commenting on the recent article calling her out of the way she puts info out to the public with irrelevant credentials.

      Like · Reply · 9 · 4 hrs

  37. Laura

    I’m appalled at this behavior and further disgusted by her encouraging others to do the same. However, I think perhaps you are a bit harsh on some customers who do indicate they have a food allergy. I am allergic to wheat (not gluten, just wheat but I may say gluten just to avoid the whole spiel about the difference).

    I’ll be honest, I’ve never considered what other modifications the kitchen may have made because of my request and I will be more careful in the future to alert the waiter that they don’t have to worry about those extra steps involving clearing out pans for cross-contamination.

    My allergy is not life-threatening unless I eat large quantities over time. So this means yes, I might enjoy a bite or two of a “forbidden” food from time to time. But those are treats and must be kept minimum. I may be picking and choosing from something that I would truly enjoy versus something I’m not all that into. So I may ask for a side salad instead of pasta but I will treat myself to a bite of roll.

    Allergies run the gamut from immediately life threatening to mildly annoying itchy spot. I don’t expect my waiter to know this and realize you have to take it as its most serious.

    To make things fair- if I specify that my allergy is mild and doesn’t require extensive changes beyond the ingredient switch will you not judge me harshly for taking that bite of toast?

    1. Penny

      I’m in a similar boat. I am allergic to cow’s milk (not lactose intolerant, mind you), and I have always appreciated it when a server goes out of her way to make clear exactly what I mean. I won’t die if I have cow’s milk, but I will get an itchy rash in about 12 hours. It sucks, but it isn’t the end of the world. And if the only thing at say, a wedding, I can eat is the bread and the steamed veg, I’m not going to freak about the probable buttering of the veg.

      I will, however, die if I eat raspberries. So again, I appreciate the any efforts the kitchen staff has to go to to accommodate me. I leave good tips. And it makes me mad when anyone trivializes allergies.

      1. HaraAishi

        I’m mildly allergic to dairy as well. The only place I make a bigger deal about it is StarBucks so that I get soy in my drinks. I’ve had them fuck up my drink.

        But I get the sniffles and get the annoying gastrointestinal issues but I can get away with some dairy. I just can’t stay away from cheese.

  38. colleen

    She quotes and shares “heath” info from Mercola. That alone says shes an idiot. She’s probably an anti-vaccine and conspiracy theory wackjob too.

    1. Laura

      She IS. Her basis is that there’s formaldehyde in vaccines. Except it’s in trace amounts from destabilizing the virus, and is way less than the quantity that the human body produces naturally anyways. But that’s her thing. Name big scary sounding chemicals and get the public all riled up for nothing, depending on their ignorance.

  39. Joy Municchi

    Anyone who posts ANYTHING that is not completely in line with her brand of crazy, who questions the science behind it or says anything the least bit unflattering is deleted. The second page will get you BANNED. Oh, you can read and share after being banned, but can’t comment. I know. It took only 2 posts questioning her $19 dollar for 3 oz sunscreen to get me banned.

  40. elsewhere1010

    Well at least we’re keeping her busy, to the point where she can’t spew any more pseudo-science at her sheep. My post was respectful, but disagreed with her methodoligy, and ended with, “Shame on you”. Must have hit too close to home, the post disappeared within minutes.

    When her mommy and daddy made her the most specialist snowflake ever, they did a magnificent job. That she has that many followers on Facebook probes only one thing; that if 658,386 people do a stupid thing, it is still a stupid thing.

  41. brandy

    I posted on her page and it was immediately taken down, so I “liked” her page and tagged it in a post. Take that down Food Babe!!!! Oh wait….. you can’t! hahahaha

  42. Debbie Morella

    As someone who admits to going waayy out of the way to satisfy a guest, (lived it, preached it, teach it), I have to say that is one of the WORST and most irresponsible things I have ever seen. Lie about having a food allergy? Are you kidding me? Not only has her *advice* done a disservice to servers and the restaurant industry, but to guests with true allergies as well. Un-be-lievable.

    1. Mazz

      But that’s the point Bitchy waiter is making – so many people lie about having allergies that it makes people not take them seriously. If you had actually read the article you would have surely have picked up on this.

  43. chrissy

    Wow. I left a post on her page, got about 4 likes, and it was immediately deleted, and now I’m blocked from posting on her page. Can’t take criticism, apparently.

    1. Tyson

      That’s exactly how she works. I posted something respectfully asking for her background / credentials, and was immediately banned.

    2. California Girl

      Just read all the commentors (is that a real word?) who said they left comments on FB’s FB page & were immediately “banned”, “removed”, “taken down”. Her FB pg is pretty silly and I’m amazed she has that many followers but then,not really. She’s very pretty. I don’t do a personal FB or Twitter pg altho’ I administrate both for the company for whom I work. Can’t go there under the company’s auspices. Having read hundreds, nay, thousands of FB comments & tweets over the past six years, I am not surprized by the mundane crap that’s out there anymore. I do, however, find the Twitter feed much more appealing than that of FB. FB is deciding what you’ll see in your News Feed whereas Twitter feeds nonstop the tweets of everyone you follow.

      But I digress…

    3. Alison

      She blocks anyone who criticizes her. There’s a facebook group, “Banned by Food Babe” which has over 8000 members.

    4. AspirationsWScom

      @BitchyWaiter NOT @theFoodBabe
      I read your horrible & inconsiderate article written to people with CELIAC DISEASE and need to correct your horrendous attitude.
      Your ridiculous uneducated moronic comments need to be corrected before you cause DEADLY issues for people!!!!
      1) Just because someone has an allergy doesn’t mean they know EVERYTHING about it.

      2) Doctors don’t tell us ANYTHING nor do they know anything, that is why they call it “practicing medicine,” which is all they ever do, playing with people’s lives, whose health care they are RESPONSIBLE FOR …

      3) It took me 25 YEARS to figure out MYSELF what is wrong with me because Doctors don’t even try to put the pieces together…
      4) I JUST found out 1 month ago that I have this AWFUL TOTALLY DESTRUCTIVE CELIAC DISEASE (Gluten/Wheat Protein allergy) THAT DESTROYED MY INTESTINES & MY BODY IN A DOZEN OTHER WAYS 1 MONTH AGO ON MY OWN!!! I do NOT want to eat salad for every meal every day for the rest of my long life, so that comment you made was rude too. I didn’t even read your ridiculous article because it is so far off base from right and respectful.
      5) FYI & Others who are ignorant & obnoxious on this topic, I AM allergic to both milk protein and wheat protein. I found out by not eating food, instead drinking protein shakes, which made me VERY ILL. I have studied “healthy foods” since 1997 when I first got really sick. 20 years later, I have tons of medical problems that never get resolved as i keep getting sicker to the point of not being able to STAND UP, having horrible physical pain 24/7 and headaches, dizzy spells, osteoporosis, tested for everything under the sun, including cancer and tuberculosis, & tons of allergies, to no avail! The Doctors finally said 6 months into all the tests, “Maybe you allergic to dairy. Why don’t you try not having any dairy for 2 weeks and see if you feel better!” That was in 1998…
      I went through 20 years believing I am “Lactose Intolerant,” while getting incredibly sick off foods that supposedly have no dairy in them, with no idea why i was sick, believing the restaurant lied. “How could they not know what they put in foods they are serving?!”
      1 month ago, with a lot of urging from my cousin who has it, after learning about an Actress who has it and it was undiagnosed wreaking havoc on her health for years, I finally read data on Celiac Disease, which I previously dismissed as “trendy” when, in fact, the data says that 3/4 of the population ARE ALLERGIC BUT UNDIAGNOSED!!!!!!
      The FDA could care less. I know this from my activism with Ephedrine and all that I learned about that hack organization Americans mistakenly believe protects U.S. citizens, which does NOT. The FDA allows any products and foods on the market allowed to say whatever claims they want as long as “the benefits of how many people it helps outweighs how many people it kills and injures!!!!!”
      I finally decided since I have so many unrelated medical and eating problems that I needed to investigate Celiac Disease even though I ate 100% whole wheat as part of a “healthy diet” for as long as I can remember.
      As it turns out, ALL of the random seemingly unrelated undiagnosable medical problems that were dismissed as “you are fine” after EKG’s, MRI’s, and hundreds of other tests that came back with “nothing physically wrong” and severe BLOODY issues and stomach problems and severe non-stop daily pains that I have are ALL part of Celiac Disease, and so are all of my other diagnosed problems, like anxiety, high blood pressure, asthma!
      Now, take note that I got an EKG when I fell out of the shower, out of the tub and out of the shower curtain, dizzy, while taking a shower one day. Went to the E.R. and was told by the Doctor that I “have no business being in the Emergency Room!” Yes, that really happened.
      I have been tested for Lyme Disease and AIDS 3 times. I had a lymph node removed in surgery for biopsy!!!!! I have been diagnosed with “degenerative spine disease and arthritis” for years. I had to take Aleve 3 times a day to function because whenever I woke up in the mornings I could not stand straight up or barely move without a hot shower and I am allergic to pain meds, so aspirin is all that I can take for pain.
      For the last month, since I did a detox and ate nothing but fresh veggies for a week, I am still JUST learning what I can and cannot eat, which is EXTREMELY LIMITING since food manufacturers add CRAP AS FILLERS to foods, so there is WHEY, SODIUM CASSEINATE, LUTEIN, WHEAT, aliases like flour, bulgur, semolina, spelt, frumento, durum/duram, kamut, graham, einkorn, farina, couscous, seitan, matzoh, matzah, matzo, and cake flour, and God knows what else I AM ALLERGIC TO.

      I like eating food just like everyone else does but my body does not process vitamins because of the severe intestinal damage, then gets cravings because it isn’t getting what it needs, but I still would like to be ABLE to eat in a restaurant with my friends, and on vacations without BLEEDING FOR 2 DAYS KEELED OVER IN EXTREME PAIN, UNABLE TO WALK, ETC.

      TO people with this and other food allergies, some things don’t seem logical that they should not be eaten, so when one has a food allergy, especially one that’s improperly diagnosed and/or they don’t know EVERYTHING about, WE make wrong assumptions about what we can and cannot eat because we aren’t perfect and we don’t even pretend to know EVERYTHING ABOUT FOOD like the “Nutritionists” and SELF-PROCLAIMED “health” nuts do, when those are the people who have landed me in the hospital!!!!!!!!


      Don’t judge everyone else and tell us off for what you clearly have no empathy nor understanding of.

      This discussion and the horrendously bad attitude that people who are CLUELESS has gotten ridiculous combined with the arrogance of “Nutritionists” who THINK know everything when they were taught MISINFOMATION that HAS LANDED ME IN THE E.R. NUMBEROUS with information which is WRONG IN REAL LIFE, and it is VERY DANGEROUS to be so willy nilly cavalier with people’s LIVES.


      Restaurants don’t know nor do they CARE that I end up in the E.R. and/or BLEEDING & in bed for days. Your article is bad for us.
      Restaurants not being HYPER-CRITICAL of the foods they are serving KNOWING AND ADVERTISING EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT is DEADLY.
      If my intestines give out after 20 years of eating something I never knew I was allergic to after I consciously stopped eating that just because the food servers, restaurant owners, the FDA, and the Doctors are too LAZY AND UNCARING TO DO THEIR JOBS then each and EVERY one of those people ARE to blame for not taking the time to do their job PROPERLY.
      If I was allergic to peanut butter (another protein allergy BTW) or shellfish, then people would visibly SEE the repurcussions of the danger they caused. Unfortunately, my food allergies (and ¾ of the populations too) are not visible with my face having hives and swelling up instantly.
      Instead, what DOES happen is that my body swells up to 1-1/2 – 2 times it size extremely bloated and I just look “fat” and my blood pressure rises to dangerous levels, my skin feels like it is going to explode off my body, I get a bad headache, and I get very dizzy. Within a few hours, the swelling and high blood pressure has created a myriad of other physical problems, such as feeling like I am going to pass out from total exhaustion that I HAVE to sleep immediately and I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. When I wake up, I can barely move and moving incites severe pain in my joints, muscles, neck, back, legs, and the headache is non-stop for days. If I stand up to try to do something, I can only stand for a few minutes, then I have to lie down because the pain is unbearable. And I have not even discussed what happens in my stomach and in the bathroom yet! Bleeding, SEVERE pains in my tummy that feel like I am being stabbed, for hours on end, regardless of whether or not I need to go to the bathroom.
      Some people make jokes about gas, like food allergies are funny because “all it causes is the need to fart and poop” when that is a total ignorance to what is really happening inside the body.
      I don’t always need to go to the bathroom, but the stomach pains are telling me something is really really wrong inside me. I get gas from things that contain dairy, not from wheat. The problems from a wheat protein and dairy protein allergy ARE REAL AND ARE HORRIBLE, not a joke or fake at all.
      Left unntreated, celiac disease can lead to long-term health complications. Often diagnosis occurs only because a patient has developed one or more of these serious conditions that resist treatment.
      • Malnutrition. Many people with celiac disease will have trouble maintaining a healthy weight and may complain of fatigue and weakness. Blood tests often show iron deficiency despite iron therapy. Vitamins may not be absorbed properly. This failure of the intestine to absorb nutrients is called “malabsorption.”
      • Bone loss. “Failure to absorb nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D can contribute to poor bone density,” notes Dr. Birk. This can lead to osteoporosis, bone pain, and bone weakness that may cause bones to break easily.
      • Lactose intolerance. “Lactose intolerance is more common if you have celiac disease but can also be a byproduct of inflammation caused by celiac disease,” notes Birk. The inflammation in the lining of your intestine can keep you from producing the enzyme needed to break down lactose, which is the sugar in dairy products. Undigested lactose can cause gas and diarrhea.
      • Irritability and depression. Children with celiac disease are extremely irritable. In adults, celiac disease can cause symptoms of depression, lack of energy, and problems with memory and concentration. Research shows that these symptoms may be due to malabsorption of vitamin B6 and tryptophan. These are important nutrients you need to produce chemicals called “neurotransmitters” that stimulate nerve cells in your brain.
      • Lymphoma and bowel cancer. If celiac disease is left untreated, it can increase your risk for developing certain types of digestive system cancers. Lymphoma of the small intestine is a rare type of cancer but may be 30 times more common in people with celiac disease. Adenocarcinoma of the intestine and cancer of the esophagus are also more common. This increased risk of cancer is probably due to the irritation and inflammation in untreated celiac disease over a long period of time.
      • Low birth-weight babies. This is a common occurrence in women with uncontrolled celiac disease.
      • Dental defects. Permanent damage to the enamel of the teeth occurs due to malabsorption of calcium and other minerals.
      • Iron deficiency anemia
      • Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body; iron is necessary for the production of those blood cells. Without enough iron, the body cannot produce sufficient red blood cells to adequately distribute oxygen, a condition called iron deficiency anemia. Malabsorption of nutrients, like iron, is common for individuals with celiac disease, and there is a high occurrence of anemia (up to 33%) in celiac disease patients. The relationship is so strong, in fact, that people whose anemia has no obvious cause (i.e. blood loss) should be tested for celiac disease.
      • Early onset osteoporosis or osteopenia
      • Osteopenia is the thinning of bones that occurs when the body uses up bone mass faster than it can get replaced. At its most severe, this condition becomes osteoporosis, in which bones become so brittle and fragile that even a cough might cause bone breakage. Damage to the small intestine, such as is present for untreated or newly diagnosed celiac patients, can prohibit calcium absorption, leading to osteopenia and osteoporosis at a much younger age than for unaffected individuals. Adherence to a gluten-free diet can actually result in improved bone density, though it is also important to take other, more traditional precautions to maximize bone health.
      • Infertility and miscarriage
      • Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to achieve pregnancy after 12 months of regular intercourse without contraceptive use. A number of studies over the last couple of decades have suggested some link between infertility (and/or miscarriage, an inability to successfully carry a fetus until it can survive outside the womb) and celiac disease, though the relationship is not yet completely clear. There is a slightly higher prevalence of undiagnosed celiac disease in women experiencing infertility, and adoption of a gluten-free diet has seemed to lead to increased fertility in those patients.
      • Lactose intolerance
      • Lactose intolerance is the inability to properly digest the sugar (lactose) found in milk and other dairy products. As this type of digestion occurs in the small intestine, it is not surprising that lactose intolerance and celiac disease commonly co-occur, in a condition called secondary lactose intolerance. As many as 24% of people with lactose intolerance may also have celiac disease. Interestingly, by following a gluten-free diet and allowing the intestinal villi to heal, lactase enzyme production may be re-established, effectively ending the lactose intolerance.
      • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
      • A vast amount of our vitamin and mineral absorption occurs through the small intestine. When the intestinal villi are damaged like they are with celiac disease, the body is unable to absorb the vitamins and minerals from food as it passes through the system. This can lead to deficiencies of iron (anemia), calcium (osteopenia), fiber, zinc, magnesium, folate, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B-12, vitamin D and, less commonly, copper and vitamin B-6. Many of these deficiencies can be treated with supplements, once a gluten-free diet is in place and the villi begin to heal.
      • Central and peripheral nervous system disorders
      • There is no doubt that there is a relationship between celiac disease and an assortment of nervous system disorders, ranging from neuropathy and ataxia to depression and anxiety. This is currently an area of significant study in the celiac disease community, and the relationship is thought to be comprised of three possible factors: 1) nutritional deficiencies resulting from vitamin/mineral malabsorption; 2) possible “clustering” of autoimmune conditions; and 3) structural similarities between proteins targeted by celiac disease and those present in the brain.
      • Pancreatic insufficiency
      • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) is a condition in which the pancreas fails to produce enzymes necessary to break down and digest food properly. While the two conditions do not seem to have a cause/effect relationship, there is indication that they co-exist in about 5% of celiac cases. For those patients with a formal diagnosis of celiac disease for whom adherence to a gluten-free diet does not seem to be enough to treat symptoms, testing for EPI is recommended, as it may be responsible for the non-responsiveness.
      • Gall bladder malfunction
      • The gall bladder is a tiny organ below the liver that produces bile to assist in the breakdown and digestion of fats. This is a function critical to digestion, and a malfunctioning gallbladder can lead to a vast array of symptoms from heartburn and indigestion to crippling abdominal pain. Damage to the small intestine can cause communication difficulties to the organs, like the gallbladder, that secrete digestive enzymes, leading to a domino effect; an estimated 60% of celiac patients have liver, gallbladder or pancreatic issues. Some sources even suggest that celiac disease is the cause of gallbladder disease; it is important that people suffering with gallbladder problems seek testing for celiac as well.

      Additionally, Non-Celiac Wheat Sensitivity
      Some people experience symptoms found in celiac disease, such as “foggy mind”, depression, ADHD-like behavior, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, bone or joint pain, and chronic fatigue when they have gluten in their diet, yet do not test positive for celiac disease. The terms non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS) and non-celiac wheat sensitivity (NCWS) are generally used to refer to this condition, when removing gluten from the diet resolves symptoms.

      The only way to confirm a celiac disease diagnosis is by undergoing an endoscopic biopsy of the small intestine.

      Currently, the only treatment for celiac disease and non-celiac wheat sensitivity is lifelong adherence to a strict gluten-free diet. People living gluten-free must avoid foods with wheat, rye and barley, such as bread and beer. Ingesting small amounts of gluten, like crumbs from a cutting board or toaster, can trigger intestinal damage.

      Most people with celiac disease are undiagnosed. This celiac disease symptoms and conditions checklist helps you document if you or your child have any of the common symptoms or conditions.
      Take this test to find out if you have the symptoms, then ask your Doctor for the 2 tests that medically declare if you have Celiac Disease and/or the amount of intestinal and spine damage your body has endured:


      1. Go fuck yourself

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