Bad Credit?? No Credit?? No Problem!

Maybe it’s possible that I have a teeny tiny stripe of vindictiveness within my soul, but when a person’s credit card is declined I get some small bit of pleasure from it. Sometimes it happens to the most perfect person. I love when it happens to some asswipe who has given me so many problems and thought he was a big shot because he could boss around a waiter. When a guy like that has his card declined, my inner joy shoots right out of my eyes and onto his retard face when I utter those horribly embarrassing words. “Your credit card was declined.” People always have the same reaction. “Well, did you swipe it again? Or maybe type in the numbers, because the strip is bad? I’m sure that card is good.” Trust me, we always try it again because we don’t want to deal with it any more than you do. I would way rather it just be approved than have to go back to your bankrupt ass while you dig through your purse or wallet and try to find the “good” card. I usually try to tell them discreetly so as not to shame them in front of their friends, but I worked with this one guy at the Black Eyed Pea who loved it when a card was declined. One time, he went back to the man of no credit who was paying for his party of six or seven. He told him loudly and clearly “your card was declined.” He said it plenty loud enough so that everyone else at the table was sure to hear it as well. It was just plain mean and nasty. God, I loved that freakin’ guy. It’s the little things that get me through my shift…
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7 thoughts on “Bad Credit?? No Credit?? No Problem!

  1. The Bitchy Waiter

    I usually will say "for some reason, this card isn't being accepted" so that it gives then the benefit of the doubt, like it could be our machine. Only after they give me attitude do I use the word DECLINED.

  2. Cielo Gold

    I generally feel bad when a customer's card is declined because I hate being the bearer of bad news.With that said, it makes me feel sorry for the customer's whose cards are declined and then pull out multiple cards that also get declined. Five cards later and finally something goes through. Talk about an embarrassing and humbling situation.

  3. dirtydisher

    Oh, yeah. We all love it when a real big shot A hole gets declined. How about the douche wad who says "I hope you have change for this?" And they stand up, look around and wave a hundred. Like a poor lowly waitress has never seen such a thing as a hunnerd dollar bill! Gosh oh me, you must be rich mister, you must be a kabillionair. I must blow you right now!


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