The End

As I sit here at my computer, I feel overcome with sadness and melancholy because after 173 posts and close to fifty bejillion hits over the last year and a half, The Bitchy Waiter is coming to an end. Some people are going to be thinking “Thank God, because all this asshole ever does is bitch about his fucking job. If he hates it so much, why doesn’t he get a new one?” That is exactly what has happened. As of two days ago, I am no longer a waiter. I have completed my teaching credentials and I will be molding and shaping the minds of the future as an educator of today’s youth. I will be teaching English to high schoolers in The Bronx and I am so excited about this new path my life has taken. In order to protect my identity and remain looked upon as an upstanding citizen, I will be removing this blog from the internets. I don’t think it would be very wise to leave it out here and take the risk that someone may see it and think it is inappropriate material for a teacher to be writing. And to be honest, it was getting harder and harder to come up with topics that I thought people would even give shit about.

I want to thank you all for reading the blog. It means so much to me that even one person read it and to have this many followers makes me feel proud and good. So I thank you. I tip my hat to you and I kiss the world of waiting tables good bye. Au revoir, side work. Farewell, bad tippers. Kiss my ass, managers. I have a new career. As much as I will miss writing about the wonderfully crappy world of restaurant work, the time has come.

April Fool, bitches! I ain’t got no other option right now but waiting tables. The Bitchy Waiter is here to stay. Happy April Fool’s day.

20 thoughts on “The End

  1. Anonymous

    Actually, as talented a writer you are, an English teacher is a perfect fit. But yeah, happy you're not going anywhere. Loves me some bitchy waiter!

  2. Cody Mac

    Thank god it was an April Fools joke! I got so down when I first started reading this, cuz I really enjoy your wit, dude.Keep the posts coming!

  3. Lainie

    As I read your post, I suddenly and unexpectedly felt a small glimmer of hope that one day I too would finish school and escape this life of servitude. Then you cruelly took that from me.Thanks for keeping it real.

  4. Anonymous

    You almost made me shit my pants…Thank you for not leaving us! We all love this blog way to much for you to up and leave. Or at least pass on the legacy to me or something! haha.

  5. Anonymous

    You got me! And I have to say, I was so bummed out. LOVE YOUR BLOG! I haven't waited tables for 12 years now, but every word you write still rings true and makes me want to tip every waiter double, just in case it's you. Write on, bitchy waiter, write on.


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