What a bunch of Jugheads

Waiting on teenagers is right up there with waiting on French people and old ladies. You have to put forth a lot of effort and you get very little in return. Being close to a high school is just one other unfortunate aspect about my restaurant. The main unfortunate aspect of course being that I work there. Kids get off school and then think they want to come into my station and hang out with fries and milkshakes. What do they think this is? The soda shop and they are in a fucking Archie’s comic book? Get outta my station! I don’t have the time or desire to wait on six kids who want to share two shakes and three orders of fries and a soda with six straws. And they always ask how much something is going to cost with tax which means they don’t have any plans to tip my ass. Last week, four adolescents came in and ordered some cheap ass crap off of the apps menu. Their bill was $19.32 and they gave me a twenty and told me to “keep the change.” Uh, wow, thanks so much. I finally have that sixty-eight cents I have been saving up for and I can go buy that half pack of gum I’ve been wanting. As they left, I told them to let me know when they had their first job in a restaurant. “Why?” said the little fat girl who had Future Fag Hag written on her forehead. “So I can come in and not tip you, sweetie. Don’t come back. Buh bye.”

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