Waiting Tables Summed Up in 4 Minutes, 18 Seconds

Thadra Sheridan

Thadra Sheridan

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Thadra Sheridan who wrote and performed the best fucking video about waiting tables ever. I bow down to her very existence because everything about this video is sheer perfection. I almost didn’t post it because I am such a small, small man that it is hard for me to acknowledge people who are better at bitching about waiting tables than I am, but Thadra has proven me wrong. She has nailed it. Because I am so desperate and needy, I have chosen to embed her video into my blog so that I can capitalize on her brilliance.

This bitch is good.

Real good.

Watch this video and then share it. Share it, my friends! Help the world understand what we already know: that waiting tables is hard work and that we may smell like a fucking fajita plate, but we’re people dammit. Fajita-smellin’people!

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