Waiting Tables Summed Up in 4 Minutes, 18 Seconds

Thadra Sheridan

Thadra Sheridan

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Thadra Sheridan who wrote and performed the best fucking video about waiting tables ever. I bow down to her very existence because everything about this video is sheer perfection. I almost didn’t post it because I am such a small, small man that it is hard for me to acknowledge people who are better at bitching about waiting tables than I am, but Thadra has proven me wrong. She has nailed it. Because I am so desperate and needy, I have chosen to embed her video into my blog so that I can capitalize on her brilliance.

This bitch is good.

Real good.

Watch this video and then share it. Share it, my friends! Help the world understand what we already know: that waiting tables is hard work and that we may smell like a fucking fajita plate, but we’re people dammit. Fajita-smellin’people!

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15 thoughts on “Waiting Tables Summed Up in 4 Minutes, 18 Seconds

  1. Lisa

    Drinking my morning coffee while watching this was a bad call, because it ended up being spit out on my keyboard when “Should I call your Dad and have him tell you that he loves you” (paraphrasing) made me lose it…..especially because I too have waited on people who clearly did not get enough hugs as a child.

  2. Allen E. Booth

    Thadra, not to be playing “more put-upon than thou”, but this former busser/dishwasher has his own ax to grind, and servers —as well as cooks and customers— contribute to it. If a waitress loses a tip, for example, whose direction does she cast her suspicions in? You guessed it! And who has to clean up after customers when they leave their half-eaten orders behind? You guessed it once again, sister! And who has to wash all this #$%^ and pour unfinished drinks down the drain? Give that lady the grand prize for guessing right 3 times in a row! And I have even run into situations where servers didn’t know the right numbers for tables! I’ve also heard horror stories from female dishwashers about male customers propositioning them when they were making their rounds bussing tables.

  3. Opossum

    I fell in love with a Chili’s waitress years ago…that formerly awesome smell of fajitas loses it’s appeal when you begin waking up smelling like them.

  4. Victoria

    I have never heard it explained so accurately…and in real time! But honestly if someone doesn’t know what it’s like to wait tables, they probably will never fully understand the struggle. Nonetheless, thank you for this masterpiece!


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